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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 331 :)

Set Course for Adventure! Interview with Rockhopper :)

Set Course for Adventure!

Board the Migrator and join Rockhopper’s Quest for Shipwreck Island!

“AVAST!” Rockhopper declared, “All hands on deck! Raise anchor and set course for Shipwreck Island!” Those were the orders from Rockhopper, as he welcomed his crew aboard the Migrator. For the first time ever, everyone can sail from Club Penguin to unknown islands. “Pin your courage mateys! This be the adventure of a lifetime!” Rockhopper’s Quest CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s crew will be helping him build a beacon on a mysterious island. An island that has nearly destroyed his ship in the past. “ARR! This be not an easy cruise mateys,” Rockhopper explained. “We’ll need to watch our backs at Swashbuckler Trading Post.” “Then avoid being devoured on Dinosaur Island! And finally, land on Shipwreck Island without crashing!” “We might be doomed! Yar har, what fun!” Those interested in joining should head to the Beach. “If ye be coming, ye’ll need to bring three things: Bravery! Sea legs! And a snack wouldn’t hurt!” “Also, if ye be a member, brings yer coins!” he added. “There be plenty of rare treasure to grab along the way, but only if ye got the coins for it!” The Quest to Shipwreck Island has begun. Everyone can board the Migrator and set sail until Mar. 6.

Interview with Rockhopper :)

Captain Rockhopper enjoys sharing stories of his adventures.

Before setting sail this week, Rockhopper agreed to an interview with the Club Penguin Times.

CPT: So, for the record, who are you exactly?

RH: Avast! I’ve never been asked that before! I be Captain Rockhopper! The greatest pirate to ever sail the seven seas!

CPT: Tell us about your quest. Why do you need a crew?

RH: ARR! I be a pirate that enjoys his privacy! But even I cannot sail to Shipwreck Island alone—it be far too dangerous!

CPT: So this is the first time you’ve ever sailed with a crew?

RH: Aye, it be true! And thanks to me matey Gary, me ship be decked from stem to stern! Now we be going a gazillion times faster!

CPT: Any advice for penguins interested in joining your quest?

RH: This be no quest for the faint of heart! But I be guaranteeing—if ye come, ye’ll have the adventure of a lifetime!

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Mar. 1 Penguin Style Catalog New puffle-fan fashions... for a limited time only!

Starting Mar. 8 Better Igloos Catalog Fabulous new furniture for your furry friends.

Starting Mar. 8 Puffle Catalog A delicious surprise, coming soon...

Feb. 24–Mar. 6: Cast off, and set a course for Shipwreck Island!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Mar. 7.
Next pin hidden: Mar. 8–Mar. 21

News Flash :)

Avast! Be ye looking to join Rockhopper on his Quest? Then set a course for the Beach, and board the Migrator!

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

This month, Rockhopper will answer your questions!

Dear Rockhopper,
What is your greatest treasure ever?–May T.

Avast May T.!
There be an old sayin’ us sea dogs say, from time to time. I can’t remember what it is, but I think it be about the value of friendship. ARR! But other than me treasured friends, and me fine hat of course, me greatest treasure be me memories. “But Rockhopper!!” (I hear ye say). “YOU CAN’T BUY STUFF WITH MEMORIES!!!!” Aye, ye be right there. But a good memory can make a great story. And a great story be a treasure ye cannot lose. Everything else be just for fun. If I grew too attached to treasure, I couldn’t give it away to me friends. So remember that the next time ye be out searchin’ for treasure. Even if ye find an old boot, that be makin’ for a fine tale for yer friends. The best ship, they say, is friendship... Wait! That be the sayin’! I remembered!

Rockhopper has discovered many strange and interesting things...

Dear Rockhopper,
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?–Buck A. Neer

Avast Buck A. Neer!
There be no easy answer to THIS question. I would need a hundred hours just to tell ye about half the things I’ve seen. But luckily, I’ve got a pirate jig for ye that should do the trick: Yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! I have sailed the seven seas, to the four corners of the world! Me ship’s been tossed, and beached, and battered, sunk and swiftly swirled! I’ve seen monsters! I’ve seen mermaids! I’ve seen the ocean’s end! But the strangest thing I’ve ever seeeeen, Was-a-kraken-in-a-top-hat-me-friends! Yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Yar har! I be havin’ plenty more stories where that came from. But the real question is... what be the strangest thing YE’VE ever seen? I hope to hear yer tale someday. Fair winds!

Secrets Classified Secret Passages :)

Did you know there are rooms around the island that have secret passages? It’s true! Sometimes doors are hidden in the strangest of places. See if you can find these concealed entrances:

  • Look for a hidden passage to the Boiler Room from the Night Club...
  • Search for a secret tunnel from the Forest to the Hidden Lake...
  • Members can scour Shipwreck Island to find a path to the Hall of the Viking Lords...

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 330 :)

Club Penguin Pin CHEATS :)

The Newest Club Penguin Pin is hidden here at The Ski Hill :)

…You have found a Helm Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

…As Usual the Pin has a date BUG! Helm Pin Date BUG!

Shipwreck Beacon Pin Date BUG!


…See earlier Camera Pin :)

How to add a Saraapril’s Club Penguin  Pin Tracker :)

Rockhopper’s Quest CHEATS :)

HURRAY! Rockhopper’s Quest is HERE and on this Post you will find Help, Guides, Free items and all Secrets for this Disney Club Penguin Party :) On the Migrator you can sail to the Trading Post, Dinosaur Island, Shipwreck Island there you find the Viking Hall :)

…Here you will find a FREE Item for EVERYONE :)

…You have found a Crew Cap Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Time to Sail Away :)

…Avast me hearty! Welcome aboard the Migrator! Ye now be a member of me crew! I be expecting ye to pull yer weight!

…We be sailin’ for a dangerous place – Shipwreck Island. Help me build a beacon there to keep sailors safe.

…First we need supplies. Let’s get to work! Raise the anchor and chart a course for Black Island Trading Post!

…Sadly there is a BUG right now so you can’t Sail Away! Connection was lost Please click to learn more…I REALLY Hope Club Penguin can fix this SOON! UPDATE: HURRAY! This Bug is now Fixed!

…FINALLY I can Sail Away :) If you haven’t earned the Out at Sea Stamp earlier you will get it here :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…You can stand on 5 different Squares and throw Snowballs to help the Migrator to move :) I LOVE these Special Effects :) AND if you haven’t earned the Target Stamp you can do that now :)

…Yarr-harr-harr! We’ve docked at Swashbuckler Trading Post. The be the place for beacon buildin’ supplies.

…We need plenty of building materials for the structure of the beacon. I hear there also be rare and interesting items for sale.

…Look lively crew! We won’t be stayin’ long. Get back before we cast off or we might leave ye behind! Yarr har! Just kiddin’

…WOW! This place looks interesting :) You can fire the Snow cannons by mouse over them!

…LOOK! Here are items for Sale :)

…Corsair Coat 400 coins, The Corsair Captain 250 coins, Black Swashbuckler’s Hat 250 coins and Swashbuckler’s Leather Coat 450 coins :)

…If you haven’t earned the Snack Shack Stamp yet you can do that here at the Fish Dogs Stand :) Time to pick up the Building Materials :) Click on them and…

Cargo has been added to the Ship :)

…Time to continue the Quest :)

…YARR! Welcome to Dinosaur Island, crew! This be the best place to find glowing gems. One of those would be PERFECT for a beacon. Find a gem and bring it back.

…Keep yer eyes open for any landlubber lizards lookin’ for trouble! Though, if ye have the coins to spare, ye might find one to trade with…

…If any of those dinosaurs wants to help out, bring ‘em along! I could always use some prehistoric pirates in me crew.

…HURRAY! MORE items to Buy :)

…Rising Sun Crown 250 coins, Ancient Robes 350 coins and Dinosaurs Rex 600 coins :)

…and here is the Gem Rockhopper said we needed :) Click on it and…

…Cargo has been added to the Ship :)

…I wonder what next Island will look like?

…YAR-HAR! We made it! Crew, drop anchor and prepare to go ashore! This be the place we’re lookin’ for Shipwreck Island!

…Here be your orders – the supplies are unloaded, so let’s get building that beacon. Once you’ve done that, make sure it’s shining bright, and yet done!

…I’ve never docked on this island before. I wonder if there be any secrets hidden here… Once the beacon be built take a look around for treasure.

…OOooo…This Place looks SCARY!

…HURRAY! I found the Field-Op Location :) I will help Gary with his Assignment before I Explore More…DONE :) Field-Ops 70 CHEATS :) Now I will see what’s in that Cave…

…Click on the items until you Built the Beacon…

…You have found a Shipwreck Beacon Pin Would you like to Pick it up? I LOVE how this Beacon light up the Sky with pretty Red rays :) YES Please :)

…IF you are a Club Penguin Member you can enter the Viking Hall IF you DARE…LOL :)


…Look there are FREE items in this old Trunk :)

…You have found a Viking Lord Helmet Would you like to Pick it up? Hmmm…Okay…

…You have found a Viking Lord Armor Would you like to Pick it up? Hmmm…It looks old and it smells a little…Thanks…I think…LOL :)

Club-Penguin-2012-02-24 01.55.16 - Copy

…That Prehistoric Fish looks interesting BUT I think those Vikings DIED before they got the change to eat it…When I sat down on this Throne a green gas came up from the Underground and the smell in here is…EWWW…I MUST leave this room NOW!

…I’m so HAPPY that I’m on the Migrator again and can breathe the Fresh Sea Air :) AND that I no longer have those smelly Viking clothes on! Now I will Sail Back to Club Penguin Island :) LOOK! A Sign has been added here…click on sign…

…AWESOME! With this Map I can Sail Directly to the Island I want to :)

…HURRAY! I’m Home on Club Penguin Island again :)

…I wonder if the Beacon from the Shipwreck Island can be seen with the Telescope…

…YES! It Can :)

…Thanks for this Quest Rockhopper I will soon sail away with the Migrator again and next time I hope you and Yarr will be there too :)

Rockhopper’s Quest Preparations :)

Club Penguin Pin CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Times issue 331 :)'

Field-Ops 70 EPF CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s Quest BUG!

Gem Pro Stamp Update!

Club Penguin Details :)

Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy :)

Rockhopper’s Quest Reviewed by You :)

Rockhopper’s Quest Non Members Message :)

Rockhopper’s Tree :)

Three Islands on Map :)

Cage BUG on Dinosaur Island!

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

Rockhopper Quest Message BUG!

Target Champion Stamp BUG and…

Snow Cannon BUG!

Saraapril Games :)

Saraapril’s Rockhopper’s Quest Stamp Book Party Decoration :)

Rockhopper in Server Breeze :)

Rockhopper in Server Cloudy :)

Club Penguin Loading Error BUG!

Rockhopper’s Island OR…?

Featured Igloos - February 28, 2012 :)

NEW FREE item at Beach :)

Club Penguin Times issue 332 :)

Field-Op 71 EPF CHEATS :)

Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy :)

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

Saraapril Games :)

FUN with Friends :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Soy Puffle :)

Slide Walk FUN again :)

Ignore BUG Status!

Slow Inventory Loading BUG!

Rockhopper’s Quest Tour Guide :)

Rockhopper’s Quest sign BUG!

Field-Op 71 EPF BUGS!

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