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Monday, March 5, 2012

Saraapril Fan Art by Luigi755 :)

Hey there Saraapril! Here in México EVERYONE LOVES YOU! Thats why I make you this! Thanks! I hope you put it soon! Greetings from Mexico! *Luigi755*

…THANKS Luigi755 you are very kind :) Say Hi to Everyone in México from me and Thanks for reading my Blog :)

THANKS Luigi755 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art Story by James Wortel :)

A few days ago, Rockhopper lost Yarr! Everyone was searching on the island, but no one could find him. So we thought he swam of the island. Rockhopper was searching for a crew to find Yarr at sea. Saraapril and James Wortel (me) joined his crew. A day later everything was ready.

After a few hours we found a small island with palm trees. 'Maybe Yarr did swam to this island' :said Saraapril. 'Aaarr, maybeee' :said Rockhopper. We all started searching at the beach.There he was, we found Yarr!

Then i saw a wooden stair, how strange! 'Saraapril! Rockhopper! Come see what i have found! 'Aaar, maybee a path to a treasurrre!' :said Rockhopper. 'Stay herrre'. and Saraapril are staying at the boat. A few minutes later we heard a girl sreaming. We did run to Rockopper, but we could not find him. 'James...there!' :said Saraapril.

Ow no,that monster is gonna eat him. 'No!' :said the monster, 'Im Rockhopper his best friend!. 'Are you Bambadee? :Asked Rockhopper. 'Yes.' said Bambadee. 'Im wearing this suit because its cold here!...We were all looking at Bambadee. Ok than...'Did you find a treasurrrre on this island?' :asked Rockhopper. 'No,only this wooden chest'! 'Aaaarrr that is the treasurrre, Bambadee!'

'Sarrraapril, would you like to open it? 'Asked he. 'Yeah,sure'. WOW! Guy's look, new puffle's. But they have plants on their head...that's weird.

A few hours later we headed back to Club Penguin Island and we all celebrated it with a puffle party. The end

…THANKS James Wortel for the Art and Story :) I wish we one day will get cool Plant Hats to our Puffles in Club Penguin :)

THANKS James Wortel from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Slow Inventory Loading BUG!

As Club Penguin is slow loading I get the items in my Inventory mixed up and under wrong label! The solution until Club Penguin fix the loading problems is to wait…Sigh…Slow Loading Club Penguin!

Club Penguin BUGS!

Ignore BUG Status!

As I have blogged about many times before we have lots of different Ignore Bugs in Club Penguin! Today I got help from Hitj1 with some Tests to see todays status with this issue! First I added Hitj1 to my Ignore list and as you can see the Penguin is removed BUT the name is still visible! BUG! Even when we changed rooms I could see the name…

…it worked to un-ignore from the list today (something I learned NOT to take for granted) Thanks for helping me with this Test Hitj1 :)

…here you will find more about this Topic and the Answer to WHY Club Penguin need to fix this ASAP!

How to remove and Ignore Penguins?

Slide Walk FUN again :)

Many of you have asked me about how Penguins slide in Club Penguin and here is the answer :) First of all this is an OLD FUN BUG and the quickest way to do this is to open and close the newspaper while waddling :)

…Another way to slide is to open your Player card and click on anything in your inventory but awards while waddling…

…I like the Newspaper way better as I don’t have to change anything :) Message to Club Penguin: This is a FUN Glitch PLEASE don’t fix this :)

See more here Slide walk in Club Penguin  :)

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