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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disney Magazine Australia March Edition Ad :)

In the Australian Disney Magazine for March…

…you will find a Club Penguin mini magazine filled with activities, Puffle Tips and a Pop Quiz :)

…A mini Note pad and a maxi Pencil :) Thanks Kristina from the Australian Club Penguin Team for telling us about this :)

Club Penguin Videos :)

Rockhopper’s Quest Tour Guide :)

Oops! Rockhopper’s Quest is soon over and I have not posted the Tour Guide yet…(I hope this doesn't mean that my next paycheck will be delayed) BUT here it is :) WELCOME to the Guided Tour of Rockhopper’s Quest! First of all I want to show you the Rockhopper’s Quest signs :) You find one here at the Dock…

…one here at Plaza…

…Snow Fort…

…and in Town :) WAIT! What did you say? I have no Tour Guide Hat on!?! Oops AGAIN! How did I forgot that? I start to think that I have swallowed to much saltwater during my Expedition…LOL…Just Kidding :) There! Tour Guide Hat on :)

…If you click on any of the signs you will get this Poster and if you click on Join the Crew you will be Teleported to the Beach :)

…If you are far away from a Quest sign and is in a hurry to the Beach you can click on the Rockhopper’s Quest Banner here on the Map too :) What? Yes you can click directly on the Map to go to the Beach as normal :) Thanks for pointing that out :)

…This is the Beach As you can see, the Migrator is here Rockhopper is looking for pirates to join his crew If you enjoy danger, adventure and treasure get on board right away and speak with the Captain! Don’t forget to pick up a FREE Sailor Hat…WAIT…Oops again…Right now you can pick up a FREE Life vest :) What did you say? Yes it was a little while ago I took these Pictures for this Tour…Moving on…

…Here we have the Migrator! Err... I mean... Avast! Welcome aboard! This is the famous Captain Rockhopper's ship and we be raising anchor! Let's begin our tour at sea :) If anyone get seasick PLEASE throw up in the water and NOT on the Deck…

…Yarr harr! This be Swashbuckler Trading Post We be stopping here to gather supplies but this also be a chance to get some treasure! Check out the trade catalog before we cast off! Before we continue the Tour I want to draw your attention to the Quick Chat Party messages :) Yes that’s the same as the Safe Chat :)

Rockhopper's Quest
Avast me hearties!What are me orders, Captain?
Aye aye, Captain!
Arr! Hit those targets to speed things up!
We be needing supplies
Watch out! Dinosaurs!
He's going to chomp me!
Let's build the beacon
What be in this mysterious cave?
ARR! We be Viking pirates now!

…Arr! Welcome back to the Migrator, crew! We be sailing off to Dinosaur Island now which I hear has lots of Dinosaurs hence the name The Captain will have your orders for ye!

…Look lively crew! This prehistoric paradise be Dinosaur Island Look for the mysterious glowing gem and keep watch for the fearsome Dinosaurus Rex Don't forget to look for other treasures too…What did you saw? You can’t see a gem? That's right I have already picked it up :) Follow me…

…Avast! Welcome back to the ship! We're heading to the dangerous Shipwreck Island Everyone stay alert! We're losing daylight…there's a small chance we might crash! All hands on deck! Time to work TOGETHER Stand on the Platforms and Throw snowballs on the Targets…Remember to Drill Drill Drill away the Icebergs…

…Yo ho ho! We MADE it! Welcome to the mysterious Shipwreck Island Our journey is almost finished just build the beacon and we're done! Yes that’s right I have already built the beacon as I have been here before :) I wonder what's in that cave over there...

…Whoa! Look at this place! According to my notes this is the legendary Hall of the Viking Lords! We should find some amazing armor here and have a true viking feast! BUT WAIT! It smells like Rotten fart in here…EWWW…RUN!!!!

…Arr! That was quite the adventure We're on our way back to Club Penguin now :) I hope ye enjoyed our tour at sea Fair winds everyone!

…Back Home at Club Penguin again :) Let’s tell some Jokes :)

What is a pirates favorite food? BARRRRbeque!
How much does it cost for a pirate to get earrings? A buck-an-ear!
What has eight legs and eight eyes? Eight pirates!
Why are pirates called pirates? They just ARRRR!
What does a backwards pirate say? RRRRRA!
What do pirates wear when it's cold? They wear pARRkas!
What do pirates say when their ships get stuck in ice? Shiver me timbers!
Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet? Because they spend years at C!

…What more do you need to know? Well…There are Party stamps to earn :) Happy Room Stamp, Snack Shack Stamp, Explorer Stamp, Out at sea Stamp, Target Champ Stamp and Rockhopper Stamp :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :) The Music on Migrator, Shipwreck Island and Viking Hall are NEW :) THANKS for taking this Guided Tour and HURRY to have FUN as this Party is only here for ONE more day! What? Yes I took of the Tour Guide Hat before the Tour was over? Why? A Sailor MUST look sharp and a Tour Guide Hat…well… what can I say…A Tour Guide Hat has a tendency to Blow Away in Stormy Weather…LOL :) Bye for now! Have FUN! Stay SAFE! Wear a Life Vest! WADDLE ON :)

You will find MORE info and Help here Rockhopper’s Quest CHEATS :)

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