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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

P.H. Puffle Handler Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

The Puffle Party's almost here, along with the very first in-game appearance of Club Penguin's newest character -- PH the Puffle Handler!

PH first appeared in 2008 as a secret agent in the Nintendo DS game Elite Penguin Force. This adventurous explorer trained all the Elite Puffles, including Flare!

Here are some other cool facts about PH:

  • She changed her penguin color after discovering the first brown puffle in the wilderness!
  • She helped redesign the Pet Shop to make it more exciting for puffles!
  • Favorite Item: Puffle Whistle
  • Favorite Food: O'berries
  • Favorite Game: Puffle Paddle

You might get a chance to meet PH at the Puffle Party. She tries to log on to as many servers as she can, so hopefully you'll get to meet her when she logs on!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

HURRAY! It will be so Much FUN to meet PH again :)

P.H. Interviewed by Saraapril – My stories and Adventures :)

Month BUG in Portuguese Catalog!

Inside the Portuguese Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Club Penguin wrote February! Oops! BUG!

…BUT they got the right Month on the Front Page :)

…Thanks EPF Agentes and Trainman1405 for this Typo Bug :)

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P.H. Puffle Handler :)

On Disney Australia Club Penguin Page we can read about the Character PH Puffle Handler :)

G’Day my penguin mates! I am P.H. The Puffle Handler! I have lots of tips and tricks for training our favorite Puffle pets and love sharing them with my friends so all the Puffles on the island can be happy and healthy.

To those in the know, P.H solely trained all the Elite Puffles in EPF to be the talented agent assistants they are today. If you find her on the island she will teach you how to feed, play and take care of your Puffle so they don’t run back into the wild.

TIPS FROM P.H. – Each Puffle has its favorite food and it’s your job as their owner to find out what your Puffle likes best! Is it Puffle O’s, pizza, carrots, cookies, or something else? Don’t feed them too much through or they will be to full to explore the island and play games with you!

Here you can read more about PH :) PH interviewed by Saraapril – My Stories and Adventures :) And under this label you will find EVERYTHING I have wrote about P.H. The Puffle Handle :)

PH interviewed by Saraapril - My Stories and Adventures :)

Today Aunt Arctic asked if I could help with an interview of PH the Puffle Handler as she herself was so busy? I’m Honored to I answered and hurried away TOGETHER with my Puffle Chillie to the…

…Glade the edge of the Wilderness where Aunt Arctic said I should be able to find here :) HELLO! PH I Happily Shouted when I spotted her among the Trees :)

…Hi Saraapril PH answered Aunt Arctic sent me a message and told me that you are here instead of her to interview me :)

Saraapril: Yes I am :) WOW! I really like your outfit! Have you made it yourself?

PH: Thanks :) No, Dot did she is very creative and good at making special outfits :) All my gear is custom made by her and is also super insulated so it keeps me warm in the wilderness and I like all the Pockets :)

Saraapril: How do you feel about the Puffle Party and that you will Waddle around and meet Penguins during it?

PH: I’m very Excited! I looking forward to meet all Puffles and their owners and I have prepared Games so we all can Play TOGETHER :)

Saraapril: When we meet you at the Party can we be your Friend? Will you have a Autographed Background? And can we earn your Stamp?

PH: Yes, Yes and Yes :)

Saraapril: Do you have any Training Tips or Stories to tell?

PH: Yes! And I will share them with everyone during the Party :)

Saraapril: What is your Favorite Puffle?

PH: I like all Puffles and I want to adopt em all!

Saraapril: Once I met a HOT PINK Puffle in the Forest! Have you seen one too?

PH: Crikey! Not yet! I’d like to see a Puffle like that! There's lots of Puffles in the wild :)

Saraapril: I knew it! What kinds?

PH: Oh all kinds :)

Saraapril: Do you have a Favorite Game?

PH: My favorite game is Puffle Roundup! I also like Puffle Rescue too.

Saraapril: What is your Favorite Color?

PH: My favorite color is brown

Saraapril: What is your Favorite Food?

PH: My favorite food is Puffle os and o berries!

Saraapril: I think I know the answer on this question but I will ask anyway…What is your Favorite Animal?

PH: My favorite animal is a Puffle!

Saraapril: Is it anything more you can tell us about yourself?

PH: I enjoy live music and checking out new bands :) I like sketching, hiking, and training Puffles and I really like to draw :)

…Suddenly PH got a Spy Phone message! She looked at it and quickly said I’m heading back to the wilds the wilderness is calling for me! Take care and take care of your Puffles! See you later! Keep exploring! And then she quickly disappeared among the Trees!

…THANKS for the Interview I shouted after her but I don’t think she heard me! Hmmm…I wonder what that was about? Now I will waddle home to Aunt Arctic and give here PH’s answers and ask her if she has any idea what that message could have been about…

…Under this label you can read more of My Stories and Adventures :)

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