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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Non Members Club Puffle Party Message Ad :)

Disney’s Club Penguin Club Puffle Party 2012 is here and Members can become PUFFLES :) If Non Member Penguins tries to Enter the Member room inside the Puffle Play Zone they will get this Message Ad” Entering the Puffle Play Zone requires a paid membership. Members can:

  • Become their Puffles and Explore.
  • Play with friends on Play Zone equipment.

…This is how the Picture looks like Animated :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Puffle Party 2012 Bugs and Details!

The Migrator is further away BUT Rockhopper and Yarr can now safely navigate with help of the Beacon we built during Rockhopper’s Quest :)

…When I tried to login to Club Penguin I got this “Sorry this Server is full. Please select another server” message WITHOUT I had clicked on any Server…BUG! I wonder why this happened? Did Aurora become Full just in that moment I got the Suggested Servers?

…The Club Puffle Party Login Pictures has been updated with how many days it’s left of the Puffle Party :)

…If you are a Member But not own a Puffle you will get this message when you try to enter the Puffle Play Zone: You need a Puffle to enter the Puffle Play Zone.

…and Non members will get this Message when they try to Enter the Roof Top: OOPS! You must be a member to enter the Roof Top and join the Puffle Dance Party. LOOK! We can Print out this Message! Hmmm…Either an Animated Picture is missing here or the Print button shouldn't be there…anyway here we have another BUG! (If you click on Print you will get what you see in the Web Browser Printed)

…If you have PH on your Friends list and look at her Background you will NOT get her Picture instead you will see a Aqua colored Penguin…BUG!

…The items Red Away Hockey Jersey, Red Away Goalie Gear, Blue Away Hockey Jersey, Blue Away Goalie Gear, Green Away Hockey Jersey, Green Away Goalie Gear, Yellow Away Hockey Jersey or Yellow Away Goalie Gear can now ne used to earn the Hockey Team Stamp :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)


…Under this Label you will find Links to MORE Details and BUGS during the Disney Club Penguin Club Puffle Party 2012 :)

Nameless Puffle BUG and Invisible Puffle BUG!

As a Puffle you can have FUN playing at the Obstacle course in the Puffle Show room :) BUT after the Game we are Nameless! BUG Thanks blue92713 for telling me about this Bug :) Luckily this Bug is easily solved :) Just do an activity like enter and then leave the Puffle Show Platforms or leave the room and your Avatar Name will be BACK AGAIN :) but there is MORE..

…if you have Puffles on your Ignore List you will see them jumping around in the Obstacle Course…NO GOOD! And if you say something while you are in the Obstacle Course the speech bubble will be at the Start!

…Sometimes when I get a Puffle Mud Fur-cial I get INVISIBLE! BUG! If this happens to you just leave the chair and try again! Sometimes I need to leave the room before it works as it should!

Club Penguin BUGS!

Club Penguin Club Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Puffle Party is on Now!

This is a Message from Happy77:

Club Penguin has transformed into Club Puffle! It's fun to see how many penguins have changed into puffles:

Invite a friend to join the fun! We want to see as many puffles on the island as possible...

Let us know what you think of the Puffle Party by posting a comment below. Can't wait to hear what you think! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I think This Puffle Party is AMAZING! I LOVE to be a Puffle and Play TOGETHER with Penguins, Puffles and PH :) I met PH :) FUN with Friends :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

I met PH :)

I was Tracking PH the Puffle Handler with Server Hopping and I met her in the Play Zone room in Server Bobsled and earned PH’s Stamp :) LOOK! The room is loading and PH is not even visible yet but PH Stamp Earned :)

…This is how the PH Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :) Oops! When I earned it was a Green Stamp and here it’s Blue…BUG! And if PH’ Stamp is Blue it should be placed After Rockhopper’s Stamp BUT It might be Green and in that case it’s placed correctly!

…HURRAY! I could add PH as a Friends WITHOUT problem in a Crowded Room! AWESOME :) THANKS PH for being my Friend :)

…And I got her Background :) You have found a PH Background Would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE :) THANKS!

…This is How PH’s Background looks like on my Player Card :) PH’s Background Sneak Peek :)

…PH is so KIND, calm and patient and she took time to talk and Play Games with us :) I LOVE Puffle Trivia :) This puffle is very loyal, everyone can adopt it, its favorite toy is a bouncy ball…

…We Know! It’s the BLUE Puffle :)

…This puffle loves inventing, its favorite toy is a rocket, we found it on the Wilderness Expedition…Brown Puffle :)

…after the Game PH gave us Treats…Yummy! When I’m a Puffle I LOVE Puffle O’s…LOL :)

…PH waddled away and said this way!


…Sorry this Room is currently full…


…What will you do now PH? I guess I will stay here a bit more! HURRAY!!!

…I’ll tell a story! I’ve got loads of stories about Puffles! Listen up Puffles! This will be AWESOME! THANKS PH :)

…So I had just become interested in puffles and I decided to try and become one of them! I made my own purple puffle costume! It was amazing I looked just like a purple puffle so I went into the wilderness and studied puffle civilization :) I started eating o berries, they are definitely an acquired taste! I realized that puffles are similar to penguins and that I really love o berries! After a week I went back to my igloo, I kept learning about puffles and eating o berries! The End :)

…Thanks for listening :) THANK YOU PH for telling us this :)

…Alright mates I've got to go, take care and take care of your puffles!

…Hearts for Puffles :) Bye PH and THANKS for all The PUFFLEASTIC FUN :)

…After PH left I and other Puffles talked and Played TOGETHER in the Puffle Tubes :) Detail: In some of the Pictures you can see PENGUINS even if this is room for PUFFLE! How come? I guess that Penguins have Transformed from Puffles to Penguins and normally they should be Teleported outside the Room BUT as that room is FULL they stay as Penguins in the Puffle Play Zone Room :)

…Sorry I can’t add more to my Friends List right now but I will send you a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends ANYWAY :) Bye for now Friends! Jump around and have FUN at the Club Puffle Party :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

FREE Background at Club Puffle Party :)

Here inside the Puffle Show we can get a FREE Background :) Click on the Camera and wait…

…You have found a First Prize Puffle. Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :) WOW! FIRST Prize! THANKS :)

…This is how the First Prize Background looks like on my Player Card :)

…Here you will find MORE Free items and other Secrets Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

PH’s Background Sneak Peek :)

If you meet PH the Puffle Handler during the Club Puffle Party you can get this Autographed Background from here :) Look how HAPPY the Puffles are to be trained by her and how cute her Autograph is with a Puffle included in it :) I can Hardly WAIT to train Puffles TOGETHER with her so I will be Tracking for PH later Today :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Stompin' Bob Stamp BUG!

When Club Penguin added the Stamp for PH they REMOVED Stompin’ Bob’s Stamp! That was NOT NICE of you Club Penguin! Thanks Trainman 1405 for telling me about this Bug :)

…Here you can read about when I met Stompin’ Bob and earned his Stamp :) UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

PH’s Stamp in Stamp Book :) CHEAT :)

How to earn PH the Puffle Handlers Stamp? You have to find here and be in the same room as here :) PH be in the same room as PH :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

FREE St. Patrick’s Hat at Community Garden :)

The Community Garden is filled with Clover and here you can pick up a FREE old item :)

…You have found a Gigantic St. Patrick’s hat. Would you like to pick it up? Thanks but I have this Hat BUT my Test Penguin LOVES to :)

…Oops! A BUG! Now I must log off…sigh…Thanks Xbird and Trainman1405 for telling me about this Bug :) Hopefully Club Penguin will fix this soon…UPDATE: Thanks Lebron2423 for telling me that this Bug now is Fixed  :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

How to be a Puffle in Club Penguin :)

During the Club Penguin Party WE can become Puffles too :) First you have to be a Member and then waddle over the Ski Village and enter the Puffle Play Zone :)

…ALL penguins can be here in the Lobby Relax Room and on this table (and in the right lower corner) you will find the Puffle Costume catalog :)

…ALL Puffle Costumes cost 400 coins each :) And they are NEW items :)

…I LOVE the Cute Puffle Costumes :) THANKS Club Penguin for making my wish come True :) I Wish to be a Puffle :)

…Enter the Member room and…

…you are Transformed to a PUFFLE! (If you have a Puffle with you while enter this room that Puffle will jump back to your Igloo) I LOVE this Room it’s FILLED with Puffle FUN items to Play with and things to do :)

…No matter what room you are in if you sit you will bounce up and down :) If you wave you will sleep and if you want to Play with a Special Puffle Toy just Dance :)

…Now I’m a Puffle ready to discover Club Penguin :) If you want to be a penguin again just click on your Avatar and click on Transform back into Penguin :)

…If you are a Puffle you can quickly change to another Puffle color :) Just walk a Puffle and…

…YOU change into that Puffle! WOW! I’m Ice Princess…LOL :)

Club-Penguin-2012-03-15 08.07.42 - Copy

…THANKS Club Penguin for letting us be Puffles again! This Party is AWESOME FUN :)

UPDATE: When you Enter the Member Puffle Play Zone Room you can now Choose who of your Puffles you want to be :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

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