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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Club Puffle 2012 FUN with Friends :)

HURRAY! Club PUFFLE is HERE and this is a Picture when I TOGETHER with Friends saw the Puffle Play Zone for the first time :) WOW! This Room is EPIC!!!

…I LOVE to Play in my Igloo TOGETHER with my Puffles :)

…Diamond750 is our PUFFLE TRAINER and she is AWESOME :)

…Hearts for Puffles :)

…Training makes a Puffle HUNGRY!

…We can smell FOOD :)

…Diamond750 Fed us all and then we talked and relaxed in the pool :)

…OH! When you said clean yourself up after eating you meant the Relax Puffle Tron NOT the Pool…LOL :) 

…It’s so Much FUN to be a Puffle and I LOVE the Playground and to race in the Puffle Shaped Tube at the Forest :)

…I Heart this Party so MUCH :)

…LOOK Youyouyou767 :) I can drive my wagon SUPER FAST!!!


…We went to the Puffle Play Zone to change Puffle Color and then we came back here to the Forest and Youyouyou767 made a Video :) How to be a Puffle in Club Penguin?

…Let’s Race AGAIN! WOHOO!!!

…THANKS to ALL PUFFLEASTIC FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with so far during this Puffle Party :) See you soon again in Club Puffle :) Waddle and Jump On!

I met PH :) FUN with Friends :)

Club Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

How to be Original Blue color CHEAT :)

Right now you can be in the Original Blue Color again as long you don’t MOVE…LOL :) This is how you do: First get one of your Puffles and then Sit, Wave or Dance…

…Open Your Player Card and click on your Puffle to send it home and then Close the Player Card and…

… you will be in the Original Blue Color that ONLY Gary has these days :) Thanks Pup1one for telling me about this BUG :)

…If you want to STAY Original Blue you MUST stand Still! LOL :)

…Another way to be Original Blue color is to have your Puffle with you and then Sit, Wave or Dance and then send home your Puffle, Transform Yourself into a Puffle and then Transform back into a  Penguin again :)

…You can have items on your Penguin when you do this but as you saw in the Animation as soon you move the Original Blue Color will vanish!

…Here you can take a Waddle Down Memory Lane :) Blue Color BUG :)Original Blue Extra Flipper BUG! Card-Jitsu Four Players Mat Color BUG!

Club Penguin BUGS!

Club Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Lucky Double Rainbow :)

Today is St Patrick’s Day and here from the Community Garden we can see a DOUBLE Rainbow :) BUT…

…there are NO Rainbows over Club Penguin Island if you look from the Iceberg! Thanks Rico1206 for telling me about this you have a very good eye for details :) The Explanation to this is that a rainbow can’t be seen from every direction :)

…Another Detail is that a Shamrock has THREE Leaves NOT Four BUT I guess a Four-leaf Clover is more Lucky…LOL :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

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