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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Puffle Zone ANIMATED :)

I LOVE to be a Puffle and Play around in the Puffle Play Zone :) As this room is a Members Only room I have made these Animations for ALL my Non Member Friends so you too can see how it look like in here :)

…It I so much FUN to jump around in the Puffle Tubes and to Play Tag TOGETHER with Friends :)

…Puffle Spa :) I wonder what that goo is made of?

…The Puffle Pool is COOL :)

…Active Puffles need lots of water so it’s great that the Water Bottles in here are HUGE :)

…Relax Puffle Tron :) Strangely it doesn't hurt to be squished at all! LOL :)

…THANKS Club Penguin for making this PUFFLEASTIC FUN room for us :)

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Win a million coins!

On Club Penguin Parents Twitter they posted this message: Is your child a #Club Penguin member? Next week they can enter a crazy igloo decorating contest for a chance to win a million virtual coins.

…Thanks Boba 126 for telling me about this Contest :) 1 MILLION COINS That’s CRAZY!! This must be a Part of the April Fools Celebration :)

…If you want to take a silly waddle down Memory Lane you can do that here April Fools Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

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