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Friday, March 23, 2012

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

PUFFLES are the BEST Pets in the WORLD! And today Club Penguin posted more Puffle Art :) HURRAY!!!

Club-Penguin-2012-03-23 22.47.56

Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

More soon…

Spy Phone Message from Dot :)

I have NO New Spy Phone Message indication BUT…

March 22, 2012


Everyone - I have an idea. It's a bit risky, but it might just lure Herbert out of hiding. All we need is the right bait...Field-Ops 74 EPF CHEATS :)

…Thanks EPF Agent Fishandfries for telling me about this message :) Message to Club Penguin: WHY didn't I get an indication of this Spy Phone message and came this message really yesterday or do we have another date BUG here?

See earlier Spy Phone message from Gary :)

Puffle Problems? Let’s ask PH VIDEO :)

This is a Club Penguin Video Blog from Australia :) Puffle Problems? Let’s ask PH :)

…Thanks Dragonben10 for telling me about this Video :) This is Bao that works at the Australian Club Penguin Team :) I LOVE that he delivers the message by ALMOST only using worlds that starts on P :) I think it’s Funny to talk like that too and when my cousin that is one year younger than me visit we sometimes drive Littletias and her brother CRAZY by doing that…LOL :) Fashionable Flowers :)

…Do you want to meet PH the Puffle Handler? PH will be in server Parka March 25 at 11 am AEDT (March 24th 5pm Penguin Standard Time PST)

…THANKS Bao for telling us where to find PH you are so Helpful and kind :) As I already have met PH three times I will not be in this Server during this time as I don’t want to take away the opportunity for someone that hasn't met PH yet :) Tips: This Party will be CROWDED so make sure you login early!

I met PH :)

Club Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Times issue 335 :)

Puffle Party Power On! Into the Box Dimension!

Puffle Party Power On!

Party together with your puffles until Mar. 27!

Submitted by PH — If you ask me, the Puffle Party is the best party of the year. And I’m not just saying that. If you want to hear about my favorite parts, and maybe learn a secret or two...

What other party can you throw a pie at a green puffle? None! Only during the Puffle Party. If you haven’t tried it, head over to the Beacon right away. Has there ever been a matching party hat for you and your puffles? Nope! At the Puffle Party there’s a set. Get hats for yourself, and your puffles, over at the Ski Lodge. Have you tried out the Puffle Play Zone? Seen what it’s like from your puffle’s point of view? There’s nothing like it! Make sure to check out ALL the decorated rooms. Head up to the Puffle Dance Party on the roof of the Night Club, if you’re a member. And, most of all, if you don’t have any puffles of your own... stop by the Pet Shop. Try the puffle personality test. I’ll bet you’ll make a new best friend. Hope to catch you around!

Into the Box Dimension!

Rookie is preparing for a journey fit for a fool!

Rookie, noted April Fool and accidental island-tipper, is planning a journey for the April Fool’s Day Party. On Mar. 29, he’ll be exploring the Box Dimension once again... and he wants you to go too! “I’ve had orange puffles on my mind all week,” Rookie said. “Like seriously, on my head. They were chewing on my propellor cap!” “I’ve decided that I REALLY REALLY want to find out where they came from. So I’m going in. Into the Box Dimension, that is.” The last time Rookie opened the Box Dimension, total mayhem was unleashed. Boxes appeared all over the island, and general foolishness abounded. “And that’s where April Fool’s came from,” Rookie said, smiling. “And we lived happily ever after. The end.” “Well, until this year at least. It’s probably going to be, like, 50 times wackier. I hope to see you there!” The April Fool’s Day Party begins when Rookie enters the Box Dimension on Mar. 29.

Upcoming Events :)

Until Mar. 27 Puffle Party! Waddle, bounce, dance, laugh and squeak for one more week!

Starting Mar. 29 April Fool's Igloo Contest Enter the craaaaaaaaziest Igloo Contest ever. EVER!

Starting Apr. 5 Penguin Style Catalog Chill out in new outfits, coming to the Gift Shop. No fooling.

Postponed until November... APRIL FOOLS! (It’s on Mar. 29)

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Apr. 4
Next pin hidden: Apr. 5–Apr. 18

News Flash :)

Puffle pandemonium? More like puffle-FAN-dimonium! Giant puffles, lots of colorful costumes, and even PH herself have been spotted at the Ski Lodge. Bounce over and check it out!

Ask P.H. :)

Dear PH,
Can we learn how to speak puffle?–Lane Gu Wedge

Hello Lane Gu Wedge,
Ahh, the secrets of puffle language! I’ve spent a lot of time studying those squeaks and squawks, and I can tell you they’re definitely more than just cute. Puffles can definitely understand us, but can we learn to understand them? I have no idea... yet. When I first met Rockhopper and Yarr, I thought for sure that the Captain could speak puffle. The two of them can hold a whole conversation—I’ve watched them! But upon closer inspection, I learned that they just know each other really well. They spend so much time together that they have a special bond. And that seems to be true of ANY penguin that’s close to their puffle. I’ll keep working on it, but I CAN tell you something interesting. I believe puffles might even be able to understand other creatures too. Like crabs, sharks and even Mullet fish. I don’t know for sure yet, so I’ll keep you posted.

There’s a puffle out there for everyone, guaranteed!

Dear PH,
How many puffles do you have?–Howe Manny

Hello Howe Manny,
The short answer is: hundreds. Hundreds and hundreds. But I bet you weren’t just asking how many puffle friends I have. Over the years I’ve gotten the chance to adopt and care for lots of puffles. But most of them don’t belong to me. See, every week I work closely with puffles. I round them up, teach them how to bowl and skate and lasso. And most of the ones I work with wind up in the Pet Shop to be adopted. I even once had a little herd of puffles of my own. But those puffles became so well-trained, they were accepted into a top-secret organization (that gave me permission to talk about this). So the answer to your question actually changes all the time. Will I adopt more puffles in the future? Absolutely! Right now, I’m very focused on my research. And also convincing a few friends to adopt puffles of their own.

Secrets Classified Puffle Dance Machine!

Submitted by Cadence: Check it! This is a tip for all you dance party penguins. Hold tight, cause it might BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Did you know you can dominate the dance floor at the Night Club with your purple puffle by your side? Just walk one of your adorbs dance partners into Dance Contest, and BAM—totally glam! Their fresh moves will add more points to your score. Which means more coins. You like winning coins right? Bring your purple puffle out for total epic win. Cadence out!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 334 :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

In the Telescope at the Beacon we can see that the Migrator is now gone from the Horizon and that the Shipwreck Island Beacon we built during Rockhopper’s Quest is working Fine :)

…The Club Penguin Times issue 335 should be here but it’s NOT! BUG!

…I have got LOTS off Connection was lost and Connection Time out Please choose another server or try again Problems after Club Penguin Updated the site today even as I tried to log into EMPTY Servers!

…and I got a Bug in the Field-Ops 74 and The Cake Pin is NOT in my Inventory or Stamp Book! All Orange Puffle have a Over Saliva Problem and that make there tongues very slippery…EWWW…LOL :) April Fools Party 2012 Login Picture :)

…The Golden Puffle, Puffle Performance and Happy Puffles are now Featured Postcards :)

…The Text is removed from ALL Face Paint items in my inventory! I’m not sure if this is a Bug or done on purpose…Time will tell :) Thanks Flash8300 for telling me about the missing Text :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: The Club Penguin Times Bug is now Fixed :)

UPDATE: The Pin is now in my Inventory :)

More Soon…

Club Penguin Pin CHEATS :)

You find the NEW Club Penguin Pin here in the Book Room :)

…You have found a Cake Pin would you like to Pick it up? YUMMY YES PLEASE :)

…BUG ALERT! The Cake Pin is NOT in my Inventory nether in my Stamp Book! I logged off, cleared cache and then logged in again BUT the Cake Pin is STILL NOT THERE!

…I tried to pick up the Pin again BUT I can’t: You already have this item! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

UPDATE: These Bugs are now Fixed :) BUT a Date BUG is added to the Pin in the Stamp Book! Please Club Penguin give the released Pin the PST time and Date!

See earlier Club Penguin Cheese Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Field-Ops 74 EPF CHEATS :)

ALL PUFFLES…Oops! I Mean ALL AGENTS you have Spy Phone Message from Gary! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary :)

…Hi Puffle!?! Oh! It’s YOU Saraapril :) Yes it is Uncle :) BUT WAIT! This is LAST WEEKS Field-Ops! BUG! WARNING! If this happens to you DON’T click on Accept Field-Ops! Log out, Clear the cache and the try again…

…Dot has a plan. We are going to plant some EPF technology out the open, and see is Herbert steals it. There’s a broken Aqua Grabber somewhere Underground, Find it and power up it’s computer core. Let’s see if it goes missing. Okay Uncle Gary BUT we don’t even know if Herbert ALIVE right now! Click on Accept Field-Ops…

…Here it is in the Underground Lake :) Click on Spy Phone…

…Location Found! Power up the chipset! Guide your micro battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!

…Two Fixed and…DONE!

…I earned one Medal and got a message from Dot :) Well done Agent. Since we've got all of Herbert's known bases under control, he'll be looking to steal technology. If this doesn't work, we'll keep leaving more and more technology in the open. It's risky, but it might just work.

…BUT Dot! We don’t even know if Herbert is safe OR if he is ALIVE right now! WHY DOESN'T the EPF care at ALL!?! Is FIGHTING the ONLY thing you think about?! Right now I feel ASHAMED to belong to this self-centered and unkind Agency! Where is Herbert?

See earlier Field-Op 73 :)

How to add a Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

Club Penguin April Fools Party March 29–April 3, 2012 :) Craziest Party Ever

Craziest Party Ever! Club Penguin April Fools Party March 29–April 3, 2012 :) The Silliest Party of the Year will soon be Here and so will Rookie :) HURRAY! I LOVE April Fools it’s one of my FAVORITE Club Penguin Parties :) I think this Login Picture looks like ZANY FUN and I can hardly WAIT to Explore the Box Dimensions again and visit the Strange Dimension, Zany Dimension and Orange Dimension :) This Party will be SILLY AWESOME!!!

…Here you can take a Zany waddle on Memory Lane and see last Years April Fools Party 2011 :)

Membership News March - April 2012 :)

Members will get lots of CRAZY, ZANY, SILLY FUN :)

What’s New

  • Members, Party more with your Puffles!
  • Become your pet in the Puffle Play Zone
  • Buy limited Puffle costumes for your Penguin
  • Be ultimate Puffle fan with rare clothing and furniture
  • Coming in April: Where will the Box Dimension take you?

WAIT! That is an OLD Text…BUG! Thanks Penguiin23 for reminding me about this Bug :)

…HURRAY! Club Penguin has fixed this Bug :) There’s more craziness for members at the April Fool’s Party March 29 – April 3!

  • Stretch and shrink in the Zany Dimension
  • Get Exclusive wacky costumes
  • Enter your craaaziest igloo design in the igloo Contest!
  • Coming soon: New rare animal costumes for Earth Day

See earlier Be a Puffle! Membership FUN March 2012 :)

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS Bultaco89  Your Igloo is Featured on Club Penguin Community :) I LOVE your PUFFLEASTIC Decorated Home :) Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

…See earlier Community Featured Igloo :)

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