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Saturday, March 24, 2012


I’m an Orange Puffle and every thought I have involves the word FOOD!!! EATS FRUITS…YUM! YUM!! YUMMY!!! Club Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

…Here you can see how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier :)Withered Flowers!

Saraapril Fan Art by Icequix :)

HI Saraapril, i have made this twitter or blogger icon, that i hope you can use during the puffle party, i been making a lot for my friends and i made this for you, everything matches, your brown fedora, the color of Saraapril the puffle is hot pink because i know you like that color better and you hope like me that the hot pink puffle will soon come out, on your hat you have the blue buterfly pin cuz there looks awesome and the background matched with your pretty yellow dress, in my opinion everyone would know that this puffle its a version of your self, i hope you could use it, am always happy to make something for you, until now waddle on!...or maybe jump around!

…THANK YOU Icequix :) This is so thoughtful and kind of you :) I LOVE this Puffle version of me and I have added it as my Twitter icon :) JUMP ON!

THANK YOU Icequix  from Saraapril :)

Club Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Ronnp09 :)

Hey April! I made you a fan art Ronnp09 WOW! I never knew that the Puffles really loves Saraapril!

…THANKS Ronnp09 :) And I LOVE my Puffles :)

THANKS Ronnp09 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

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