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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saraapril Fan Art by CarlaStar99 :)

Saraapril I Love your Blog :)


THANKS CarlaStar99 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Club Puffle Party 2012 Tour Guide :)

The Puffle Party 2012 is EPIC!!! And here is the Guided Tour of the most PUFFLEASTIC Puffle Party EVER!!! If you click on Go there on this Map you will be transported to…

…Here we are in the Ski Village where penguins can take their puffles for a walk. Keep your puffle healthy with exercise!

…Welcome to the Puffle Play Zone! This is the ultimate play place for puffles Let your puffle try the climbing wall or treat them to a new hair style!

…Squeak squeak squeak! Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak! SQUEAK! Puffle Zone ANIMATED :)

…Here we are at the Puffle Show! Show off your pet's skills at the obstacle race then pose for the judges and a photo :)

…Welcome to the Ski Hill! This is THE place to bring your white puffle Try out the cloud maker or sit back and enjoy the figure skating show! Cloud-Maker 3000 ANIMATED :)


…This is the Beach, home of the Lighthouse It is a great place to relax with your puffles Sometimes a pirate ship docks here Captain Rockhopper has a red puffle called Yarr!


…This place is called the Box Dimension. Naturally, it is filled with boxes. It's also a great place for an orange puffle party!

…This is the Lighthouse where yellow puffles are being creative! Have your portrait painted see the amazing sculptures or relax and watch a puffle performance :)


…And the Artistic Yellow Puffle here will make a painting of you as a…PENGUIN! Hi don’t you see that I’m a PUFFLE…well…yes you right I’m a Penguin…LOL :)

…The Beacon holds the Lighthouse spotlight Green puffles are having fun up here They're the silliest of all the puffles! If you've always wanted to fly too take your green puffle into Jetpack Adventure :)


…Up here you can earn the Food Fight Stamp and if you throw a snowball in here you will throw a PIE :)

…Welcome to the Dock It's a great playground for your puffle You can also play Hydro Hopper here Take a ride on a tube behind the speedboat :)

…In the Town Center we're celebrating puffles! They're every penguin's favorite pet. Grab a drink at the coffee bottle or head into the Night Club to dance Hearts for puffles! If you are thirsty BOTH Penguins and Puffles can drink Coffee from the BIG Bottle :)

…Here in Town you can click on a sign and teleport directly to the Puffle Play Zone :)

…This is the main floor of the Night Club. Purple puffles are hitting the dance floor they're dancing machines! Go go purple puffle!

…Welcome to the Lounge where brown puffles like to relax after dancing! Also, fun arcade games are found here That elevator leads to the roof let's check it out! If you don’t want the food the Brown Puffles Machine makes right now just what and it will soon make something else :)

…But first use an Apron and serve different food :)

…This is the Night Club Roof Top! Check out those awesome lights! Bust a move on the dance floor. Or try out the Music Player 3000!

…These are the Snow Forts! Start a snowball fight with your buddies make sure your puffles join in the fun!


…This is the Puffle Feeding Area! Throw them some Puffle O's They're a puffle's favorite treat to eat Make a puffle happy today!

…Welcome to the Plaza! It's puffletastic right now. Take your puffle for dinner at the Pizza Parlor watch a show at the Stage together or visit friends at the Pet Shop.

…Here we have the Stage Let me ask you a question do you love adventure? If so, stick around for the show the Quest for the Golden Puffle! It's certain to rock your socks!

…Here we have the Underground Pool It's been turned into a skate park Black puffles are gnarly little dudes Bring yours down to skate or just to hang out with your buddies :)


…Welcome to the Forest Blue puffles are having great fun playing in the ball pit. And exploring the puffle tubes! Why not bring yours and join in?

…The Party Puffle Stamp can ONLY be earned during the Puffle Party so if you don’t have it already don't miss it :) Collect ALL stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…Here we have the Mine Shack which seems to have sprouted some clovers! See if you can find a four leafed clover and don't forget to grab a hat!

…This is the Cove! Red puffles seem to be enjoying themselves here! You could take yours swimming in the shallow water Or, test your surf skills and catch some waves! Take your red puffle too!

…This is the Iceberg! Right now its a pink puffle's favorite spot! If you want to dive into the ocean depths try out the Aqua Grabber! And take your pink puffle with you!

…No Club Penguin Party is complete without jokes so here are the Club Puffle Party Jokes :)

Why did the penguin put oil on the puffle? It was squeaking!
What do you call a puffle with a cold? A snuffle!
Why did the puffle cross the playground? To get to the other slide!
What's cute and fluffy and jumps a lot? A puffle with hiccups!
What do you call a puffle in space? Lost!
How do puffles like their dinner? O Berry well!
What kind of fish goes well with peanut butter? Jellyfish!
What is the coldest part of the Antarctic? A penguin's flippers!
What pet makes the loudest noise? A trum-pet!
How do puffles eat spaghetti? With their mouths!

And safe chat messages :)
Puffle Party
Yay puffles!
Sit! Stay...
Good puffle!
Hearts for puffles!
Go puffles go!
Everyone dance!
Let's check out the Puffle Play Zone!
Has anyone seen PH?
Hi PH!

…Thanks for taking the Club Puffle Party Guided Tour :) Here you can jump around at the Puffle Party Memory Lane :)

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Puffle Party 2012 CHEATS :)

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