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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April Fool’s Party 2012 CHEATS :)

HURRAY! April Fool’s the Silliest Party of the Year is HERE!!! And so is my Zany FUNNY Friend Rookie :) On this Post you will find Help, Guides and links to ALL the FREE items and Silly Surprises :) Here in Town you can pick up a FREE Blue Propeller Cap :)

…or here at the Plaza :)

…Find the Entry to the Box Dimension :)

…For the First time ALL Penguins can Play around in some of the Box Dimension Rooms BUT the Middle Box is for Members ONLY! And so are the Space Dimension, Candy Dimension, Soda Cream Dimension and Doodle Dimension! UPDATE: April Fool’s Party Non Member Messages :) Now ALL Rooms BUT the Zany Dimension are available to ALL Penguins :)

…This Zany Dimension is filled with FUN and Silly Surprises :)

…In this Room you can pick up a FREE Box just like mine and down here we can pick up the FREE Box Shoes :) AWESOME I will add them on my Feet's right now :)

WARNING! If you waddle through the Orange Colored Box you might become LUNCH!!! LOL :)

Club-Penguin-2012-03-29 06.22.52 - Copy

…In the Desert Dimension you can shop lots of old but COOL Outfits :) You will find the same items in the Space Dimension and Candy Dimension :) White Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins, White Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins, The Bubblegum Hair 300 coins, Technicolor Fairy Dress 400 coins, Astro Suit 500 coins, Astro Boots 200 coins, Astro Helmet 350 coins, Brown Cowboy Hat 250 coins, Polka-Dot Bandanna 100 coins, Lasso 150 coins and Cowboy Outfit 450 coins :)

…In the Cream Soda Dimension you will find another FREE Item the Box Hat :) This Labyrinth is not as hard as it might look like :) Tips: Keep going back into the Box you just exited from and you can soon pick up the Free Item :) UPDATE: ALL Penguins can now pick up the FREE Box Hat :)

Silly Connection Lost BUG!

Club Penguin Times issue 336 :)

Field-Ops 75 EPF CHEATS :)

April Fool’s Party 2012 Non Member Messages :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Parents Update for April 2012 :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

Saraapril’s Craaaziest Igloo 2012 :)

Restful in a Crazy World :)

Earth Hour 2012 :)

April Fools Reviewed By You :)

Paycheck BUG!

Stair Dimension BUG!

I met Rookie in Server Alaska :)

Club Penguin Server Update!

April Fool’s Party 2012 Tour Guide :)

April Fools Top 10 Video :)

April Fools Party 2012 Video :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Parents Twitter Background Update :)

This Background on Disney Club Penguin Parents Twitter is back an UPDATED with MORE Penguins and Puffles :)

…This is how the WHOLE Picture looks like :)

…LOOK at the Brown Penguin! Items Sneak Peek :) COOL!

…Here you can see how Club Penguin Parents Twitter was decorated earlier :)

April Fool's Party Coming Soon! Sneak Peek :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Thanks for all the nice comments about the Puffle Party! Hopefully you had a chance to meet PH and walk around the island as a puffle.

Now it's almost time for the next big event -- the April Fool's Party! There are new dimensions to explore, a crazy-huge igloo contest, and even a chance to meet Rookie. Check out how tiny I am!

Speaking of igloo contests... The winner of the April Fool's igloo contest will get the biggest coin prize ever... 1 million coins! How sweet is that? Win a million coins!

So what are you most excited about? Leave a comment and let us know! :)

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

WOW! That is AWESOME!!! With so much coins I could feed my Puffles for YEARS :)  I can hardly WAIT to see the NEW Dimensions! This will be so much FUN :)

April Fool’s Party March 29 – 3, 2012 :)

Best Seat in the House :) VIDEO :)

Here is a longer version of Disney Club Penguin’s Best seat in the House Movie :) Poor Penguin…LOL :) Rockhopper, Jet Pack Guy, Ninjas, Herbert and Klutzy are in this Cinema too :)

…Here you can read more info about this Video :) Penguins at the Movie VIDEO :)

UK Video Blog: April Toy Special :)

UK Video Blog: April Toy Special [Official Club Penguin]

…Carol for the Club Penguin UK Team tells us about a limited discount on Disney Club Penguin Toys :) Penguin Plush, Puffle Plush, 2” figures, 6 and 12 month Membership Cards and you can get a FREE 7 Days Membership with every purchase :)


…from the 21 of March to the 17 0f April 2012 selected Stores in the UK will give 25% off all these items

…THANKS Carol for this informative add :) This will make TONS of Penguins HAPPY :) Under this label you will find TONS of Club Penguin Toys :)

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