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Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fools Reviewed By You :)

This is a message from Happy77:


On our last Reviewed By You, we asked you about your favorite Club Penguin party. I liked Cat956's comment:

"I love the new features in the puffle party, but I have to say that in my books the Medieval Party has to take the cake. It is an original Club Penguin party and almost every single room on Club Penguin has been decorated. It is a chance for all penguins to get together, decorate their igloos, and have fun. The thing that separates this party from the rest is the quests. They are awesome! It provides a challenge for penguins whether it's a puzzle or a fight with a dragon, it always provides a great deal of fun for penguins. Waddle On! :)"

Thanks, Cat956!

As you know, the April Fool's Party is on now, along with the silliest issue of the Club Penguin Times ever. With all this silliness going on, I'd love to know the best April Fools joke you've heard!

I'll feature one of your comments on the blog next time, and you'll even receive a coin bonus of 10,000 on your account.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Once when I was very little my Mum said that Thumper was in the garden and I hurried to look out the window but he wasn't and I got sad and Mum hugged me and said it was just a April Fool’s joke! I started to sit by the window and wish for Thumper to come and later the same day I saw a rabbit in the garden and I was so EXCITED and told Mum that Thumper was there! First she didn't believed me but when she looked out and saw the rabbit she said she thought that was Thumper too and I was so HAPPY that my wish came true :)

April Fool’s Party 2012 CHEATS :)

Earth Hour 2012 :)

Today March 31, between 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM YOUR Local Time you can take part in a world wide Event called Earth Hour just by switching off as much light as possible and with that show that YOU fight against Climate Change :) Last year my Family and I had a GREAT time Celebrating TOGETHER with our Community and this year we decided to celebrate Earth Hour at home :) My littlest cousin just like me is very excited and I have promised to tell her a special Club Penguin Story during Earth Hour :) My Grandpa is a GREAT Story teller so I can hardly WAIT to hear one of his Stories and my Dad Stories are always silly and makes me Laugh :) My Aunt has promised to bake a carrot cake and Littletias, Littlest Cousin and I will drink Cranberry Juice with the cake as we DON’T like Coffee! Earth Hour is one of my FAVORITE Yearly Events and I think it is so important and FUN to do what I can to save our Planet! Sadly Club Penguin still doesn't take part in this BUT I hope they will one Day :) Now I will make sure that Mum has bought lots of candles :) I can hardly WAIT until 8:30 PM!!! The very  First thing I will do when all the Lights are Switched off is to go outside and look at the Stars :)

On these Links you can read MORE about Earth Hour :)

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Restful in a Crazy World :)

I’m surprised that my Flowerpots looks like they are in a restful and recovering state here in my Craaaziest Decorated Igloo…LOL :) This prove that a little FUN Silliness around you is Good :) Keep on Laughing :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier FOOD!!!

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