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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saraapril’s Easter Stamp Book Decoration :)

This is how I have decorated my Stamp Book for Easter :)

…Right now some of my cousins are visiting and yesterday Grandpa made a Chocolate Egg Scavenger Hunt for us in his house as it is still snow outside and the footprints would give the hiding spots away! It was so Much FUN and we all laughed so much at my Littlest cousin as she did a funny little victory dance for every found egg no matter who found it :) As soon we found an egg she asked us to give it to her and we did as she asked so cutely BUT when her Mum saw that she was told to give us our eggs back and she did :) Then she hid her eggs so we had another Scavenger Hunt to help her find them again :) I LOVE to spend time TOGETHER with my Family :) I think the Disney Club Penguin Egg Hunt online is FUN too :)

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :)

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