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Monday, April 9, 2012

Saraapril Fan Art by ravange657 :)

For Saraapril Happy Easter! From ravange657


HAPPY EASTER ravange657 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

I LOVE this pretty stylish Penguin :) Her hair is so shiny and her dress so Pretty PINK :) GOOD ARTWORK Maria41236 :)

…This Music Loving Penguin know how to dress too :) WELL DONE :)

...and so does this Yellow Puffle :) GOOD WORK Plasme :) Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

…WHAT! A BIG BOX Dimension Portal! Do we dare to Enter? You have made GREAT Expressions on the Penguins so we can see how they feel! AWESOME ARTWORK :) April Fool’s Party 2012 :)

…Jerryluis2 and his Puffle waiting for Klutzy so they all can enter the Box Dimension TOGETHER to Play and have FUN with Friends :) AWESOME FRIENDSHIP ARTWORK :)

…Rookie is so Silly Funny that he can make Penguins feeling dizzy…LOL :) I LOVE this Penguin girls dress! Pretty Please Club Penguin can you make one for us? SILLY FUNNY ARTWORK :)

…CONGRATS Penguin girl to Meeting Rookie in the Box Dimension :) GOOD ARTWORK :)

…It’s so Peaceful to Floating in a Box on the Cream Soda sea :) GREAT ARTWORK Daisy12236 :)

…Blantey is having FUN in the Box Dimensions too :) COOL ARTWORK :)

…I like how EXCITED this Orange Puffle is to enter the Box Dimension :) GOOD ARTWORK :)

…Oops! Hold on to your Propeller Cap Rookie! The Box Dimension is Teleporting you to another Box soon…WELL DONE Maxi943 :)

…The April Fool’s Party with all the Box Dimensions is one Rookies Favorite Places and mine too :) SILLY FUNNY ARTWORK :)

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