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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Club Penguin Banner BUG and More!

The Club Puffle Party 2012 is WAY over BUT the Auto-Updating Event Banners still Features that Party! Oops! Time to Update Club Penguin! I would LOVE to have an Earth Day Banner instead :) Club Puffle Party Banner ANIMATED :)

…and it was over a month ago we had a New Penguin Poll…Can next Penguin Poll be Earth Day related too? That would be AWESOME :)

…Here you can taker a waddle down Memory Lane and see Club Penguin Earth Day 2010 and Club Penguin Earth Day 2011  :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: The Big Banner is now changed to ordinary Club Penguin…

UPDATE: The small Banner is now Updated too!

PH Character Missing!

PH the Puffle Handler is Club Penguin’s newest Character BUT she is not added on the Disney Club Penguin Characters page! Oops! Club Penguin need to make an update :)

…Thanks Boba 126 for telling me about this you have a good eye for details :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Paycheck for Tour Guides :)

FINALLY I got the Paycheck for my hard work as a Tour Guide and it’s dated April 9, 2012…That was about time! Paycheck BUG!

…The EPF Paycheck is still missing…I will buy some Puffle Food for the Tour Guide coins and then I will save the rest just in case…Who knows when next Paycheck will come!?!

…See earlier Payday in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: EPF Paycheck in Mail :)

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