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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fan Art in Book Room :)

HURRAY! We have got NEW Penguin Art on the wall up in the Book Room :)

…This way to Puffle College :)

…I Heart my Puffle Franky :) Made by Penguin18897 :)

…ukranian5: Best wishes from Ukraine made by Wdanysia  :)

…Dubstep Puffle :) Dubstep Puffle Video and FREE Code :)

…My Puffle :) Made by Prini700 :)

…Rockhopper playing TOGETHER with Red Puffles :) Red Rocks!

…Puffles :) ALL Puffles LOVES to Play :)

…Disney Club Penguin has Penguins, Puffles, Card-Jitsu and EPF :)

…Club Penguin’s Rockhopper! Made by Crazrush :)

Earth Day by Peanut81202 :)

See earlier Fan Art in Book Room :)

Dubstep Puffle Wallpaper :)

Club Penguin has made a NEW Wallpaper for us to Download :) This time it’s the Black Dubstep Puffle from this Video Dubstep Puffle Video and FREE Code :)

…Here you can Download Disney Club Penguin Wallpapers :) See Earlier Wallpaper Club Penguin Beach Wallpaper :) And here you find Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

EPF Agent Test 2.0 :)

What kind of EPF Agent are you? Take this Test that is in the Club Penguin Magazine issue 3 OR Download the test HERE for FREE to find out :)

…Thanks Club Penguin Support for this Tips :) After taking this Test I learned that I’m a Super Spy :) You are a master in the arts of spying, sneaking and secrecy. You are smart, sensible and ice cool under pressure, which is vital if you want to succeed in the EPF. You know when to use hi-tech spy gear and when to use old-fashion common sense. Great job, agent!

…Thanks for these kind words :) I promise to ALWAYS use my skills for GOOD! To Help and Protect and to work hard to keep PEACE :)

EPF - Elite Penguin Force!

Saraapril’s Wild Surprise!

When I came home to my Igloo today my Puffles had added lots of jungle items from the New Furniture Catalog and invited two Animal Friends! I was so SURPRISED!

…But I really like their Decoration idea :) And our guests were very polite…LOL :)

…I guess this is a hint that you Puffles want us to move to a Wildlife Den? Yes, they all nods! As you wish my Puffles let’s start packing :)

…See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Easter Igloo :)

FUN with Friends :)

I’m having so much FUN TOGETHER with other Penguins in Club Penguin and here at a FEW more Pictures I want to show you all :) The Club Puffle Party 2012 was so MUCH PUFFLEASTIC FUN :) I was asked if I could open my Igloo…so I did :)

…WELCOME EVERYONE! And Thanks for helping me Feeding my Puffles :)

…The April Fools Party 2012 was so much Zany Silly FUN and here am I and ljsvogel at the Snow Forts :)

…Oops! The Orange Puffle ATE ME!!! LOL :)

…In the Box Dimension I joined a Please come Rookie Party :) Sadly he didn't came this time BUT we had so much FUN TOGETHER while waiting for him :)

…I LOVE to run around among the Flowers and see how they change colors :)

…Hi Gary, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper :)

…WOW! WE are HUGE!!!

…Todor96, Tech70 and I had a HAPPY mini Party :)

…This must be the Yummiest Dimension EVER :)


I was on a Party at  Me A Penguin’s Igloo :) That’s right :) TOGETHER WE ROCK! The Candy in here is so Yummy :) THANKS for letting us eat it :) Oh-uh…I think we ate it ALL!

…don’t fear! We can buy MORE CANDY here...LOL :)

…HURRAY! The Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt is HERE! I LOVE Scavenger Hunts :)

…TOGETHER we had a HAPPY DANCE PARTY at the Dock :)


…Thanks for all your kind words Friends :) TOGETHER WE ROCK and make Club Penguin FUN :)


…In my Igloo I got help with watering my Flowers :) BUT suddenly something went wrong (can it have been the drill?) and…


…HURRAY! Everyone is Safe and the problem is Fixed :) THANKS Friends :)

…at the Snow Forts I met Tiggggie and TOGETHER we went to the Ski Hill too…

…Sled Race :) WOOHOOO!

…Vindore asked me what I thought about the Stamp Book Decoration?I think Vindore’s Stamp Book is Decorated for the April Fool’s Party, Easter and Earth Day at the Same time :)

…HURRAY! I guessed right :) COOL idea Vindore :)

…I LOVE the Yummy Tomatoes you have grown here Vindore in your Earth Day inspired Igloo :) May I try a carrot too? I can! THANKS FRIEND :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Friends I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER we will ROCK the Earth Day Party too :) And until then...WADDLE ON!

FUN with Friends :)

EPF Paycheck in Mail :)

FINALLY I got the Paycheck of 350 coins for my Elite Penguin Force work in the mail! I wonder why it took so long for Club Penguin to fix this Bug?

…More info here Paycheck for Tour Guides :)

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