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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saraapril’s Wildlife Den Igloo :)

WOW! The Wildlife Den looks AMAZING! It will be so much FUN to live here :) First I will help you Puffles to remove your neat Bows so you fit into this wild Environment :)

…Oops! Club Penguin forgot to add COLOR to this Leaf! BUG!

…and here is another grey Leaf AND one Leaf is cut OFF! MORE BUGS!

…Thanks for all your Decoration ideas and Help Puffles :) I know the plants and the sound in here is little wilder than we are used to but don’t be scared this jungle will be FUN to Explore :)

…I and my Puffles LOVE all our new animal Friends :)

…Now I wish for the cute animal costumes for ALL my Puffles that we latest saw in the Box Dimension during the April Fool’s Party so they too can be dressed as wild Animals :) I hope we will get that during the Earth Day Event :)

…See earlier Saraapril’s Wild Surprise :)

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