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Saturday, April 21, 2012

FUN with Friends :) Earth Day Party 2012 :)

The Disney Club Penguin Earth Day Event 2012 is AWESOME and I’m having so much FUN Playing in the Wildlife habitat at the Snow Forts TOGETHER with other Penguins :)

…Aninja03 is studying the Wildlife :) I tried to say I am a Rockhopper Penguin BUT I was so EXCITED to be part of Aninja03 animal study that I had problem to talk…LOL :)

…Aninja03 takes very good care of me :) I get all the Fish I want to eat :)

…What’s in that mug? Looks weird…Smells weird…tastes…SPITS OUT!That black stuff tasted ewwwww! LOL :)

…Thanks Aninja03 may I have another Fish instead? Thanks fish is YUMMY :)

…TOGETHER we looked for other Animals :)

…We saw a Lion and then RUDOLPH! Hi Rudolph say hi to Santa from me :) Can you please tell him that I wish for world Peace to next Christmas? And if he can’t fix that until Christmas…

…Please tell him that I wish for Pink socks with Peace signs on too :)

…A Follow EPF Agent needed Help to find the location for the Field-Ops 78 :) GREAT Team Work Sevalbar TOGETHER we Helped :)

…I decided to visit the Lion we saw from the Observation Deck :)

…My Lion Friend has a very cozy fur :) Do you want a fish to eat? Throws a Fish to Lion :)

…Oops! Sorry for hitting you in the head with that Fish…LOL :)

…Lolo Sweety fed me a Fish :) Thanks :) And then we…

…searched for Herbert! Sadly we didn't find him!

…click on note to read about Animals and to find Costumes :)

…Sometimes you can meet an unexpected animal…LOL :) Hi Stitch2839 :)

…Pigperfect12 is the Lion Queen and lives here up in the highest Mountain Cave :)

…Zekev and I worked TOGETHER to help an EPF Agent to find the Field-Op spot :) GREAT TEAM Work Friend :) I wonder if we can spot a sign of Herbert from up here?

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with so far at this Earth Day Party :) Earth Day 2012 Party CHEATS :)

FUN with Friends :)

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