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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saraapril’s Earth Day Party 2012 :)

TOGETHER we Started the Earth Day Party at the Plaza with Helping Penguins to earn the Tree Mob Stamp :) THANKS for the GREAT TEAMWORK Friends :)


…I’m so HAPPY that you all could come Friends :)

…Talking and Changing into an Animal Costume at the same time…LOL :) My Favorite Color is PINK :) And I have 20 Puffles to take care of :)

…Yes I’m a Rockhopper Penguin Today :) Let’s enter The Wildlife Habitat :)

…I LOVE this Place :) And I LOVE ALL Puffles and other cute Animals :)

…What is your Favorite Animal?




…The Earth Day is the ONLY Club Penguin Party Herbert likes so far and we tried to find him or a track after him BUT sadly we found NOTHING! I hope Herbert is Safe somewhere…Where is Herbert?

…Thanks for helping out Searching for Herbert Friends :) I like all the cool and cute Animal Costumes :)

…Earth Day Parade :)

…In the Forest we did HAPPY EARTH RUNNING around and around until we all got dizzy…LOL :)

…and then we waddled through the Community Garden to…

…the Recycling Plant :)

…Let’s work TOGETHER with Recycling and Save our Planet :)

…Time to send Postcards :) Please stand so I can click on you :)

…This is the Postcard I sent: Thanks you for coming to the Earth Day Party :) Let’s keep working TOGETHER to save endangered Animals, Recycle and improve the Environment to make the Earth to a Better Place for EVERYONE :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that came to the Earth Day Party :) It was an HONOR to Celebrate Earth Day 2012 TOGETHER with you all :) Let’s keep taking care of our Environment and ROCK TOGETHER :) Waddle On!

Saraapril’s Earth Day Party 2012 Invitation :)

Aunt Arctic in French Yeti :)

Today I have Server Hopping to tracking Aunt Arctic and in the French Server Yeti I met her :)

…In The French Servers Aunt Arctic is called Tante Arctic :) She didn't have a New Background for us this time but that’s okay as more penguins now can get her old background :) Sadly there is a BUG! Aunt Arctic is on my Friends List BUT I didn't get a Friend Online Notification!

…Aunt Arctic played an Animal Quiz Game with us :) TOGETHER we has so Much FUN :)

…Au revoir Tante Arctic :) Thanks for the FUN visit :) See you again another time :)

Earth Day 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Saraapril’s Earth Day Party Invitation :)

Today it’s Earth Day 2012 and you are invited to Saraapril’s EARTH DAY Party so we can Celebrate TOGETHER in Club Penguin :) Many of you have asked for help to earn the Tree Mob stamp so therefore we will start the Party with that :) If you have a Tree Costume please have it on at the Beginning of the Party even if you like me already have earned this Stamp so we can Help other Penguins to earn the Tree Mob Stamp too :)

Date: Sunday 22 April, 2012

Time: 11 am PST (Penguin Standard Time) if you need help to figure out when this is in your time zone look at the Clock at Snow Forts :)

Room: We meet at Plaza :)

Server: (Will be added here a few minutes before the Party starts)

UPDATE: The server is Oyster :)

Important: During the Party I will not send any Postcards or add anyone to my Friends List the reason for that is that I want to Play TOGETHER with you :) AFTER the Party is ended I will be in the Community Garden and THERE I will send Postcards to Penguins that wants one :) Please remember while sending Postcards I can’t see or hear you…

ALL Penguins both Members and Non members are invited and TOGETHER we will have so much FUN celebrating Earth Day and our Environment :) WELCOME!

Earth Day 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: Saraapril’s Earth Day Party 2012 :)

Flower Buds :)

My Friend Friendy448 told me something: “The tree has less leaves and the other two have flowers beginning to bud.” As soon I got the message I hurried to my Igloo…YES! My FLOWERS are Growing buds again :) HURRAY! This makes me so HAPPY :) Thanks Friendy448 for your message if you hadn't remind me to look I might missed it!

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Isn't it SPRING?!

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