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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Puffle Trouble Sneak Peek Video on YouTube :)

This is a message from Club Penguin: As promised, here's a sneak peek of the brand new Club Penguin animated short, Puffle Trouble! Have you wondered what Herbert's been up to since the big escape in January? Looks like he's up to no good once again...Stay tuned for the full-length version of Puffle Trouble, coming to YouTube and Club Penguin on May 2nd!

…HERBERT IS ALIVE! This makes me so HAPPY :) Now I just hope we can find him in time to stop his next plan and become his Friends :) He obviously don’t want any Penguins around…but who can blame him? EPF has NOT been nice to him!

…Klutzy is so kind and helping Herbert :)

…WAIT! Please Herbert! Don’t push that button!

…LOL…I think Klutzy and the Puffles worked TOGETHER to SAVE us :)

…I’m so EXCITED over this Short Video and I can hardly WAIT until May 2, 2012 when we can see the WHOLE Puffle Trouble short Video :)

Puffle Trouble Video Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Puffle Trouble Video and FREE Code :)

Who can unlock Celadon Alien Mask and Celadon Alien Costume?

Some of you might have seen Penguins waddling around dressed in a Celadon Alien Mask :)

…and a Celadon Alien Costume :)

…I asked Club Penguin where these Club Penguin items to Unlock came from and this is their answer:

Hey Saraapril,
The codes you mentioned are from the German Mickey Maus magazine and are part of a promotion for our players in Germany and meant for players who have purchased the magazine. Although these codes were created especially for our German players the purpose of the code is to be used by any player who receives it. These types of codes are not unique and can be shared and used by many different penguins!

Thanks Amie and Amanda for explaining this :) Here are the codes:



…I really like my New Alien Costume :)

…And as a Thanks to Club Penguin for these items I will play in the German servers Today :)

Club Penguin Code Thieves!

Unlock FREE Item online :) Club Penguin :)

FREE Codes to say Willkommen :)

Club Penguin Membership Card with Exclusive virtual item!

If you buy a 3 Month Disney Club Penguin Membership card you will get an Exclusive virtual item to unlock too :) Thanks Dodgers4 for this picture :) How to Unlock items online?

…Speed Boat :)

Club Penguin Card Activation :)

Club Penguin Membership Cards :)

Club Penguin Membership Cards in Brazil :)

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