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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saraapril’s Game Igloo :)

When I played Ruby and the Ruby at the Stage I got an Igloo Decoration Idea and hurried home to hear what my Puffles thought? They LOVED IT! And TOGETHER we started to work with the decorations :) First we moved to this Black and White Igloo and then we built a black and white obstacle course Game :)

How to Play Saraapril’s obstacle course Game: Pick up as many empty buckets you think you can balance at the same time through the obstacle course without dropping any of them :) Note: One bucket can’t be placed inside another! When you is ready start the time…

…if you or a bucket touch the ground you have to start over from the beginning and will lose time so be careful…

…The big snowballs are tricky! If a Snowball breaks you have to make a new one and start from the beginning…HURRAY I made it!

…Here one Penguin will stand and make silly faces without saying anything trying to make you laugh and loose your balance…

…at this point you have to sing a short song you all have agreed about earlier while your friends trying to sing the same song faster or slower to confuse you so you forget the lyrics…If you do you have to sing the song from the beginning again…and again…until you make it :) 

…Now you can choose your way :) You can either take the shorter way over the big snowball (careful it might break) OR the longer and safer way around (you will lose time) Ring the bell and stop the time! HURRAY! I did it! How many buckets did I have? (None…Oops!) You can count off 10 seconds for every bucket :) Now jump into the wheelbarrow and let your Friends drive you and the Buckets back to the Start :)

…This is a Game I and my real life Friends often play outside early in the Autumn and late in Spring when the snow isn't too deep :) Thanks for the ride Puffles…LOL :) You want to play again? Okay :)

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Saraapril’s Ruby and the Ruby Stamp Book :)

I LOVE the Mystery Play Ruby and the Ruby that now is available at the Stage and this is how I have decorated my Stamp Book in Ruby and the Ruby Style :)

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How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

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