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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saraapril’s Medieval Manor Igloo :)

My Puffles and I have moved to a Medieval Manor Igloo :) And now we will work TOGETHER to decorate it :)

…DONE :) Welcome to our Medieval Manor Home :) Please sit down and eat as much as you want :)

…WAIT! Orange Puffles! You are welcome to eat some too BUT the tea and cakes are for EVERYONE so don’t eat everything today as you did yesterday…LOL :)

…I LOVE our new home but as it’s so big I have lots of extra chores to do…

…the Garden is my Favorite place :) Close to the Wishing Well we have a Pretty Garden Fairy sculpture that wishes us all well :) Someone gives her a new Flower everyday I’m not sure who it is that does that but I think it’s Speed :)

…I LOVE to sit in my Flower decorated swing and sing :)

…In my Medieval laboratory I am doing lots of experiments…sadly I have still not found a cure for cancer but I keep working on it! I will NOT give up trying and one day it WILL be a cure :)

…Here from my Tower room I have a beautiful view of the Garden and I think it’s so restful to sit here by the window and look out at it :) But there is one thing that I miss and that would make the garden even better! Close eyes and…I wish...I wish..I wish…

…HURRAY my Dream came true! LOL :)

Message to Club Penguin: Can you please make individual flower items in different shapes and colors to decorated the lawn with? And can you add flower vine in different colors that can grow on the wishing well too? Pretty Please?

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