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Monday, May 14, 2012

VIDEO New Official UK Club Penguin Sticker Album!

Here is another Ad Video from Club Penguin! This time they want us to buy a Sticker Album!

Disney: The Starter Pack is available for £1.99, and it includes the Sticker Album and 3 packets of stickers to start your collection! There are 204 stickers to collect in total. Happy collecting!
* Note: Magazine and Sticker Albums are currently available in the UK and Ireland only.

BUT Hello there Disney Club Penguin! HOW many Stickers are there in every Packet? How many duplicates will I get if I buy the Packets and how much will it cost to get ALL the different Stickers? Why don’t you tell us that in the Video?

…A code is included so you can unlock coins or an item BUT I still think this kind of product is a way to scam us of our money! The whole concept is created to try to make us forget how EXPENSIVE these stickers really are!

More info here Club Penguin Sticker Album!

UPDATE: November 26, 2012 This Sticker Album is now available for sale in  France, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries!

Medieval Party Story Clue #6 :)

No matter what we can always count on Club Penguin to mess things up! They have now posted the Medieval Party Story Clue #6 on the English What’s New but called it #5 BUG! REALLY Club Penguin? How hard can this be to make things right for once? No wonder you are well known as Club BUG!

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings brave heroes!

Knights and princesses have been spotted all over the island getting ready for a mighty quest! Are you feeling brave enough?

Here's the next piece of the story...And here! I shall rename this Sky Path to Mountain of Misery! From above I will rule all below. No hero will prevail this time…

How are you preparing for the party? Share your plans with us in the comments below!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I’m learning a NEW song about PEACE! I think Club Penguin has become BORING now when all they want to do is Fight!

Here you can see the Medieval Party Party Clue #5

Medieval Party Story Clues :)

Medieval Party 2012 in Club Penguin

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

We have got more Club Penguin Fan Art added on the Community Page :) Here is a Brave Knight ready to Battle in a snow fight! GOOD COLORING :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

More soon…

Club Penguin What’s New Blog!

I’m very disappointed in the English Disney Club Penguin What’s New Blog! In all the other languages it has been posted 6 or all 7 of the Medieval Party Story Clues but in the English Language they have only posted four on the Blog! Come on now Happy77 start to POST!

…From now on I will call the English Club Penguin What’s New Blog for What’s Old and Lazy!

 Medieval Story Clues 2012

Your Favorite Story and Medieval Sneak Peek :)

This is a message from Happy77:


Thanks for all of the amazing comments you submitted about helping endangered animals! It was hard to choose just one comment to feature, but I really liked Ariane2005's

"Hey Guys can you guess what I do everyday? Yep I clean up where I live. I do that because there are animals that live there to. Like Birds,Stray Cats, Skunks, Deer, Insects, Mystery animal, Hedgehogs too. You see any backyard can be a habitat so help keep it clean no animal likes a dirty habitat. This idea was inspired by club penguin. I have been cleaning the habitat for years. One More Thing Waddle On C.P"

Have you checked out the latest story clue? Seems like the room pictured below could be somewhere wizards (or Gary) might spend time in... ;)

For the next Reviewed By You, I'd like to know what your favorite Club Penguin story is and why. I'll post one of your comments and you'll even receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account! Just in time to buy some sweet furniture items for your igloo castle.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I LOVE the first PSA Mission when we help Aunt Arctic to find her Puffles :) Case of the missing Puffles CHEATS :) It’s my Favorite story as I LOVE Puffles and Aunt Arctic so much and I miss the smart, clever, kind and FUN Penguin Secret Agency that NEVER was mean and violent as EPF has become!

Medieval Party 2012 in Club Penguin :)

Medieval Town Sneak Peek 2012 :)

Here is a Sneak Peek how the Town will look like during the Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 :) I LOVE how cute this room is and the Rapunzel Hair Braid is AWESOME! And LOOK there are Pumpkins and rare Yellow Flowers in Town too! HURRAY I just needed that for my research :) Saraapril’s Medieval Manor :)

Disney Australia and New Zealand :) THANKS Agent Hush for telling me about this :)

Medieval Party 2012 in Club Penguin :)

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