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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scorn the Dragon King Background on Club Penguin YouTube!

Disney Club Penguin YouTube has been updated with a Medieval Party Scorn the Dragon King Background!

...This is how the WHOLE Picture looks like! How to Scorn the Dragon King CHEATS!

…See earlier YouTube Background Puffle Party Theme :)

Medieval Party 2012 AD Video and Sneak Peek :)

The Medieval Party 2012 is here and Club Penguin has made a remix of their Medieval Party Quest Video and turn it into a Membership ad!

…In the end of the Video we get a Sneak Peek! Marvel Super Hero Takeover Coming in June! Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Nova are in this Picture! I guess that Ms. Marvel, Loki, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Venom and Lizard will be in Club Penguin too! UPDATE: Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Party!

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Use Skyward Staff to help Non Members :)

I LOVE that we can use the Skyward Staff here at Town and help Non Members and other Penguins to enter the Sky Kingdom :) Look the Beanstalk is growing and EVERYONE can climb up on it as long a Member using the Skyward Staff to keep the Beanstalk grown :) Have a HAPPY time in Penguin Heaven Friends :) Look! my Staff sparkles when I wave it :) See you up there and remember if we work TOGETHER we can make the FANTASTIC Sky Kingdom even BETTER :)

…You will find more Pictures and Secrets about how to find the Powerful Skyward Staff here How to Scorn the Dragon King CHEATS :)

Battling the Dragon King Ad!

If you are a Club Penguin Non Member and tries to enter the Dragon King Quest you will get this Animated Ad: Battling the Dragon King requires a paid membership. Members can:

  • Battling Scorn, and rescue the kingdom from evil clutches
  • Quest for the three magical items – the only thing that can stop Scorn
  • Enter the Sky Kingdom and claim the Skyward Staff

…This is how this Picture Looks Like Animated :)

How to Scorn the Dragon King CHEATS!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

When Aunt Arctic will be in Club Penguin during the Super Hero Party she will have a NEW Background :) If you click on the Free Gift button on her Player Card you will get this Message: This item is not currently available! BUG! We shouldn't get this message at ALL!

…If you wear all the Parts in the Winged Crimson Knight’s outfit that you right now can buy from the Penguin Style Catalog and Dance you will find that the Special Effect Dance FINALLY is added!

…The Go Green and Tree Mob Party Stamps are now ALWAYS possible to earn and not ONLY during a Special Party! BUG!

…Non Members can’t pick up the FREE item the Nobel Helmet! BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) But I think it is sad that the FREE item for ALL Penguins got a BUG at this Medieval Party too! Medieval Party 2011 BUGS!

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Get Gary’s Background :)

Right now Gary is Online in Club Penguin :) If you have Gary the Gadget Guy on your Friends List you don’t have to meet him to get his NEW Medieval Background :) Click on his icon in the Friends List to open his Player Card and then on the Free Gift :) BUG: Gary has the OLD Halloween Background on his Player Card! Thanks Winterwarlock for telling me about this Bug :)

…You have found a Gary Medieval Giveaway Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how Gary’s Medieval Background 2012 looks like on my Player Card :)

Club-Penguin-2012-05-17 15.40.21 - Copy

Gary’s Medieval Background Sneak Peek :)

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

I have NO Spy Phone Message indication BUG! BUT I have a NEW Message dated May 15…BUG! What date was this message added?

May 15, 2012


G, are you feeling okay? You've been acting a bit funny. Maybe you need more coffee? Or less?

…Hi Rookie! I think Gary should start to drink Lemonade instead of Coffee and then he might be less stressed and more Peaceful :) Field-Op 82 CHEATS :) See earlier Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy that Club Penguin DELETED! BUG!!!

Medieval Postcard :)

A quest awaits…See at the Gate! HURRAY the Quest Postcard is back so we can send it to other Penguins :)

Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Explore Something New Every Week! Exit Page!

Club Penguin has added a NEW Exit Message and Picture! Thanks for Playing. Waddle on! Explore Something New Every Week! Members get unlimited access to parties & features.

See earlier added Club Penguin Exit Page Picture :)

Club Penguin Times issue 343 :)

Dragon King Conquers! Wanted: Heroes!

Dragon King Conquers!  

Scorn, the Dragon King, has conquered the lands of Club Penguin. 

Chapter 1 — Darkness has fallen on the land. A ferocious dragon named Scorn has conquered the island, and proclaimed himself king. Now he rules from the top of the Mountain of Misery. And unless the chosen heroes rise against him, Club Penguin may never be free again...

And there are more dangers to fear. Servants of Scorn have conquered the Underground. A fierce hydra and a red dragon now dwell within those dungeons, and have stolen much of the kingdom’s treasure. As for the Dragon King himself, he has already destroyed two kingdoms. The Royal Kingdom and the legendary Sky Kingdom lie in ruins for resisting Scorn’s rule. Only folk from the four remaining kingdoms are left. The dragons of Dragon Peak, the wizards of the Mushroom Kingdom, the fairies of Fairy Wood, and the penguins of Kingdom Town. These kingdoms must band together, and find the heroes chosen to defeat Scorn, before it’s too late...The next Chapter of this story begins on May 24.

Wanted: Heroes!

Only a band of chosen heroes can face the Dragon King. Have you seen any? Scribed by the Wizard Gary — Hear ye hear ye members, chosen heroes of Club Penguin! Wherever you are, listen closely, for your time has come. The Dragon King thinks he’s unstoppable—but he is not! He can be defeated with a little magic and a lot of bravery. If you have that courage, you must go on a grand quest. Search the kingdoms for three Magic Items, find the secret path to the Mountain of Misery, and face Scorn. Members, we are counting on you to take this quest. Go now to the Town Center, and begin your journey. And Scorn, if you’re reading this—we WILL defeat you! Ha ha! So says the great Wizard Gary!

Upcoming Events :)

May 24 Chapter 2 Will heroes rise to defeat Scorn? Or will the island be covered in darkness forever?

On Now! Fairy Fables The classic plays returns to the Stage... as long as Scorn doesn’t destroy it.

May 31 Penguin Style Catalog If Scorn doesn’t crush the Gift Shop, check out the latest fashions! Medieval Party items Catalog CHEATS :)

Medieval Event—Dragons and dungeons and darkness! Knights needed (and princesses too!) Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 30. Scorn Crest Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: May 31–June 13

News Flash :)

The Royal Kingdom has been cursed! After standing up to the Dragon King, the Royal Village was destroyed, and its villagers turned to stone. Be careful and stay sharp, all who travel there!

Ask Gary the Wizard :)

Dear Gary the Wizard,
Can the Dragon King be defeated?–Skare D. Kat 
Dear Skare D. Kat,
Of course he can! Trust me, I’m a wizard. I know all about these things. But I suppose you want to know more about it than that, yes? All right very well, listen close. You may not know this, but Scorn was defeated once before, long long ago. Back then he tried to take the kingdoms by force. But a band of heroes stood up to him. And they had a very special artifact—a legendary sword known as the Thunder Blade. With it, they defeated Scorn. Unfortunately this time, Scorn’s return took everyone by surprise. And the Thunder Blade no longer has the power to defeat him. New heroes, with new weapons, must now face the Dragon King. So what are you waiting for, hmm? We’re counting on you!

Everyone can now face the challenges of the Knight’s Quest I!

Dear Gary the Wizard,
What awaits us in the Knight’s Quests?–Knighty Knight
Dear Knighty Knight,
A great deal of danger—but also rewards and riches fit for a king or queen! The three Knight’s Quests are dungeons located deep underground. They are filled with mazes, traps and challenges. One does not simply walk into them. But that’s just the start! Two of them are home to ferocious beasts—an enormous red dragon and a three headed hydra. These brutes are servants of Scorn, and guard vast troves of treasure. By the way, not every dragon is on the side of evil. There are many good dragons around the island, who make excellent companions. Where was I? Oh yes. If you are interested, venture into the underground, and try the Knight’s Quest I. Anyone may enter this dungeon—member and free player alike! Whether you are a knight, princess, dragon or jester, I encourage you to take this challenge. That is, if you are brave enough. What say you?

Secrets Classified The Dragon King’s Weakness…

Scribed by Gary the Wizard

Did you know that the Dragon King has a secret weakness? And he would be rather cross if I told you... so listen closely! How to Scorn the Dragon King CHEATS :)

There are three Magic Items members can use to defeat him:

  • The Fairy Branch—look for this magical slingshot in the Fairy Wood
  • The Spheres of Starlight—look for these in the Mushroom Kingdom
  • The Cursed Stones—cursed by Scorn himself. Look for these in the Fallen Village

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 342 :)

Club Penguin is DOWN!

The Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 is a DISASTER! When it was released it was FILLED with Bugs that made it impossible to Play the Quests or Battle the Dragon King they have been Promoting so much! Serious Loading Problems and so on…And now the whole Online Game is DOWN! All I get while trying to login is a Blue Screen BUG!

…and when I click on Log off I get this message…Error 503 Service Unavailable instead of the Club Penguin Exit Messages..

…This is not the First time Club Penguin has serious Bugs and can’t release a Party properly…As a PAYING Club Penguin Member I feel robbed!

Medieval Party CHEATS and BUGS 2012

UPDATE: I can now Log into the Bug filled Club Penguin again…

UPDATE: The Exit Pictures are Fixed :)

Gary’s Medieval Telescope BUG!

Here in the Medieval Wizard Laboratory Gary has created we can see a BIG Telescope that becomes highlighted when I mouse over it BUT NOTHING happens when I click on it…BUG!

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

UPDATE: The Telescope Bug is now fixed and we can look through it :)

Gary’s Medieval Background Sneak Peek :)

Gary the Gadget Guy will be waddling around in Club Penguin during this Medieval Party 2012 so we can meet him AND he will have a NEW Autographed Background to give us :) Here is a Sneak Peek of how it look like :)

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Club Penguin Medieval Home Page!

The Home Page is now Featuring the Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012!

…This is how the WHOLE Picture looks like :)

…and here is the Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Home Page Animated :)

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

How to Scorn the Dragon King CHEATS!

The Ski Hill Mountain is transformed to a Cave and here you will find the doors to the Dragon King Quest! There is a note on the doors BUT a Bug hinder you from reading it!

…While waiting for Club Penguin to fix this and many other BUGS Members can pick up a FREE item :)

…You have found a Noble Helmet Would you like to pick it up? Hmmm…Okay…

…and as I just wrote about a major BUG I can add that the Friends List is as Bug FILLED as usual and here you can see one of them! Sadly I have stopped hoping Club Penguin ever will fix all the Friends List Bugs!

UPDATE: The Bugs are fixed and we can now start the Quest :) The Kingdom has fallen into darkness! Scorn the Dragon King, has conquered the land. Chosen heroes! Gather three magical items, reach Scorn’s lair, and defeat him once and for all! Heroes Needed!

…You find the First Magical item here at the Fairy Forest former known as the Dock :) Click on the Fairy Branch…

…Quest  Map: Fairy Branch Enchanted with ancient powerful magic!

…At the Beach you will find a Sphere of Starlight :) Click on it to pick it up…

…Sphere of Starlight Made from pure starlight :)

…Here in the Ski Village you will find a Pile of Stones :) Click on them…

…Cursed Stones Cursed by Scorn Himself!

…Look! A Picnic :) What was that! A Stone fell down and someone is hiding in that cave! HELP!!!

…This room is calmer and FILLED with GOLD! Click on the Map if you want to look at it and then enter the Scorn Door…

..This Bridge feel a little unsafe…Look another FREE item :)

…You have found a Battle Cape Would you like to pick it up? Okay…

How to Defeat the Dragon King: Use your mouse to aim your slingshot! Hit many spheres at once for more powerful attacks! Do not give up – you must win! Click on I shall…


...Keep aim and hitting the Spheres and NOT at the Dragon King!

…LOOK! The Dragon King EXPLODED! This is a MECHANICAL Dragon!

…Crown of the Dragon King Pin has been added to your Inventory :)

…Victory is yours! You have defeated Scorn and saved the Kingdom, Now cross the bridge into the Sky Kingdom, and bring peace back to Club Penguin…Click on Claim thy prize…

…Scorn Battle you earned 203 coins!

…Waddle On :)

…What a Beautiful and Peaceful Place :) Look another FREE item :)

…You have found a Skyward Staff would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

…To enter the Sky Tower, you must hold the Skyward Staff, Claim one for your heroic deed! Click on I Shall!

…Alone I could activate one Gem BUT…

…when I work TOGETHER with MORE Penguins this room looks HEAVENLY  :)

...Secret: You can use the Skyward Staff here in Town to make the Beanstalk grow and then you and ALL other Penguins can climb up to the Sky Kingdom :) HURRAY Non Members can climb up her too :) Use Skyward Staff to help Non Members :)

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

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