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Saturday, May 19, 2012

From Bug to Bug in Club Penguin!

On May 17, 2012 I blogged about Aunt Arctic’s Background Bug and now I found out that Club Penguin has created an even WORSE BUG with AA’s Background instead of fixing the problem! If you click on the FREE Gift on Aunt Arctic’s Background…

…you will get this message: Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins? THANKS juanito29434 for telling me about this BUG :)

…If you click on Yes you will be STUCK in a FOREVER LOADING BUG and must Log off!

…I really like that we can see our Famous Character Friends Player Cards when we click on them again (earlier it was a bug so we couldn't do that) and if the FREE Gift Button was Bug Free I would get a message saying: You already have this item! And if I had forgot to pick up the Background I should be able to do that!

Message to Disney Club Penguin: This Bug is very EASY to fix so don’t give up just try again :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

Thunder Blade Ninja Original Blue BUG!

How to get the Thunder Blade Sword Ninja Original Blue BUG! Right now we have a strange Special Effect Dance Bug in Club Penguin!

1. Wear ONLY the Thunder Blade item!

2. Put any feet item on and then remove feet item again!

3. Wave! LOOK! My Penguin is Original Blue with a grey Ninja Belt and Bows as if I started a Card-Jitsu Battle! Oops! I vanish and becomes Invisible!

Tricks: Click on wave again to repeat the Action! Waddle, Sit or Dance to be Visible like normal again :) As long you don’t change room or log off you will do this Special Dance every time you wave!

Here you can see an Animation of how this Bug look like!

Thunder Blade Sword Ninja BUG, Saraapril

…THANKS to EVERYONE that have told me about this BUG :) Credit will go to Jakegood that was the first one to Explain how I could get this Bug :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Thunder Blade Sword = DANGER!

I was doing some experiments trying to see if the Thunder Blade Sword could be turned into something more useful when I accidently activated it and it burned the leaves off my Tree, destroyed my pretty roses and ALMOST killed two of my PUFFLES! Swords are DANGEROUS!

...See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Pretty Medieval FLOWERS :)

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