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Monday, May 28, 2012

Heroes Sneak Peek and Reviewed by You :)

This is a message from Happy77:


We received a lot of fabulous comments from the last Reviewed By You post! I really liked 127David's comment about their favorite Club Penguin story:

"Hi Happy77! I think it's great that so many penguins are working hard on saving the Earth. Anyway, my favorite Club Penguin story is Franky's First Show, which is sitting in the Book Room, where I like to read the yearbooks and play Mancala. I like it because it teaches the readers about following your dreams and to conquer your fears. It is a story that keeps you wanting to turn the page until the end. ? WADDLE ON ? P.S. I cant wait to see the wonderful wizardry  and magic going on at the Medieval Party. Thanks for the sneak peek!"

We hope you're enjoying the party, 127David! :)

The Medieval Party has really shown us how many brave penguins there are on the island! Speaking of bravery and heroes, I'd love to know about someone who you think is a hero. Let us know in the comments below!

I'll randomly pick one of your comments to feature next week. The lucky penguin featured will receive a 10,000 coin bonus on their account!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

In School we read about a woman named Rosa Parks and I think she is a Hero as she calmly refused to follow a law that bullied people!

Marvel Superhero Party Sneak Peeks :)

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

Here are more Fan art from the Club Penguin Community page :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

More soon…

Medieval Special Effects FUN :)

There are many Special effects in the rooms during the Medieval Party 2012 and here are a few of them :) I LOVE the talking Trees in the Fairy Forest :)

…Oops! Sometimes experiments can go wrong! RUN!!!

…Time for Tea and Cake :) OR…LOL :)

…I LOVE to grow Flowers and I have planted lots of pretty Flower seeds here BUT strangely I keep getting MUSHROOMS!

…I like the intense glowing Purple and PINK color on this Comet BUT I wonder… Marvel Superhero Sneak Peeks :)

…There is so many things to discover :) Can a HOT PINK Puffles hide in here? A DRAGON! AHHHHH!!!

Club Penguin Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Nazeem22 :)

Hi Saraapril Its me the guy who played the guitar for you when everyone was at the waiting for Gary party it was so cool and thanks for telling me my song was cool it really meant so much to me that I really want to be your friend so much I also made this fan art for you

…THANKS Nazeem22 :) I remember you and the kind songs you sang for me while playing on your guitars :) It was so much FUN to wait for Gary TOGETHER and TOGETHER we ALL ROCKED to your Music :) HAPPY waiting for Gary Party :)

Thanks Nazeem22 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Medieval Party Tour Guide 2012 :)

Here is the Disney Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Guided Tour :) If you click on Go there on the Map you will be transported to the…

..Town :) This is the Kingdom of Club Penguin The land is in great danger we live in the shadow of a ruthless monster Scorn, the Dragon King! Chosen heroes! You must save us all by finding the three magical items. The Fairy Branch, the Spheres of Starlight, and the Cursed Stones! Check your quest map to begin your journey! IF you are a Member or a Lucky Penguin you will have a map :) Here is another Secret Use Skyward Staff to help non members :)

…Here we are at the Dock or…These are the Fairy Woods Their plants hold great power but are not strong enough to face Scorn alone Take this magical branch and use it as a slingshot in your battle with Scorn! I LOVE this room it’s so much FUN to be a little Fairy and this is the BEST room EVER to Play Hide and Seek in :) There are two special trees in this room and if you stand behind them they will open their eyes and when you talk the tree will too :)

…The Beach or This is Mushroom Kingdom, land of wizards Scorn has placed this statue here to claim these lands as his own But the wizards have created a weapon in secret The Spheres of Starlight! They are the only things that can damage Scorn Take them, and continue your quest! This room is filled with surprises click on water can to grow Mushrooms, waddle close to the caldron and you will create an explosion, click on items on table to see special effects :)

…Lighthouse :) This is the workshop of the great Wizard Gary! As you can see, the Wizard has many magical items in fact, he helped create the Spheres of Starlight! Feel free to look through the giant telescope and try some of the magic potions just try not to blow anything up!

…Welcome ye to the Beacon! Help keep it alight by adding logs to the fire If thou art feeling brave try the Wizard's flying machine!

…This rubble was once a village before Scorn destroyed it for resisting him! These poor penguins have been turned to stone you can feel Scorn's curse in the air The only way to turn them back is to defeat the Dragon King once and for all! Climb the stairs to reach Dragon Peak…Scorn’s curse in the air…this is SCARY! Who wrote this Guide? Gary  the Gadget Guy! I think he mixed up the Parties and believe it’s Halloween already! Don’t be afraid friend their is nothing to worry about! Gary is just being Gary! Sigh…BUT before we enter the stairs let’s take a look at something pretty :)

…Welcome to the Princess's Lodge Castle! It is a great place for a royal ball or a tea party! Thou can play Find Four with friends or go Ice Fishing out the back door :) Click on the butterfly :)

…This is the Princess's Lodge Attic Here ye can feed leaping fish or play Find Four with thy royal friends :) Click on the bowl with food to feed the cute fishes :)

…Dragon's Path *huff* wow there's a lot of stairs to climb These stairs lead all the way to Dragon Peak where the Onyx Dragon Clan lives Although they play rough, they're not bad in fact, they want to get rid of Scorn too! Hopefully they'll help us on our quest Feel free to have a picnic if you're tired :) WARNING! The sound of the Dragon is WAY too LOUD in this room so make sure to turn down the sound on your computer A LOT Before you enter the cave to the right! If you enter the left cave you will see yellow Dragon eyes…

…Ski Hill! Welcome to Dragon Peak! This mountain is home to many good dragons and has a shortcut to Scorn's lair! If you can handle it, feel free to play spiked volley ball or take a dip in the lava pool Though I don't recommend it, if you're not a dragon Grab a helmet, and prepare for battle! The FREE Noble Helmet is for ALL Penguins :)

…If you forgot to pick up the Magical items you will get this Message! You need these magical items to enter the Mountain of Misery!

…This is the Bridge of Destiny on the other side is the Mountain of Misery where the Dragon King awaits This is your last chance to turn back if you do not think you are ready But if you are prepared? Then grab a battle cape and follow me! Pick up the FREE item and don’t get worried when a part of the bridge fall down…I like that this bridge and clouds move when we waddles on it :) Detail: The Music is NEW in this Room!

…This is the Mountain of Misery and that's the DRAGON KING! COURAGE EVERYONE! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!  How to Battle Scorn the Dragon King CHEATS :) Detail: The Music is NEW in this room!

…This is the Sky Kingdom! Now Scorn is defeated, it is free once more! From here the chosen heroes can restore peace and rule the lands with fairness and justice Claim one of the Skyward Staffs and climb to the top of Sky Tower to restore the kingdom to its glory! If 5 or more Penguins standing on the Balcony holding their Skyward Staffs the Kingdom is fully restored :) If you waddle into the Smith Shop it will start to work and hammer out a plate of metal and then it will be thrown down…!?! Hmmm…I hope nobody will get get that on their head!

…This is the Message a Member or Lucky Penguin get if they haven’t done the Quest yet and tries to go to the Mountain of Misery!

…Thou art in the Gift Shop Ye can buy gowns and armor from the monthly catalog Colors and backgrounds can be bought as well Spend thy coins wisely! You can Mouse over the Harp to hear Music and click on the Puffle Sign to see a Show :) If you wish for Medieval Outfits you can Shop them here Medieval Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS and Medieval Party items CHEATS :)

…Welcome to Ye Olden Coffee Shop Rest your royal flippers here! Behold the bag of beans in the corner there be the game Bean Counters…

…Welcome to Ye Olden Library You can read books from the bookshelf here You can also play Mancala A game enjoyed by many royal penguins! Click on feather Pen for a Special Effect :)

…Welcome ye to the Knight Club Lounge Here, Kings and Queens reign, jesters jest and knights plan their next adventure!

…This is the main floor of the Knight Club A great place for a royal ball Here, thou can play DJ3K and sign up for a Dance Contest :)

…Ye Olde Snow Forts are fun for snowball fights Click the snowball icon to throw one Yonder is the Club Penguin clock It showeth the time in the Club Penguin Time Zone :) Mouse over the Snow Catapults…

…Here we are at ye royal Stadium where many tournaments are played Gather thy buddies and start a game!

…Welcome to the Plaza! Here, feast ye in the Pizza Parlor watch a performance at the Stage or adopt a puffle at yonder Pet Shop! If you're feeling brave, go into the well and discover dungeons filled with treasure and DANGER!

…The Pet Shop is where thou can adopt a puffle Puffles are animals native to Club Penguin They have different colors and personalities They make great pets for knights or princesses! This room is not Medieval Decorated but I think we can stay here and read the…

…Safe and Quick Chat Messages :)

Medieval Party
We shall defeat the Dragon King!
Here is the magical item we need!
Onward to the Fairy Woods!
Let us journey to the Mushroom Kingdom!
Onto the Fallen Village!
To the Dragon's Peak!
Let us climb the Mountain of Misery!
Scorn! Prepare to face your doom!
Victory heroes! The Dragon King is defeated!
Share your wisdom, Wizard Gary!

…Welcome to ye olde Stage! Tickets please! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed up your favorite fairy tales? Well here's your chance to find out! Discover a world of enchantment in Fairy Fables!

…This is the Pizza Parlor Gather around the round table yonder and order the best pizza a knight can eat If ye waddle into the kitchen ye can make pizzas with the Pizzatron :) Mouse over the Harp to hear Music :)

…Behold the Forest! Climb yonder ladder to visit the Tree Forts!

…Welcome travelers to Ye Olde Treetop Fort! Some puffles have already found their way up Let's follow them! Mouse over the hole in the Tree to make Puffles appear :)

…This is the Cove! It is a wonderful, secluded spot. You can go swimming in the shallow water here. Or, test your surf skill and catch some waves! Here and in other Rooms you will find a sign…

…click on it and Heroes Needed! Below lie dungeons, filled with traps, puzzles, and treasure, Quest 1 awaits all who dare enter! Only Member Heroes may enter Quest 2 and 3…Onward to adventure!

…I think it’s time for some Medieval Jokes :)
What's scary and wears sunglasses? A dragon on holiday!
How can you tell if there's a dragon in your closet? Because the door won't close!
What do you do with a blue dragon? Try to cheer her up!
Why do dragons sleep during the day? So they can fight knights!
Why was the queen's room flooded? Because she 'reigned' for many years!
What time is it when a knight looks at his belly button? The middle of the knight!
What do you call a knight who's afraid to joust? Sir Render!
What does Sir Lancelot use to see in the dark? His knight-light!

…and now back to the Tour :) This be ye olde Mine Shack Venture into the cave...if ye dare!

…Recycling Plant…Welcome to ye olde blacksmith! Throw ye used armor into the machine to make it shiny and new!

…Behold! A dragon in the Mine! Princesses, kings and queens, fear not! 'Tis nothing to be scared of Brave knights should play Puffle Rescue...and save missing puffles! Hi Mum you are BACK! LOL :) Will Dragon Mum be here?

…Welcome ye to the Smithy It gives heat and power to Club Penguin Here you can read old editions of the newspaper Or take a quest in the Cave! And you can make a Pin Scorn Crest Pin CHEATS :)

…Ye be now in the Cave Here, ye find the start of many quests Ye Knight's Quest the path to a dragon's lair! Mazes and battles await thee. Only the bravest should enter! Please keep off the treasure!

…Knight’s Quests Instructions Hail Brave Adventures: Read the signs, Solve the Puzzles, Collect the Treasure!

...To make this Tour a little shorter you can read Medieval Party Tour Guide 2011 for Tour Guide and Links to the Three Knight’s Quests :) WAIT! Something is happening…REJOICE Club Penguin :) WOW! Let’s waddle back to Town! This is the Kingdom of Club Penguin The land is safe once again. Scorn, the Dragon King is defeated! Chosen heroes should gather the three magical items. The Fairy Branch, the Spheres of Starlight, and the Cursed Stones in case Scorn ever rises again!

…These are the Fairy Woods Their plants hold great power! Take this magical branch they have created and use it as a slingshot if Scorn should rise again…

…This is Mushroom Kingdom, land of wizards As you can see, Scorn's statue is crumbling! You can claim the Spheres of Starlight to be ready, in case Scorn ever rises again…

…This rubble was once a village before Scorn destroyed it for resisting him! But peace is returning, and the village is recovering Someday it will be rebuilt! If you are one of the chosen heroes you should grab some of the Cursed Stones in case Scorn ever rises again…

…*huff* wow there's a lot of stairs to climb These stairs lead all the way to Dragon Peak where the Onyx Dragon Clan lives Although they play rough, they're not bad just watch out for all the lava and falling rocks! Feel free to have a picnic if you're tired…HURRAY the ear hurting high Sound is fixed! THANKS Club Penguin :)

…Welcome to Dragon Peak! This mountain is home to many good dragons and has a shortcut to the Sky Kingdom If you can handle it, feel free to play spiked volley ball or take a dip in the lava pool Though I don't recommend it, if you're not a dragon Grab a helmet for future battles!

…This is the Bridge of Destiny on the other side is Skypath Mountain where Scorn once ruled the island Grab a battle cape on your way through just watch out for broken boards, and don't look down! The Bridge is NOT falling apart anymore so here we have a text OR Bridge Bug! Is it a snoring sound in the wind…or…is it my imagination?

…This is Skypath Mountain formally known as the Mountain of Misery Here you'll find a path to the mystical Sky Kingdom that Scorn had stolen from its rightful rulers! Though it is safe, be cautious for Scorn could rise again without warning! THE END!

…You will find MORE Help Tips and Secrets on this Post Medieval Party CHEATS 2012 There are Stamps to earn and and Gary the Gadget Guy is Waddling around so I hope you meet him :)

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