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Monday, June 4, 2012

Fast Food Stamp and Double Coins BUGS!

Today I played Pufflescape and earned the Fast Food Stamp BUT I got the Stamp BEFORE I solved all the Extreme Levels! BUG!

…as I don’t want to have Stamps in my Stamp Book I haven’t earned I replayed the level and EARNED the Stamp :) Here you can read about another Fast Food Stamp BUG!

…HURRAY! Now I have ALL the Pufflescape Stamps and will get DOUBLE COINS BONUS every time I play the Game :)

…WRONG!!! ANOTHER BUG make sure that we DON’T get the Bonus! This is NOT FAIR! Please Club Penguin can you fix this? Thanks to everyone that have told me about the Double Coins Bonus Bug :)

Pufflescape Stamps CHEATS :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

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