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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

Today we got more Fan art posted on Club Penguin Community page :) Iron Man, Captain America, Thor,The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and Black Widow! I like the way who have create shadows and highlight :) GOOD ARTWORK :) Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Party!

…OH NO! The City is burning! Who can SAVE it? I hope Black Widow and her Hero Puffle will OR was they the once that created this mess? WELL DRAWN Shivie :)

…I LOVE Loki’s Green Outfit and how he flying around among Pink and Pretty Clouds :) I know he is a villain during this Party BUT I think he could be an Environment Hero in that outfit :) GREAT Artwork Sommfi :)

…Loki has lots of Powers…Let’s hope they we be used for GOOD! This Drawing looks a little SCARY but WELL DONE Multipandalover123 :)

…HURRAY! A Drawing of my FAVORITE Club Penguin Hero the Gamma Gal :) She and Shadow Guy is ALWAYS helping out and keep saving Club Penguin TOGETHER :) I LOVE all the different shades of PINK in her outfit :) GREAT ARTWORK Icecuber110 :)

…This cute Penguin Girl daydreaming about when she is a Super Hero and Saves the Day :) AWESOME ARTWORK Daisy12236 you are very creative :)

…This Penguin is an Ordinary day HERO volunteering to Help someone in need! AWESOME! GREAT ARTWORK :)

…With the Skyward Staff this Penguin Girl brings back PEACE to Club Penguin :) I LOVE the HAPPINESS in this Drawing and it’s so COOL that the Rainbow comes from the Staff! AWESOME ARTWORK :) Medieval Party 2012 :)

…Oh-hu…Scorn the Dragon King is awake and VERY GRUMPY!!! GOOD ARTWORK :) (I can’t read the artists Penguin name in this Drawing…Help anyone?)

…This Penguin is ready for a Fight! I like that you have made so many details in this Drawing! Look! we can see Scorn’s reflection in the sword! GOOD ARTWORK Walle N Eva :)

…This Artwork of Scorn is SCARY BUT well Drawn! GOOD WORK Panquecito 1 :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Another Couch BUG!

Another Better Igloos Furniture Catalog has been found! If you try to buy the Red Orange Couch with Flower Pattern you will get this message: This item is not currently available! Thanks Cutegirl1735  for telling me about this Bug :)

…There are lots of similar item Bugs in different Catalogs and it’s NOT FUN at ALL!

Custom Furniture BUGS!

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

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