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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Log Off messages BUG!

Right now the Disney Club Penguin Log Off Pictures are gone! Instead I get this Message: Page not found The requested page “/exit/blog” could not be found

…Thanks Bambabee125 for telling me about this Bug :) I guess Club Penguin will fix this soon :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: Thanks Disney175 for telling me that this Bug now is Fixed :) And Thanks Club Penguin for Fixing it :)

FUN with Friends :)

Here are some pictures of what I and my Friends have done TOGETHER in Club Penguin :) I think Ice Fishing is a GREAT Game to Play when you quickly need to earn coins and so does Percy59824 :)

…Dexter309 and I had so much FUN playing Card-Jitsu :)

…and then we went back to the Ski Lodge for more Ice Fishing :)

…There are so many items to wear in Club Penguin so TOGETHER we decided to have a pick a Costume Party :)

…Then we ALL dressed in Blue :)


…Here we are TOGETHER in different Colors on our Outfits :)

…What kind of outfits will we have now? Hmmm…


…I LOVE to Play Mancala and so does Coffeetip :)

…Hi Ocean6100 and Mountain717…Oops! Sorry…I mean Hi Gary and Rockhopper…LOL :)

…Gary had to leave but Yarr came instead and amazed we listened to Rockhopper’s Story :) It was a very strange smell in the room and when I asked about it Rockhopper took out the cheese he had hidden in his beard and feed Yarr with it…LOL :)

…Suddenly Herbert came and I was so HAPPY to see him that I jumped up and …

…gave Herbert a BIG Hug! HURRAY you are SAFE! I have been so worried and missed you so MUCH! Then we did a HAPPY HERBERT RUNNING :) Well…Ocean6100 and I did Herbert just stood there and looked Grumpy!

…we could hear a distant Beep in the air and we couldn't help ourselves and started to Dance :) Herbert just looked at us and then he mumbled something about Pesky Puffles and Penguins and left…Cream Soda Puffles – My Stories and Adventures :)

…Puffles LOVES to Play and they are very Good at Mancala…LOL :)

…Larisa10935 and I had a Dance Party at the Night Club TOGETHER :)

…Holster1 and I are talking while siting here and waiting to see the Dragon :) Hopefully we can talk to him and ask why he is flying around over Club Penguin :) Dragon King Shadow ANIMATED :)

…Dexter309 has a Glitch to show us…

…HURRAY! This is a FUN BUG :) Pizza Parlor Door FUN :)

…Thanks for showing us this :)

…In my Igloo Icequix and I sang a Star song for Max Chames as we liked his Star Hat :)

…Now I’m a Dragon Princess :) Do you have any Food for me to eat?

…The Medieval Party 2012 is here and I’m so HAPPY that Member Penguins can help Non Members to reach the Sky Kingdom so we ALL can Play TOGETHER there :) Now you can climb Jenniffer508 :) Use Skyward Staff to help Non Members :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Friends I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) I will soon post more FUN with Friends from the Medieval Party :) Waddle On!

FUN with Friends :)

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