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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Igloo Experience Coming Soon :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
There's some big updates coming to Club Penguin over the next few months, and I can't wait to share it all with you. I know everyone's excited about the Marvel Super Hero Takeover right now, and that's just the beginning...

In the next few weeks, we'll be releasing a brand new igloo experience that will make it easier than ever to decorate your home! One of my favorite features is something you've been asking for for a long time... Now you'll be able to save multiple igloo designs!!
We'll have more news for you soon, so stay tuned to the blog for more info!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I’m NOT Excited about the Marvel Party…But…THANKS for listening to my Igloo idea Club Penguin :) This will be AWESOME :)

Igloo Decorating Update :)

UPDATE: Sneak Peek: Club Penguin’s New Igloo Experience Video :)

UPDATE: NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Mask and Bandana Sneak Peek item!

Club Penguin Here is a Sneak Peek of a New item that will be available later! This Black Mask and Green Bandana looks like it belongs to a robber!

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam!

Club Penguin Welcomes Custom Rocky and CeCe Penguins as Hosts of its Annual Music Jam!

This summer, Club Penguin players will have the chance to make their mark and shake it up when Club Penguin's annual Music Jam is transformed into the "Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam." Beginning July 19 through August 1, players in the Internet's #1 virtual world will be invited to chat and dance with customized Rocky and CeCe penguins, and even unlock exclusive dance moves, just like the characters from "Shake It Up." Disney Channel

Well…You can read my opinion about this here Disney! STOP destroying Club Penguin!

Super Heroes vs. Villains - Fun Activities!

Club Penguin has posted a New Outdoor Activity called Super Heroes vs. Villains!

Face your opponents in the ultimate backyard showdown!

You Will Need
4 or more players
A referee
A ball

Face paints
Super Hero and Super Villain costumes

How to play:

  1. Form two teams, with equal members
  2. One side is Super Heroes and one side Super Villains
  3. The teams can dress up in costumes, or paint their faces to show which side they’re on
  4. Each team member is given a number – there should be a #1 on each side, #2 on each side, etc.
  5. The referee places the ball in the middle between the two teams
  6. The referee calls out a number and the Super Hero and Super Villain with that number race towards the ball
  7. The first person who grabs the ball wins a point for their team
  8. The team who gets to ten point first wins!

You can PRINT out this Outdoor Activity!

Details: Classified Code and Field Ops have been added back :) Sadly many Recipes, Arts and Crafts and Outdoor Activities have been removed: Royal Tea Party, Paper Maché Puffer Fish, Noble Steed Costume, Royal Puffle Goblets, Puffle-In-The-Box, Medieval Obstacle Quest, The King Says and Outdoor Fairy Fort!

See earlier Club Penguin FUN Activity :)

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 2

Day 2: June 15, 2012

After being home to make sure my Puffles were safe and well fed I went to Aunt Arctic’s newspaper office The Club Penguin Times. My Aunt wasn't there, in fact the whole office was empty of Penguins! I found a message in her typewriter: To whom that reads this! I need all help I can get to report about the chaos that is around us! Can you help? If so be careful, safety first!

…I grabbed a Press Cap and a Camera and headed carefully out and went to the downtown showdown to see if I could get a picture of the Destructobot! The Super Hero sign was on the wall under the Countdown Clock and that made me feel a little better but still not safe! I hid behind a Frozen hazard barrel and…Suddenly the Robot came! ATTACK!!! I was SHOCKED! I was so SCARED that I first just stood still, totally frozen by fear but then I aimed my camera and started to take photos……click…The Robot WON and left lots of Destruction behind when it stomped away! DISASTER!!!

Club-Penguin-2012-06-15 06.56.30 - Copy

…A very kind but firm Firefighter told citizens that we shouldn't be here and asked us to leave as the Destructobot soon would be back and that nobody could grantee our safety! I quickly obeyed and left thankful that I had survived the Attack!

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 1

Club Penguin CHEATS Marvel Super Hero Takeover!

UPDATE: Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 3

Music Change – Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin is asking us a question: If you were to change the music in one of the rooms, which one would you choose? Pizza Shop? Coffee Shop? Nightclub? I LOVE the Music in the Pizza Shop and Coffee Shop so PLEASE don’t change them! But I wouldn't mind if you changed the Music in the Night Club :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) YOU can VOTE too on YOUR Favorite answer :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

Marvel Super Hero Takeover Begins!

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
The Marvel Super Hero Takeover is on now! We've already seen tons of you taking part in the action. Here are a few screenshots:

As always, we want to hear what you think of this event. Should we bring it back next year? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

NO THANKS! I think Club Penguin should be about Friendship and FUN not about Destruction and WAR! Club Penguin Marvel War Diary!

Club Penguin CHEATS Marvel Super Hero Takeover!

Tour Guide of Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party!

When you Login to Club Penguin you can choose if you want to Play as a Super Hero Super Villain or Citizen IF you are a Member! If not you can be a Citizen! You will easily see who is who in the Game as All Super Heroes have a Yellow circle around them, All Villains a Black circle and if you are a Citizen you will have a Blue circle as normal! If you during the Game want to choose another side just click on the Character icon you will see at the right Top of your Screen!

…The sign on the Map looks like a Comic Book! Marvel Super Hero Takeover! If you click on Go There! You will be teleported to The Town! But before we do that let’s waddle to…

…Here we have the Dock As you can see, there are more meteors around than usual This meteor fell to earth recently and is powering the enormous Destructobot I didn't even know meteors could do that!

…This is the City Center The business district of Club Penguin and home of the famous Club Penguin Times! Head to the Gift Shop if you're looking for a super suit or head up to the Club Penguin Times to join the press! Here you have both a secret entry to the Super Villain Lair and The Super Hero HQ! As you can see some items have stripes…Super Gloves ANIMATED!

…Welcome to Club Penguin's famous Coffee Shop As you can see, there's a press conference happening some of the city's Super Heroes are giving interviews Upstairs you'll find offices for the Club Penguin Times make sure to grab a cup of coffee before you go! Here you can get a FREE Background :) FREE items to Find CHEATS :)

…Here we have the office for the Club Penguin Times If you're looking for the latest news on the island this is definitely the place to be! Keep an eye out for Chief Editor Aunt Arctic she's always looking for the latest scoop! I LOVE this room :) Stand or sit at the chairs to help out with the Newspapers :) If you stand behind the wanted post your Penguin will be framed!

…Welcome to the Gift Shop! As you can see, they have a fine selection of super suits perfect for any Super Hero or villain! Citizens can join the police force or grab a mask and cause some shenanigans! I like that there are items for Everyone :) If you don’t already have a Miner Helmet you can pick one up for FREE here :) Marvel Costumes and Citizen Costumes!

…This is usually the Snow Forts but…Whoa! Watch your step, and stay alert right, welcome to the Downtown core of Club Penguin! As you can see, the ultimate battle between good and evil is being waged at the top of City Hall right now! Boy, I sure hope that good prevails, don't you? Stand close to Fire hose to get water so you can help fight the fire!

…Gadzooks! Whoa! Watch out! Okay, I think we're safe for a second Okay, so this is the downtown showdown where Super Heroes and villains are currently battling Watch out for the giant robot, and deadly lasers, and stuff This might not be the best place for a tour, actually...How to Battle Destructobot CHEATS!

…Welcome to the Plaza! Here you'll find the city police department and also a bank, complete with a pizzeria! If you see a bank robber or super villain report them to the police, or join the force and arrest them Thanks! Here too you have both a secret entry to the Super Villain Lair and The Super Hero HQ…

…Here we have the Police Department This facility has the latest crime fighting technology. And a squad of Club Penguin's finest police officers Feel free to get your mugshot, even if you're not a bad guy! Pull the level and press the button for special effects! There ladder will take you directly to the Villain Lair

…Welcome to the City Bank which also serves pizza. Convenient! Despite an increasing number of robberies the bank is actually doing better than ever! I guess even super villains like pizza! Here you can pick up a FREE item the Money Bag!

…For great justice! Welcome to the Super Hero HQ! Here is where all of the city heroes gather and unite in their battle against evil Check out the giant-robot simulation or grab a coffee and chill out. Heroes are awesome! Use the Level in here for a special effect and sit in one of the two upper chairs to activate the green screen and you can use the round Air Lift to be teleported to the…

…To the Rescue! Choose your Destination! Town or Plaza…

…MWA HA HA! Welcome to my evil lair! Err... sorry, I got a bit carried away there This is the lair of the super villains where many evil plans are being made We best not get in their way or we might wind up in their evil clutches! Use the Levels for Special Effects!

…Launch your Attacks! Chose your Target! Town or Plaza!

…Here on the Community Tree is the Superhero Pin Hidden :)

…Have you noticed the signs at the Ski Village, The Beach, Mine Shack and Forest? Click on them and…

…HEROES…Assemble! Enter the Super Hero HQ, and rally the forces of good! Go There! VILLAINS…Attack! Enter the Super-Villain Lair, and plan your evil deeds! Go There!

…As we already have been there I think I will tell some Jokes and show you the Safe Chat quick Messages instead!

What is a Super Hero's favorite meal? A hero sandwich!
What did Squidzoid drive to the bank? An ARMored car!
Why did the super villain have no friends? Even his breath was bad!
What did the Super Hero say about the falling airplane? Excuse me, I have to catch a flight!
What did Squidzoid do when he got to the bank? ARMED robbery!
What do you call a hero with soup on his cape? A soup-er hero!
How many villains does it take to change a lightbulb? None! They like the dark!
What is a super villain's favorite part of a joke? The 'punch' line!

Super Chat
Here we come to save the day!
Quickly! To the Super Hero HQ!
Freeze! You're under arrest!
Stand back citizens!
Mwa ha ha ha!
You'll never catch me, coppers!
Let's crack this vault!
To the villain lair!
You heroes will never defeat us!

…Oh dear, it appears Club Penguin has shrunk or have we grown? I'm not sure Anyway, this seems like the perfect place for a giant monster to run amok and cause destruction! Hopefully there's a hero nearby to save the day…Waddle carefully here or you will destroy Club Penguin Island!

…Sometimes you get an Alert! Click on it before it disappears…

…Giant monster spotted at the Iceberg! Run! Oops! That’s me! LOL :)

…Here are the other messages you can get:

Super Hero Alerts:
Calling all heroes! Super Villains have been spotted at the Bank!
Fires reported downtown! The city needs a hero!
The police could use some back-up! Go to the Jail!
Heroes - gather forces at the Super Hero HQ. For great justice!
It's time to defeat evil once and for all! To the Super Villain Lair!
Press Conference at the Coffee Shop. The city wants answers!
Giant monsters spotted at the Iceberg! Move out!
Defend the Club Penguin Times at any cost!

Super Villain Alerts:
The Bank vault is defenseless! You know what to do...
Villains - join forces downtown. Nothing can stop us!
All Super Villains, go to the Jail! Cause trouble, but don't get caught!
The Super Heroes think their HQ is safe...
Attention Villains! Meet up at the Lair for an evil planning session!
No Super Villains allowed at the Coffee Shop. Wear a disguise. They'll never know it's you!
Giant monsters, your time has come... to the Iceberg!
Shut down the presses at the Club Penguin Times! First the newspaper... then the world!

Citizen Alerts:
Super powered penguins spotted at the Bank! Also pizza!
Fires reported downtown. Please expect traffic delays.
Watch out for villains escaping the Jail! They ALWAYS do that!
Super Villains have been spotted heading to the Super Hero HQ!
Super Heroes reported heading to the Super Villain Lair!
Fresh coffee reported at the Coffee Shop! Also Super Heroes and Super Villains!
Giant monsters spotted at the Iceberg! Run!
Super Heroes and Villains spotted at the Club Penguin Times!
Non-member trying to enter fort

There are 2 new music pieces released for this Party! Some Party Stamps can be earned so try to do that :) The Construction Stamp can be earned in Town Center or The Plaza or Snow Forts or the downtown showdown Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin CHEATS Marvel Super Hero Takeover!

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