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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 21

Day 21: July 4, 2012

I have got a dress as my own was so torn and damaged by fire…I like how soft the fabric feels and how it smells clean :) Everything here at the camp is donated by kind Penguins that generously keep giving to help others in need even though many of themselves have very little. So many Penguins are separated from their Puffles and I found a board where you can write a message if you are searching for someone. Hopefully they or somebody else will see the message and can help you to find each other…sadly many won’t…there are so many horrible stories! I heard that one of the Puffles that was injured in the Pet Shop attack died…that made me cry…

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 20

Club Penguin CHEATS Marvel Super Hero Takeover!

UPDATE: Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 22

Destructobot on YouTube!

I have helped Aunt Arctic with research for the Club Penguin Times and here I am testing how the Destructobot reacts if you are a Villain or a Hero! SCARY!!!

Club Penguin Marvel Animations!

Club Penguin CHEATS Marvel Superhero Takeover!

One Penguin Band BUG!

The One Man Band Special Dance BUG is BACK!!! Thanks Deja111 for telling me this :)

…Here you can see how the One Man Band Instruments looks like Animated One Man Band Penguins at Work :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: July 5, 2012 This Bug is now Fixed :)

Penguin Band in Club Penguin Magazine issue 6 :)

The Penguin Band is the BEST Band EVER and they are Featured in the latest Club Penguin Magazine :)

Start rockin’ and rollin’ to the penguin beat! Live in CP Mag, it’s the melodic monsters of the Music Jam! Everybody ROCK! C’mon you can be louder than that! Oh man that sounded cool! It’s all about the music!

Penguin Profile :)

The Penguin Band have become famous as the starts of the Music Jam, but these four guys started out with ordinary jobs, like working in the Pizza Parlor and the Gift Shop! United by their love of making NOISE, they formed a band and now play sellout shows all over the island. Are you ready to rock?

Secrets Classified!

Dubstep Puffle!
Get another 9 penguins to dance with you at the Plaza, Town, Night Club or Snow Forts during the Music Jam, and the Dubstep Puffle will appear to dance with you! Dubstep Video and FREE Code :)

Can I meet the Penguin Band?

Yeah! The band will be rockin’ out on the Iceberg at the Music Jam. They’ll be doing a show every half hour or so, and if you catch them on stage you might get a free background!

Stompin’ Bob :)

Instrument: Bass guitar
Quote: “Let’s get this party started!*

Stompin’ Bob is the leader of the band. He knows just when to break it down, and when to crank up the volume and rock out! Off-stage he’s the quiet type, but when he speaks the whole band listens.

Random fact: Enjoys jigsaw puzzles and writing poems.

Petey K :)

Instrument: Accordion (and almost anything!)
Quote: “Anyone seen my glockenspiel?”

Petey K is a hip, creative whirlwind! He can play all styles of music, and he loves to push the musical boundaries. Some of his sonic experiments sound truly awesome… Others can be a bit of a headache!

Random fact: Petey K is also an amazing dancer.

G Billy :)

Instrument: Drums, harmonica
Quote: “You’ve been a great audience!”

G Billy is the beating heart of the Penguin Band! Though he sits at the back, his thumping rhythms keep all the rest of the guys in perfect time.

Random fact: Was the first penguin to ever catch Mullet… but he threw him back.

Franky :)

Instruments: Keyboards, synthesizers
Quote: “Hey guys, I’ve been working on some new sounds.”

The youngest member, Franky brings a special dimension to the band with his instinct for cool bleeps and beats. Sometimes he even teams up with Cadence in DJ3K.

Random fact: He loves collecting high-top trainers

Here you can see them Playing at the Music Jam Party 2011 Penguin Band Animated :)

…Keyobard? Oops! Typo BUG! It should be Keyboard! Thanks Crabking for telling me about this Typo :)

…With the Magazine you can unlock a Saxophone item, an item from the Treasure Book and there are 3000 Coins for Every Reader! Sadly the Saxophone item has a BUG and I think it’s UNFAIR of Club Penguin to not quickly fix the problem but instead keep selling a BROKEN item! Saxophone Sound BUG!

Sneak Peek issue 6 Club Penguin Magazine :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam Party!

Ultimate Jam 19 July – 31 July 2012 Party News!
Turn it up! Penguins LOVE dancing and music - and this year's Ultimate Jam is the most epic music and dance party ever.
There are various stages for role play, new outfits, items to collect in the Music Challenge, dances to learn and show off, and DJ Cadence will perform a clip from her debut single "The Party Starts Now" at the Epic Show Stadium! Plus, special guests Rocky and CeCe, penguins inspired from the hit Disney Channel series Shake It Up, are around to help with some dance moves.
Penguins are in store for an unprecedented amount of party at the Ultimate Jam. Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam Sneak Peek!

Detail: If you click on More News you will get a sign where you can choose if you want to login to Club Penguin in Deutsch or Français :) Thanks Anonymous for this Picture :)

Typo: Inspiredfrom…Thanks 1aredrocka1for telling me about this BUG :)

The Party Starts Now! Cadence's Music VIDEO :)

Agent Rookie's Secret Mission 8 :)

Disney Club Penguin will release a new book that will be called Agent Rookie's Secret Mission 8 :)

Agent Rookie is on the case! As an agent with the Elite Penguin Force, Rookie is eager to help keep Club Penguin safe from harm. But he needs your help with solving this latest mission. There are plenty of twists and turns and villains to thwart. The choice is yours!

Agent Rookie's Secret Mission :)

Publication date: January 10, 2013
Pages: 80
Age range: 6 - 8 Years

Available as NOOK Book (eBook)…

…and in a kindle edition from Amazon :)

…With this Book you can unlock a book item on Club Penguin Online :)

Puffle Whisperer PH’s Puffle Handbook :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

Exclusive Items with Membership Cards :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
I love hearing that so many of you are excited about the upcoming Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam! The island is going to transform into one giant party. And members can access the VIP Backstage, where they can get the chance to meet Cadence.
And hey, did you know, right now in the United States, 3 month Membership Cards come with an exclusive item you can unlock online!

There are three different cards and each one comes with a different free, rare item - a speedboat, guitar, or cheerleader outfit. You can buy yours at Target, Walmart or Gamestop locations across the USA. These cards are only available for a limited time. 
What do you think of these items? What kind of items would you like to see come with membership cards? Let us know in the comments below!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Right now in the United States? This is OLD News Happy77…Thanks for telling us this anyway :)

Club Penguin Membership Cards with Exclusive virtual item :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

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