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Friday, July 6, 2012

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Day 23

Day 23: July 6, 2012

We are still here at the camp as we have nowhere to go! My Puffles have nightmares and even during the day they get scared if they hear a sudden unexpected noise. A volunteer that work here told me that I should take them to a psychologist that is here in camp to help Penguins and Puffles to deal with the trauma the war has caused. Both my Puffles and I talked to the kind and helpful psychologist and my Puffles got to play with toys too :)

…So many homes were destroyed during the war but thanks to donations of building material construction workers and volunteers are now working hard to rebuild and hopefully we can move soon…in the mean time I do my best to help and comfort other refugees here in camp.

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Remix Music in Mini Game – Penguin Poll!

If you could remix the music in a mini game, which would you choose? Hydro-Hopper? Ice Fishing? Cart Surfer? Puffle Roundup? My answer is NONE! Why don’t you give us the opportunity to vote for that option? I will not vote this week! I miss the cozy Book Room…

Club Penguin Times Office!

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Spy Phone Message from Gary!

When I was at the Dock waiting for the Dubstep Puffle I got a Spy Phone Message…

July 6, 2012


Outstanding work Agents! Destructobot has been defeated, and is being dismantled. But we cannot rest yet! You have new orders.

…Thanks EPF Agent bakuganac23 for telling me about this Message :) Field-Ops 89 CHEATS! 

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Powerless Power Gloves :)

HURRAY! The Super Gloves are now Powerless as the Meteorite is Gone :) Thanks Bakuganac23 for telling me this Peaceful and HAPPY News :)

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary!

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