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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Right now it’s a Problem with the Disney Club Penguin Membership Payment System: Our payment system is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon, as we hope to have the issue resolved quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

…The Rating E for Everyone icon is updated! This is how it looked like earlier Club Penguin Rated E for Everyone BUT

…Oops! They forgot to update the logo here…

…This is how the Membership Page looks like right now…and the What’s New Category is removed!

…Disney Club Penguin  Gift Certificate or Membership Card Activation is changed! Choose your penguin you want to use your certificate or membership card on…

…If you use the Browser Firefox you will get lots of strange BUGS!

…1. Do you have a Penguin Account? Yes :)

…How to Redeem a Game Card or Gift Certification? Enter the PIN on your Game Card or Gift Certificate!

Club Penguin Details!

More soon…

Club Penguin Cadence’s Exit Message :)

Club Penguin has added a New Exit Picture Ad and this time it’s a message from Cadence: Watch 4 my moves Thursday! (Her song The Party Starts Now will be available for sale at iTunes on July 17, 2012) Members can make and save music tracks in the DJ3K game!

The Party Starts Now! Whole Music Video :)

Club Penguin Login and Exit Messages :)

Trading Medals for EPF items!

Today I decided to trade some of my Medals for EPF items and now I have ALL Elite Penguin Force items that are available in the Spy Phone! I unlocked the Delta Fedora, Delta Shades, Delta Suit, Delta Sneaks, Alpha Headset, Delta Headset, Comm Helmet, Sat-Pack, Comm Gear, and Coom Boots and after I done that I still have 32 Medals left! For now those 32 medals are useless but anyway it’s nice to have them :) 

…When I closed my Spy Phone I got a New Spy Phone Message indication but that was a just a Bug as the Message was old!

EPF –Elite Penguin Force

Club Penguin Mini Figure Blind 3-Pack :)

Now you can buy 2 small Club Penguin Figures and a Coin Code in a bag but sadly you can’t choose what figures you buy as you can’t see what’s in the bag! Hmmm…I don’t want to pay for random items or risk to get duplicates if I buy a second bag…

Info from Manufacture: Display your favorite Club Penguin style with the highly detailed 1” Club Penguin Mini Figure Blind 3-Packs. With over 12 designs per wave, there are plenty of unique outfits and accessories to collect. Each opaque bag comes with 2 different figures and a coin for expanded play on the Club Penguin virtual world. Part of the fun is not knowing which Club Penguin Mini Figures you will get! Recommended Age: 4+ Available on Target and Toys ‘R’ Us :)

More Club Penguin Toys :)

The Party Starts Now! Whole Music Video :)

The Whole Full Music Video with Cadence is now out in Spanish, French and German :)

…Spanish :)

…French :)

…German :)

…Here you can read more about this Video The Party Starts Now Cadence Music Video :)

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012

UPDATE: The Party Starts Now! FULL VIDEO in English :)

Ultimate Jam Backgrounds on YouTube and Twitter!

Club Penguin has changed their Background Picture on YouTube

…and Twitter :)

…Thanks Agent Hush for reminding me about the background updates :) Here you can see how the background Pictures looked like earlier Marvel Super Hero Takeover on Club Penguin YouTube and Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover Background on Twitter

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012

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