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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rock Star Hair – Fun Activity :)

Club Penguin has posted a New Outdoor Activity :)

Rock Star Hair :)

Create your own rock star hair with these three simple tricks.

You Will Need:
Colored sidewalk chalk
Emery board
1 tsp gelatin
1 cup warm water

* Ask an adult for help


  1. Fill a small cup with water
  2. Wet the chalk a little
  3. Take a section of your hair and slide the chalk along it.
  4. Get the chalk wet each time you slide it along a new section of your hair
  5. Once your strands are colored, try not to touch them too much to keep the color in
  6. Before you go to bed, wash your hair thoroughly


  1. Get your hair damp
  2. Take a small section of your hair, and wrap the bottom around the emery board
  3. Continue wrapping your hair tightly around the emery board
  4. Hold in place for a few seconds and then unroll (if you have bobby pins you can use them to hold it)
  5. To make your waves last longer, you can use the gel in the next part


  1. In a bowl, stir 1 tsp gelatin into 1 cup of warm water until the gelatin is completely dissolved
  2. Take a small amount of your gel and create short spikes with your hair
  3. Put your extra gel in the fridge
  4. Before you go to bed, wash your hair thoroughly

You can PRINT out this Outdoor Activity :)

Puffle-In-The-Box is back again :) Sadly Recipe for Disaster, Classified Code, Construction Helmet and Field Ops, Skill Challenge have been removed!

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Favorite thing to do – Penguin Poll :)

What’s your favorite thing to do in Club Penguin? Play with my Puffles :) Train as a Ninja :) Protect the island as a secret agent :) Arrr! I be a pirate :) My answer is PLAY WITH MY PUFFLES!!! The Puffle Party this year when we could become Puffles and play TOGETHER with our best Friends the Puffles were the most EPIC and FUN Puffle Party EVER :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) YOU can VOTE too on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

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