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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Better be Safe then Sorry!

The New Igloo Experience will be released tomorrow and as a  precaution I have taken screenshots of everything I have in my Igloo and inventory just in case Club Penguin creates a major bug while updating…I hope this update will be done without bugs BUT…Better be Safe then Sorry and IF something goes wrong I will need PROOF of what I owned so CP can restore my items!

New Igloo Experience Tomorrow Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

New Igloo Experience Tomorrow Sneak Peek :)

We're releasing a brand new igloo experience tomorrow! Here's a quick sneak peek for you... ^Polo Field Tweet

…HURRAY!!! I can Hardly WAIT!!!! And LOOK! Polo Field has a beautiful star filled sky! AWESOME :)

New Igloo Experience Coming Soon :)

Sneak Peek : Club Penguin’s New Igloo Experience VIDEO :)

UPDATE: NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

WE have got more Club Penguin Fan Art added on the Community Page and the Artworks are about the Ultimate Jam 2012 Party :) Here is a drawing of Rocky and CeCe :) I like how HAPPY they look and how you have highlighted their Hair :) GOOD ARTWORK Blahter :)

…Cadence telling everyone that THE PARTY STARTS NOW! GREAT ARTWORK :)

…Lilica78 and Sandeca has made this Drawing of CeCe and Rocky :) WELL DONE! This Picture ROCKS :)

…I LOVE this picture :) Look how calm and HAPPY Cadence looks like while enjoying the Music :)  AWESOME ARTWORK Crazytiger54 :)

…Businesmoose and Pole Field likes to Jam at the Party too :) I think they are practicing a song for the Next Silly April Fools…LOL :) WELL DONE Max Chames :)

…Klutzy LOVES Music and he use headphones so he doesn't disturb Herbert…SMART :) CUTE and COOL DRAWING Penguin23463 :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

More soon…

FREE Code at Club Penguin’s Olympic Games Events :)

A Blue Tracksuit item is being given away to people that attend sponsored events this summer in the UK. The Club Penguin team from the UK is holding events at four separate locations throughout England to help celebrate the Olympic Games in London :)

The four different events are:
Manchester / July 15th
Birmingham / August 19th
Edinburgh / September 8th
Glasgow / September 9th

The Code to the FREE Blue Tracksuit is meant to be gained through these special event or promotions BUT Amanda at Club Penguin Support has given me permission to post this code on my Blog so we ALL can get this Blue Tracksuit :) THANK Amanda :) How to Unlock items Online in Club Penguin? Enter the Code DSKYRIDE  and…

…CONGRATS! You have Unlocked a Blue Tracksuit :)

…THANKS CLUB PENGUIN :) I hope ALL Athletes from all over the world that meet in London will have FUN Competing :) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Club Penguin TRIVIA: The Blue Tracksuit was released for sale September 2010 in the Snow and Sports Catalog :)

Club Penguin Codes :)

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