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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS Cpitain Flame your Igloo is Featured on Club Penguin Community :) WOW! This Igloo is PERFECT for an Ultimate Jam Party! I LOVE how you have created the COOL Stage :) WELL DONE!

See earlier Community Featured Igloo :)

Sneak Peek Pink Mystery PIN :)

Here is a Sneak Peek of a Pink Mystery Pin :) I’m not sure how to get this Pin BUT I guess you can find it on a Disney Park just as the Blue Castle Pin and then Unlock it Online :)

Blue Disney Castle Pin :)

Sneak Peeks Igloo Items :)

Here are Sneak Peeks of a Kitchen Chair and a Kitchen Table :) I think Disney Club Penguin forgot to add these two items among the Gift Furniture they so generously gave to ALL Penguins when they launched the New Igloo Experience OR maybe these items are Sneak Peeks of furniture that will be available another time :)


NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!

Club Penguin Your Igloo FAQ :)

Here is a FAQ for Your Club Penguin Igloo :)

Design and Decorate

Visitors Welcome


  • Every penguin has an igloo to call home. Click on your tool bar to go to your igloo.
  • Click to start decorating a new igloo.
  • Select the igloo you want to decorate and click to edit it.
  • Members can save up to 3 different igloo designs!
  • To save a new igloo design, click on one of the empty igloo spaces.
  • Use the tabs to select what kind of furniture you want to put into your igloo.
    • Select to change the location of your igloo
    • Select to change what type of igloo you have
    • Select to choose new igloo flooring
    • Select to choose furniture items for your igloo
    • Select to add wall decorations to your igloo
    • Select to put puffle furniture out for your pets
  • Remove furniture items from your igloo by dragging the item to , or back up into your inventory.
  • Buy more furniture items for your igloo by clicking on . The Furniture Catalog is updated every month! When you buy new furniture it will go into your inventory.
  • Buy more igloos and locations by clicking on .
  • Remove the flooring from your igloo by clicking .
  • Play music in your igloo by clicking . You'll find your saved DJ3K tracks here!
  • Hide your igloo item inventory by clicking . Hiding your inventory will help you place some of your wall items.
  • Delete a saved igloo by clicking on and click 'Yes' to confirm delete. All your items will be put back into your inventory.

  • Penguins love to throw parties and igloos are a popular place to have them. If you're a member, you can open up your igloo to other penguins on the igloo map.
  • Click the and select the igloo you'd like to open. Slide the button over to 'Everyone.' This will put your igloo on the igloo map and anyone will be able to visit. If you only want penguins you already know to visit your igloo, slide the button over to 'Friends.'
  • To visit other penguins' igloos, open your map, and click on the igloos.
    • Select the to view the most Liked igloos
    • Select the to view your friends' igloos
    • Select the to view all igloos

  • If you like someone's igloo you can let them know by selecting

    in the top right corner.

  • You can see how many "Likes" your igloo design has by opening your igloo editor. You can see how many ?penguins like each igloo, and view your total number of "Likes".

Ever visited someone's igloo and thought it was cool? Let them know by clicking the Like button.

You can Like any igloo design once every day!

That means if you really like someone's igloo, you can come back another day and Like it again.

Note: Days are based on PST. If you're not sure what time it is, check out the clock in the Snow Forts.

Each igloo design you create earns its own individual Likes.

The Likes from all of your unique igloo designs add up to your Grand Total Likes.

For example, if you have two igloos, one has 31 Likes, and the other has 14, your Grand Total Likes for your igloo designs is 45.

Likes are permanent, so your Grand Total Likes will never decrease, even if you delete an igloo design!

You'll see your Grand Total Likes in the Like button and in your igloo editor.

Want to see who thinks you're an awesome igloo designer?

Click the button below the Like button. It will show you all the penguins who Like your igloo designs.

If you want to get to the top of the Popular Igloo list, you'll need to get as many Likes as you can on your igloos. Here are some tips:

  • Make it your own! Create a custom design with items from the Furniture catalog
  • Throw an igloo party, and invite other penguins to visit your igloo
  • Ask them to click the Like button if they enjoy your igloo design
  • The Popular tab shows players with the highest number of Grand Total Likes for their igloo designs

You will find links to Pictures and More info on this Post NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

How to Edit and Save Igloos in Club Penguin?

Go to your Igloo and click on the Edit Igloo icon :)

…If you are a Club Penguin Member you can have up to three Igloos saved at the same time and quickly switch between them :) Click on the Igloo you want to decorate or change and you will see it as a larger Picture like this :) Now click on the Edit button…

…Choose an item from your inventory and drag it to the Igloo :) I LOVE this as I can decorate so much quicker now :) You can click on Hide to collapse this Feature :)

…I can also use arrow keys to change this item…

…If you want you can delete an Igloo! Are you sure that you want to delete this igloo? You will lose all your LIKES for this Igloo! Yes or Now? Hmmm...

...IDEA! If you want to keep your LIKES just redecorate the whole Igloo without Deleting anything and the LIKES will be stay to the NEW Igloo :) When you are done decorating click on the x in the upper right corner to save your Igloo :) Now I have re-decorated my Ultimate Jam 2012 Igloo :)

…Now I will start to decorate two more Igloos :) But first I will show you one more thing :) Just as before Members can open their Igloos so EVERYONE can visit and now you use this Button to do that :) Notice: You can choose to individually what Igloo you wants to be for Everyone to Visit :)

…THANKS CLUB PENGUIN I LOVE this NEW Igloo Experience so MUCH :)

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Club Penguin magazine issue 7 :)

The NEW Disney Club Penguin Magazine is now available for sale :) It looks like this issue is about the NEW Igloo Experience :) A Code that comes with this issue will unlock the Rare FREE items Laurel Leaf Crown and Toga :) Toga Sneak Peek :) You can also Unlock an item from the Treasure Book and Coins :) How to Unlock Club Penguin items Online?

Club Penguin Magazine :)

More soon…

New Igloo Experience is here by Happy77 :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Igloo Decorators!
We just released a brand new igloo experience on Club Penguin! Have you checked it out yet?

We've already seen so many of you exploring all the unique and amazing igloos on the island. If you haven't had a chance to yet, go online and vote for your favorite igloo by pressing the Like button!
Be sure to let us know what you like best about the new igloo experience, too. :)
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I LOVE ALL the New Igloo Updates so MUCH! And I like that you have made it easier to quickly find other Penguins Igloos :) Popular Igloos, Friends, Everyone :) And the INVISIBLE Igloos are AWESOME I LOVE to Live outside at Different Locations :)

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!

NON Member Igloo Experience :)

HURRAY! Non members can now decorate their Igloo with 6 FREE items that have been added to their Inventory :) 1 Arm Chair, 1 Couch, 1 Door Mat, 1 Clock and 2 Ferns :) Here I have decorated my Brother’s Igloo with the NEW items :)

…LOOK! Littletias SAVED Igloo is Back but he must be a Member before he can see it!

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!

More soon…

FUN with Friends and New Igloo Experience :)

When I was testing the New Igloo Experience Updates Businesmoose came and visit :) What do you think of the new igloos?

…I LOVE the New way to decorate our Igloos :) I think this update is the BEST THING EVER!

…Hi Happy77 :)

…Do you like the Invisible Igloo? YES! I LOVE IT! I think it’s so COOL that we now can Live in different locations with our without an Igloo :) And it’s AWESOME that we can keep the flooring we buy and SAVE our Decorated Igloos :)

…Thanks Businesmoose I do my best to train them :)

…Apolododorin, Challam1237 and Blue Penguin (Sorry I missed your Penguin name) came to my Igloo too and Happy77 asked if we wanted to help her looking at Igloos :) Yes we are HAPPY to help :) BUT there was a tiny problem…Happy77’s Friends List is FULL so she can’t add anyone and we quickly lost her…

…BUT we went to Businesmoose’s Igloo and I like that Office Decorated Igloo so I clicked on the Like Button :) Then we started to work and talk :) There are always lots to do in an Office :)

…Callam1237 and Happy77 are working on something too :) I wonder what it is? Maybe they Decorate an Igloo :)

…Businesmoose Showed us how it looks like when someone is busy decorating the Igloo :)

…and Now we don’t have to leave the Igloo and come back to see the latest Updates Instead we can see them immediately! AWESOME FEATURE!!!

…Thanks Friend for showing us this update :)

…and then Businesmoose took us back to the Office Igloo :)

…We went behind Businesmoose Book Shelves and got Teleported to the Box Dimension Room :)

… Bye for Now :) I will do my Best to visit and Like as many Igloo’s I can :)

…THANKS Friends for all the FUN and for visiting and Liking my Igloo :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!

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