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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bongo Drum - FUN Activities :)

On Club Penguin Fun Activities a NEW Arts and Crafts is added :)

Bongo Drum :)

You Will Need

2 round plastic containers of the same size
Paper maché mix
Liquid glue
Paints or markers
Felt or fabric (large enough to cover to top of the container)
Elastic band

Paper Maché Mix:

2 cups flour
4 cups water


String, yarn or thin rope

Difficulty Level: 2 of 3


*Ask an adult for help

  1. Leave the lids on your containers.
  2. Glue the bottom of the two containers together.
  3. While it dries, make your paper maché mix.
  4. Mix together your flour and water until it’s sticky.
  5. Dip the newspaper in the paper maché mix. Remove any excess paper maché mix with your fingers.
  6. Cover your container with the paper maché.
  7. Do a few layers to make sure you’ve covered up any design on the container.
  8. Set your container aside to dry overnight.
  9. Once dry, use your paints and markers to create your own unique design.
  10. Place your felt and fabric over one end of your container and hold it in place with an elastic band.
  11. Cover up the elastic by wrapping string, yarn or thin rope around it and gluing it in place.
  12. Decorate your drum with beads, feathers, glitter or anything else you’d like.

You can PRINT out this Arts and Crafts Activity :)

Skill Challenge Outdoor Activity is added back again :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

HURRAY! Aunt Arctic has sent us NEW Pictures from her and her Friends World wide Adventure :) Here the Puffles Played with a Globe and Aunt Arctic took a Picture of them and called it Puffles around the World :)

…See earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :)

More soon…

Next CP Song - Penguin Poll :)

Which CP character do you think should release a song next? Rockhopper? Rookie? PH? Aunt Arctic? Herbert? I would LOVE to hear a song by Herbert :) On this post you will find some Lyric ideas to Herbert’s Song :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can Vote too on YOUR Favorite answer :)

…See earlier Disney Club Penguin Poll :)

Card-Jitsu Mat message BUG!

In the Material Artworks Catalog you will find the Igloo item Card-Jitsu Mat and you can buy 4 of these Mats BUT if you try to buy more you will get this message: Sorry, you can only buy this item 99 times. BUG!

…Thank Lenny Thai for telling me about this Bug :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

You can meet Cadence here Today :)

Do you want to meet Cadence? If so read this Tweet from Club Penguin Support: If your little penguins haven't yet seen the legendary Cadence, she'll be meeting fans TODAY at 4pm PST on the server Southern Lights!

…THANKS for telling us this :) I will not be there as I already have met Cadence during this Party and I don’t want to take away the chance from someone that hasn't BUT I would LOVE to meet the Penguin Band as I haven't done that yet at this Party :) May we have a time and Server for that too? Pretty Please :)

I met Cadence in Server Alpine :)

I met Cadence in Server Christmas :)

I met Rocky CeCe and Cadence in Big Surf :)

Club Penguin CHEATS Ultimate Jam 2012 :)

Club Penguin Puffle Stationery Set :)

COOL FOR SCHOOL! Look at this Puffle Stationary Set with items decorated with Puffles in Hats :)

...Here are another Picture of these items :)

This is info from Disney: Join the elite forces of Club Penguin with this exclusive stationery set. (WAIT here now Disney! This has NOTHING to to with the EPF at all! This Stationary Set is about PUFFLES!) It contains a mini notepad, three retractable ballpoint pens, two pencils, six colouring pencils, a 15cm ruler, sharpener and eraser.

Product Details:

  • Boys' stationery set (I think many girls will like this set too :)
  • Club Penguin designs
  • Small notepad
  • 3 ballpoint pens
  • 2 HB pencils and 6 colouring pencils
  • 15cm ruler
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Packaging measures H26 x W22cm approx
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years+
  • Exclusive to Disney Store UK

Thanks Flash8300 for telling me about this Stationery Set :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

Spy Phone Message from Gary!

I should have a Spy Phone notification BUT I don’t…BUG! Let’s click on the Spy Phone anyway…

July 26, 2012


We haven't detected any more Protobot computer infections, but we can't rest yet. More orders ready in the Command Room.

…Thanks EPF Agent Littletias for telling me about this Message :) I hope Club Penguin can fix the Notification Bug soon as possible as it’s now I MISSED that this message came YESTERDAY! Field-Ops 92 EPF CHEATS :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

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