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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to ROCK at the VIP Backstage CHEAT :)

In the VIP Backstage room for Members Cadence sometimes performs and if you want you can Dance up there too :) Do you want to? Due to a Glitch YOU CAN! How to get up at the VIP Backstage?

…First go to the Epic Show room and then click on the VIP door just as it load the Backstage room click on the STAR at the Stage I have circled…

…HURRAY! I’m on the Stage edge and can now waddle up on it :)

…You might have to try this a few times before it work as it’s all about timing :) I like this Bug :) The Party Starts NOW! TOGETHER WE ROCK :)

…THANKS Turtklebuddy2 for teaching me and other Penguins the secret about how to climb up at the the VIP Stage :)

…If you leave through the Stage door…

…you will be teleported to the Snow Forts…LOL :)

How to be in VIP Chairs in Cove CHEAT :)

How to sit in VIP Chairs in Forest CHEAT :)

How to ROCK at the VIP Stage at Mine CHEAT :)

I met Cadence in Server Christmas :)

Club Penguin CHEATS Ultimate Jam 2012 :)

Saraapril Games :)

Spot the Difference :) I like to spend time here at the Snow Forts while waiting for Cadence’s Show :) Ultimate Jam 2012 :)

...I’m still here…LOL :) BUT on this Picture three things are removed can you find them?

...leave your answer as a comment and I will post them tomorrow :)

Saraapril Games :)

Saraapril’s Nighttime Beach Party Igloo :)

The NEW Igloo Experience is AWESOME! Look how my Igloos are ANIMATED at the Saved Igloo’s Page :) This is so COOL! How to Edit and Save Igloos in Club Penguin :)

...Right now my Puffles and I have a Nighttime Beach Party Igloo :) I LOVE how a Location or “Invisible Igloo” gives us a much BIGGER space to decorate and play on :) We have the Island Adventure Music playing in this Igloo and I like to sit here making S’mores while watching my Puffles play :)

…You will Play for us now? AWESOME :)

…Time for a Conga Line :) Who will lead us? Orange or Orange? LOL :) Let’s change the settings and Invite EVERYONE to come and Party TOGETHER with us :) Done! WELCOME :)

...See earlier Igloo Decoration: Saraapril’s Ultimate Jam 2012 Igloo :)

Ultimate Jam 2012 Club Penguin Tour Guide :)

Welcome everyone to the Tour Guide of the Disney Club Penguin Make your Mark Ultimate Jam Party 2012 :) If you look at the Club Penguin Map you will find a Party sign there :) If you click on Go There you will be teleported to the Snow Forts BUT WAIT! Let’s Start the Tour in Town instead :)

…Word up peeps! The party's shakin' up the Town! The Coffee Shop's got coffee…The Night Club's got jams...And the Gift Shop's got styles. Check it! What did you say? This Picture is taken BEFORE the AWESOME NEW Igloo Experience Update! Yes you’re right this will be a Right Now and a Memory Lane Tour at the same time :) Why I haven’t posted about this earlier? It’s Summertime and I have learned that it’s NOT a good idea to take a Laptop to the Beach……LOL :) Back to the Tour…Both here in Town and on other locations you can Rock TOGETHER with the Dubstep Puffle :) Dubstep Puffle at Ultimate Jam ANIMATED :)

…Here we are at the Night Club Now known as the Dance Club :) Yo yo yo! Welcome to the Club! Check it - this place is the jam!


…This is the Lounge Play some classic arcade games or take the elevator to the Rooftop to join the dance party!

…Rooftop dance party! You can bust a move on the dance floor or help me DJ on the stage Let's mix some sweet dance beats So epic! The Dance platforms have different sounds while you dancing on them so if you work TOGETHER with Friends (other Penguins) you can create COOL TUNES!

…Here's the Coffee Shop :) Whoa it's fancy in here right now! Drop off your coat, let's grab a seat for the show! You can click on the lamps for more light and on the red button for a Confetti rain :)

…Ooooo…If you look out through the Coffee Shop door the whole world is GONE! Scary…LOL :)

…Same here at the Gift Shop! Let’s waddle on…

…Lots of musicians hang out at the Dock Try forming your own band and create an on-stage epic win! You can vote for your favorite band, film the action, or dance 'til you drop! To start the Music and special effects on any Stage just waddle up on it :) You can click on the Cameras to activate them :) Just like earlier year we can’t mute the Stage Music just the Music in the room and that is STILL A BUG!

…The Beach, home of the jammin' Lighthouse stage You can interview celebs, rock the stage, record the action, or dance up a storm! Click and mouse over the equipment to activate them and to Light up the interview area :)

…This is the Lighthouse your chance to light up the stage Let's bust out the instruments and JAM! Or get behind the booth for an epic show! If you Play an Instrument on this Stage you will hear music (most instruments work even as some have wrong sound BUG) so TOGETHER with Friends you can Really ROCK!

…The Beacon holds…WAIT! There is no special Party Tour Guide message for this room…Oh well…Let’s enjoy the Pretty sky instead :)

…The view through the Telescope is Breathtaking and LOOK! the Shipwreck Beacon we built during Rockhopper’s Quest is still working perfectly! GREAT :)

…No New Guide up here at the Ski Hill either BUT LOOK at the Star filled Sky! So Pretty :)

…This is the Ski Village! We can start a band or grab some food or just chillax! Here you can earn the Snack Shack Party Stamp :) By the way a lots of Party Stamps are available to earn right now :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

...I like the inviting light that comes through the Casa Fiesta Door :) Let’s go inside…

…Casa Fiesta is a GIANT party Let's join the Conga line! In case you haven't noticed this place is all about the colorful costumes! Click on the instruments or stand close to them to start the Music and again if you work TOGETHER with other Penguins you will make this room so much better and COOLER! As more you Party as more Special effects you will see :) And f you throw a snowball in here you will throw Confetti :) BUT just as earlier year the music STOP if you dance close to an instrument! This is NOT A FUN BUG! Casa Fiesta ANIMATED :)

…Let’s waddle outside again :) Look how Pretty the world looks like through this door :)

…Twinkle Twinkle little star…

…Night Fishing :)

…You can see the Night Sky here from the Ski Lodge Attic too :)

…Let’s use the time machine and take a look on the Attic…Oops! When Club Penguin added the Spotlight Pin they created a Sky BUG!

…BUT we still have a Pretty Star Filled Night Sky here at the Dojo Courtyard :)

… and we can see it here from the Ninja Hideout Flying Flippers Emporium too :)

...and here at the Volcano Dojo :) Hi Fire Sensei :) I miss when Sensei appeared when we moused over the Pillow!

…Yo, this is the Forts! Up there's the Big Show Stadium where you can catch Cadence's performance! Keep an eye on the countdown for the next show :) While waiting take a look in the Special Ultimate Jam items Catalog :)

…Welcome to the Epic Show! SHHHHHH! Cadence's show's gonna start any minute! Can you feel the excitement? The Party Starts NOW! I met Rocky CeCe and Cadence in Big Surf :)

…Oops! You have to be a Member to enter next Party room…Enter the Backstage requires a paid membership: Members can Access the Backstage area, where DJ Cadence chills out with fans! Earn the rare golden microphone in the music challenge! Learn ALL the ultimate special dance moves!

…Welcome Backstage! We've made it! We're super stars! If you've got time we can sign autographs or rock some new looks for the big show!

…Here's the Stadium Play your instruments and rock n' roll or cheer and dance for an awesome show! Make sure you're getting autographs!

…Welcome to the Plaza! Everyone ready to party?! Hit the Stage to audition for videos or drop by the Pizza Shop for a slice! Let's get started!

…Welcome to the Stage! Your audition starts now Just jump on Stage and show the judges whatcha got! Good luck!

…This is the rockin' Pizza Parlor and there's more than pizza cooking here Jump on stage and lead a show or make your own tasty snack! I like the Old Music Jam Penguin Band Poster at the wall even if it probably is there as CP forgot to update this room :)

…Time to Waddle On :)

…Stage 1…This is the Forest Looks like they're filming a music video. Get up there and show your moves! Don't mind me, I'm gonna grab a sandwich…LOL :) This room is a Part of the Ultimate Jam 2012 Daily Challenges and when Penguins Dance TOGETHER by using all the different Dance Moves on all the Platform at the same time this Stage will be on FIRE!

…Stage 3…BAM! Here's the SHACK! So there's only two things you gotta do. Get on stage...AND...(wait for it)...DANCE! WOHOO!! This is my FAVORITE STAGE!!! Fully activated it looks AWESOME!!!!

…Stage 2…QUIET ON THE SET! Here at the Cove, it's all about music videos! If you think you've got the moves why not get on stage? In fact, this tour just turned into a dance off! Let's do this! The Camera will move when you dance on right Platform and again this Stage is best when Rocked on TOGETHER with other Penguins :)

…Looks through the Binoculars…COOL!

…Welcome to the Iceberg! Wow, it's really pretty here. Nice place to chill out…

…and here are the Safe Chat Messages or Quick Chat as they also are called :)
Dance Chat
Let's party!
Raise the roof!
Dance over here!
Nice moves!
Quiet on set!
Take the spotlight!
Dance off!
10 out of 10!
Be in my group!
It's Cadence!!!!

…Ultimate Jam Party Jokes :)

Why couldn't the musician play the piano? She lost her keys!
I make music on your head. What am I? A head band!
What's the most musical bone? The Trom-bone!
What dance can you do on a trampoline? Hip-hop!
Why don't dogs dance very well? They have two left feet!
Where do computers like to dance? At the disk-o!
Where do carnivores like to dance? At the meat ball!
Why did the car go to the Dance Club? To brake dance!

…Thanks for taking this Guided Tour :) Here you can take a Waddle down Memory Lane and see Last Years Music Jam Party 2011 :) For MORE Secrets, Help, Tips and Guides to FREE items look at this Post Club Penguin CHEATS Ultimate Jam 2012 :)

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