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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Penguin Fan Art in Book Room :)

The Book Room Fan Art is Updated :)

…Puffle Power :)

P7inky and Mor are Dancing :)

…Cadence :)

…Get Style :)

…HAPPY and cute PINK Puffle by Bubbles3680 :)

…Stylish Penguin by Jester3810 :)

...Puffles are a Penguins best Friend :)

…Adopt a Puffle :)

…Me and my Puffle :)

…HAPPY Penguin :)

See earlier Fan Art in Book Room :)

Sneak Peeks What’s New in August 2012 in Club Penguin?

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
We've heard a lot of rumors about what's new in August, so I wanted to share some more details. Many of you have asked what the next party will be... I'm happy to announce that it will be a new and improved Adventure Party!!!
See if you can guess what else is coming in August from these picture clues:

In other news... I wanted to introduce you to the newest official Club Penguin blogger... DAFFODAILY5!

Daffodaily5 will be posting UK-exclusive news and updates right here on the What's New Blog! She's really nice, so make sure you introduce yourself.
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks Billybob for the Sneak Peeks I’m so HAPPY that HERBERT will be back :) I know for sure that Rockhopper will visit and that it will be some kind of Adventure Party! And a Smoothie Game :) WELCOME to the world of Club Penguin Blogging Daffodaily5 :) I’m looking forward to read your posts :) And I want to say WELCOME to Loustik005 too :)

He will post on the French What’s New Blog and here is an interview Happy77 did earlier:  Exclusive Interview: Loustik005!

This is Happy77. Many of you have ask us questions on Loustik005, the mysterious penguin that sometimes responds to your comments. So I thought it was time to give you answers and I went to interview him! That's what it gave:

Q: Hi Loustik005! You could tell us a little about yourself and tell us what you do for the team of Club Penguin?

A: Hi Happy77, hello everyone! I am a blogger and want to know EVERYTHING. I'm always looking for stuff to feature on CP or latest scoop! To find them, I observe what is happening on the island, I meet a maximum of penguins and talk to you on the blog. If you see or hear something, jump fins attached to your keyboard to let me know!

Q: What interests you right now?

A: Hula! Lots of stuff ... But The Ultimate Jam is the place to be! I met a lot of musicians and dancers. Besides, I have seen groups that been dancing on stage! Each dance step behind each instrument, each scene, I come across that provide looks A LOT! Not to mention the holidays in the igloos where I was invited ... really great!

Q: When did you started to play on Club Penguin?

A: Oooooooh, it's been quite some time now. I was there when Club Penguin was released in French, it was huge! Today there are many more players and thus even more interesting to encounter penguins!

Q: What's your hat? I love it! : D

A: Hahaha, thank you! This is the first thing I bought in Club Penguin: the hat out of newspaper! I wear it very often, it has to be sentimental :-D. In addition, it is easy to recognize, locate my friends in the blink of an eye on the island.

Club Penguin :)

I Like to LIKE Igloos and a wish :)

I think that the New Igloo Experience is an AWESOME Update and it’s so Much FUN to use the Map and look at other Penguins Igloo Decorations :)

…Choose an Igloo to visit…

…This is Kinzyrox’s Igloo and I think it ROCKS!

…Sometimes when I visit someone's Igloo I forget who’s home it is! But this time Perfect79 was in the Igloo and could remind me :)

…BUT whose Igloo is this?

…I wish we could get the Penguin name added in every Igloo and in that way we would always know who’s Igloo we visit :) Pretty Please Club Penguin can you add this Feature?

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!

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