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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Businesmoose’s Office Party :) FUN with Friends :)

Today I had so much FUN TOGETHER with Friends working at Club Penguin’s Office :) Businesmoose is a very kind but firm Boss and wants everyone to do their best :)

…and he is encouraging too and allows dancing at the Office…LOL :)

…time for a Coffee Break :)

…Businesmoose asked us to “Please have the bugs on my desk” and when we all came with bugs he didn't like it at all! Not even the cute Spider I brought…

...I GOT FIRED! I started to clean out my desk when I was told it was a misunderstanding! Cool Times was FIRED! Poor Cool Times I feel so Sorry for you! But I think you will be re-hired soon :)

…HURRAY! Cool Times is back :) Now we ALL can work TOGETHER again :)

…Polo Field is on a break and doesn't want to go to the Office Meeting and instead he puts his…hmmm…how can I say this tactfully? Not so clean feet on the Kitchen Table…EWWW…Those Feet smells a little…Immediately all the food on the table started to taste funny…

…At the business meeting Moose asked for ideas :) POLO FIELD where are you? STILL drinking Tea!?! LOL :)

…I wished for a Snow Blizzard that we could get lost in, be saved by the Yeti Girl and then Herbert could merry her and she could help him be kind and use his knowledge for good and we could all be Friends :)

…Businesmoose moved the meeting to the Bookshelf…

…The Box Dimension is a COOL Office :)

…We had a Fun Box Dimension Race :) We Danced and then we played Hide and Seek :) Moose hid in an Igloo on map and we all tried to find him…

…Found You! In Pup1one’s Awesome decorated Igloo :)

…When we visited my Igloo Martin8647 got in trouble! Luckily we could rescue him :)

…TOGETHER we saved the Elephant :) Great Teamwork Everyone :)

…We went back to Businesmoose’s office and he…

…showed us this Igloo location filled with GNOMES!

…I LOVE the new Igloo Experience and I think it’s AWESOME that we can see what’s updated in an Igloo without leaving it and come back :) LOOK! Cute Bears :) Hi Teddy :)

…Some of us could hear Music in the Igloo and some couldn't…BUG!

…Break is over! Back to work Everyone!

…I got stuck in a project and needed help! Thanks Dvivoni for coming to my rescue :) Businesmoose thought the office was too silent…Everyone toot…LOL :)

…Cool Times had to go just as she was to get a promotion…

…The weather was beautiful outside so Businesmoose wanted a vacation!

…you can take vacation right now :) Moose liked that idea and put Webkinz0808 in charge over us :)

…Before he left for the beach he showed Webkinz0808 her office :)

…I worked at the reception :) Welcome to Club Penguin Office who do you want to speak to? The Boss? Webkinz0808 you have a phone call :) BUT WAIT! What is Businesmoose doing in the Kitchen? Shouldn't he be on vacation? Oh Fishandfries has baked a Cake! Now I understand…LOL :)


…Businesmoose is back and Webkind0808 reports about what we had done :) She earned TONS of coins and held a Party! You have been a Great Boss Webkinz0808 :)

…Now when Moose is Boss again he started to do some tests by showing us different Igloo Styles :) This Place is CROWDED!

…HAPPY Snowball Fight or is it Sandball? Whatever :) Chilly0ne is awesome at throwing and tooting at the same time :) Whose idea was it to cover Moose under snowballs while he decorated? Sorry I forgot but we had FUN trying…LOL :)

…WOW! What’s going on here?

…Hi Herbert :) I’m so HAPPY to see you! Where is Klutzy?

…Businesmoose worked on a special sound surprise for us! After leaving the Igloo and then coming back I could hear it! It was HORRIBLE! It sounded like hundred of witches laughing at the same time…THEY ARE WATCHING US! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!

…Back at the Office! We are saved! THANKS! That Music was so SCARY!

…I got a Friend List Player Card Stuck/Move Bug so I had to log off and log in again and then we all went to visit Polo Field’s Igloo :)

…Polo Field made this Igloo decoration to say Thanks for the Party to Businesmoose :)

…We went back to Businesmoose’s Igloo and there we ended up in the Scary Forest AGAIN! This sound is HURTING MY EARS!!! And it can’t be muted!

…Back in the Office Moose explained that it’s because DJ uses sound effects! Thanks for the Explanation Moose and please make a special button so we can mute that :)

…Businesmoose had to go! Bye Friend and Thanks for the FUN :) It was an HONOR to work and Party TOGETHER in your Club Penguin Office Igloo :)

FUN with Friends :)

Frozen Puffles BUG and a workaround :)

Right now my Puffles have the FROZEN in Igloo BUG! It makes me so SAD to see them standing there not moving just like statues! And…

…if your Puffles like mine still are Frozen after the Notifications and Friends List are loaded you can try this workaround :) First Click on Edit Igloo…

…Click On Edit Igloo here too…

…move an item in the Igloo and then click on X to save…

…HURRAY! My Puffles are Happily jumping around again :)

…If you get visitors the Puffles will Freeze again and if you leave your Igloo and come back you have to do the workaround again! I hope Club Penguin can fix this problem soon as it is a very UN-FUN and SAD BUG!

Club Penguin BUGS!

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

Look! A Spy Phone Message :) HURRAY! No Indication Bug Today :)

August 2, 2012


Great job everyone! Here's hoping we don't run into any more dragons, giant robots, or fan mobs for a while. I'm pooped!

…I agree Rookie it’s time to slow down and enjoy the Summer :) See you at the Beach :) Field-Op 93 EPF CHEATS!

See earlier Spy Phone message from Gary!

Ultimate Jam Party Highlights by Happy77 :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greeting Penguins!
I've really enjoyed seeing everyone rocking out at the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. I had an awesome time, and can't wait for the next party.
There was tons to check out during this music and dance party, so I wanted to share with you some of the superstar action we saw all over the island.

If you want to keep the party going you can always watch Cadence's music video for "The Party Starts Now", or download the song from iTunes.
What was your favorite part about the Ultimate Jam? Dancing at the Night Club, or trying to track down Rocky & CeCe penguin personalities? Leave a comment and let us know.
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I had so Much FUN while testing and Playing with the VIP Bugs :) It was so Much FUN to help other Penguins to learn the secret how to climb up at the VIP Stages and then we all danced and Rocked up there TOGETHER :) It was AWESOME!!!

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 :)

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