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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Like List Stuck Penguin BUG!

Sometimes a Penguin get stuck in the wrong spot at the Igloo Like List and becomes unnamed and un-clickable!

…If this Happens just leave the Igloo and then return and the problem is gone :)

New Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Flowers among Mess :)

When I came home from the Beach I found that “Inventor’s Experiment” wasn't over BUT I also found Rockhopper’s Flowerpots! I think the Pretty Flowers make this messy home looks so much better :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Music is Gold :)

UPDATE: Saraapril’s Igloo “Inventor’s idea” My Stories and Adventures :)

Saraapril’s Igloo “Inventor’s Experiment”

I apologies for the mess in here! Welcome in but please be careful! Inventor asked a few days ago if we could move to a Tree House as she had an idea for an Experiment she wanted to try! We all agreed to do that but if I had known that she and my other Puffles would keep adding more and more items to our home…

…it’s very hard to live here and I hope this experiment whatever it is soon will be over…

…Owww I hurt my feet AGAIN!

…Why are most of the items Brown? None of my Puffles answer that question they just look at me with a mysterious smile and jump away…

…Oh well…I guess I will find out sooner or later…in the mean time I will write down some of the Igloo Bugs I have found after the Igloo Update

Unmovable item BUG: Sometimes an item inside the Igloo is stuck and can’t be moved! If this happen just click on X to save the Igloo, log out and then log in again and the problem is gone :)

Invisible item BUG: When I decorate in my Igloo sometimes an item Vanish! To solve this just move the mouse a little and the item will reappear :) I ONLY get this Bug the FIRST time I add a certain item

Place item BUG: Items can’t be placed at the correct spot instead they drops down a little…I find this Annoying and it makes it harder to decorate the Igloo!

Puffle Toys BUG: Sadly my Puffles don’t play with Toys anymore! Earlier they LOVED to do that and now they can’t!

Igloo Edit sign BUG: When I jump between Igloos this sign loads before the Blue Loading Screen…

Detail: Anonymous is often on my Igloo like list…OR…just kidding :) If you click the down arrow very fast you will sometimes get Anonymous on the list when it loads before it will be replaced with the correct penguin name :)

…What? I’m in your way? You need the cushions? That’s it! I will go for a waddle on the Beach and hopefully Inventor’s Experiment is over when I’m back!

…I LOVE to waddle on the beach the salty ocean air and the sound of the waves always makes me feel so HAPPY :) And you never know what you will find LOOK a Shipwreck Igloo! Let’s take a look at the Like List:)

…if I open someone's Player card that NOT is on my Friends list and then click on the Stamp Book icon I get a…
Connection was lost BUG! Sigh…it doesn't matter if I have liked the Igloo or not and I get this connection Bug in my own Igloo too! Now I must login AGAIN…

…Back :) Time to send these Bugs to Businesmoose hopefully he likes these bugs better than the spider…LOL :) Businesmoose’s Office Party – FUN with Friends :) I’m Hungry! Time to waddle home and see if my Puffles are done yet :)

See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Nighttime Beach Party Igloo :)

UPDATE: Flowers among Mess and Saraapril’s Igloo “Inventor’s idea” My Stories and Adventures :)

Cadence The Party Starts Now on Spotify :)

If you have the music player Spotify you can find Cadence’s song “The Party Starts Now” available :)

…Thanks Gärtrudä for telling me about this :) Here you can see The Party Starts Now! FULL VIDEO :)

The Party Starts Now for Sale :)

The Party Starts Now - Available on iTunes!

iTune has The Party starts Now VIDEO for sale :)

Orange Club Penguin T-Shirt with Puffles :)

Look at this Orange PUFFLEASTIC T-Shirt with Puffle pictures on :)

Orange Club Penguin T-Shirt with Puffles :)

Orange Club Penguin T-Shirt with Puffles :)

…Back of the T-shirt :)

…close-up picture of the Puffles :)

Info from Disney: Liven up their summer days in this funky orange T-shirt featuring printed artwork of their favourite Puffle friends from Disney Club Penguin.

Product Details:

  • Boys' T-shirt (Hello there Disney! GIRLS might like this T-shirt too! What about T-shirt for kids?)
  • Vibrant orange with colourful printed Puffle artwork
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Exclusive to Disney Store UK

Club Penguin Polo Shirt For Kids :)

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Blue Plush Puffle with Plaid Bandana :)

I think this Disney Club Penguin 4 Inch Plush Puffle looks COOL :)

Blue Plush Puffle with Plaid Bandana :)

Blue Plush Puffle with Plaid Bandana :)

The Puffle comes with a coin code so you can unlock the exclusive Puffle wig costume How to unlock Items Online Club Penguin :)

Puffle Plush 4 Inch Series 11 :)

Puffles with Hats Plush 4 Inch Series 12 :)

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