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Monday, August 6, 2012

Friends missing from Friends List BUG!

Here is an old Friends List Bug I get from time to time: If I search for example Fishandfries name with the “Find a Player” at my Friend List I get this information: Fishandfries is already a friend. Try entering another name.

…and as you can see Fishandfries doesn't show up in my Friend search OR can’t be find if I go through all the Penguins on my List!

…BUT Fishandfries can find ME! BUT as I have blogged about before the Green Friend circle is GONE!

…Fishandfries can’t send me a Friend request (can my request box be full? I had 191 request in it at that time) BUT…

…I can send a request :)

…HURRAY! Fishandfries has a Green Friend Circle :)

…BUT…Back to square 1 Fishandfries can’t be found on my Friends List…I have had the same issue with several other Penguin names!

…As you can see I have 474 Friends on my List and as Club Penguin has told us that we can have 500 Friends on our list we should be able to have that without Bugs!

…If I look under Settings I have 350 Friends so 124 Friends are MISSING according to the Settings information!

…Sometimes when Friends are online I get no indication of that among the Servers when I login! I hope CP can fix the Friends List Bugs soon as it makes it hard to Find and Play TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin! And I wish that Club Penguin added a “(Penguin name) don’t accept any more requests for the moment” Button as too many requests slow down my computer and makes Club Penguin lag! The sad fact is that if I add more Friends to my list I get more “Friends missing from List” BUGS and Club Penguin get so slow that I hardly can Play!

Club Penguin Bugs!

Saraapril Fan Art by Iggy17290 :)

Hi saraapril i made this picture of you finding the golden puffle! hope you like it!

…THANKS Iggy17290 :) HURRAY! I found a GOLDEN PUFFLE! I’m so LUCKY :) Your drawing reminds me of when I found Snowflake Pufflescape Mystery! My Stories and Adventures and I will for sure keep an eye open for more Puffles when I’m at the Iceberg :)

THANKS Iggy17290 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art  :)

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