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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit on CP YouTube :)

Temple of Fruit the Adventure Party Rockhopper will bring us is Featured on Disney Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel :) Rockhopper' vs. Mighty Squid VIDEO :)

…Why do we have this Party? Club Penguin and Innocent Smoothies!

See earlier Club Penguin YouTube Background Picture :)

Rockhopper and the Mighty Squid Exit Page :)

We have got a NEW Club Penguin Exit Page :) Will Rockhopper defeat the Mighty Squid? Click on Find out now to see the VIDEO: Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid!

Club Penguin and Innocent Smoothies!

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog CHEATS August 2012 :)

We have got a NEW Igloo Furniture Catalog with items that will be GREAT for the Part Rockhopper will bring us called Island Adventure: Temple of Fruit! As Always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The Kiwi Seat 400 coins, Fruit Pillar 400 coins, Thatched Awning 250 coins and Ancient Bench 250 coins are NEW items :)

…Mouse over this page to find a Secret: The Old item Cauldron 630 coins is hidden here :)

…Ancient Recliner 450 coins and Ancient Couch 450 coins are NEW items too :)

…and so is the hidden Lemon Cushion 350 coins :)

…Single Flare 150 coins :)

…Flashing Flare 450 coins :)

…Lamp Post 450 coins :)

…Coffee Table 300 coins :)

…Hazard Barrel 350 coins :)

…Cityscape 550 coins :)

…Elegant Plants 350 coins :)

…Vine Swing 350 coins :)

…Armor Rack 500 coins :)

…and that  was ALL for this Catalog :)

Club Penguin and Innocent Smoothies!

Field-Ops 94 EPF CHEATS :)

LOOK! A NEW Field-Op Message! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle G :)

…Hi Saraapril :) Our security sensors are picking up strange energy readings from somewhere close to the EPF. Something powerful is getting close. Sweep this side of the island, and try to scan for the energy source. Okay Uncle G I will do that! Click on Accept Field-Op…

…Location Found here at the Iceberg :) Click on Spy Phone…

…OH NO! We have the Location BUG again!

…Location BUG found here at the Lighthouse too! WE have the Location BUG in ALL rooms at this exact spot!

…The CORRECT Elite Penguin Force Field-Op Spot is HERE at the Beacon :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…Signal Detected! Break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combination! Green = Symbol is correct :) Yellow = Symbol is in the wrong spot! Red = Symbol is wrong! Click on Engage…

…There and…there and HURRAY! Status: Code Confirmed :)

…I earned One Medal and got a Spy Phone message from Gary the Gadget Guy: Excellent work agent! You've pinpointed the source of the strange energy I detected... It's coming from the Migrator. I'll contact Rockhopper immediately. Whatever it is, it might not be dangerous, but we're not taking any chances.

…Looks through the Telescope…HURRAY! Rockhopper and Yarr are on their way and the Migrator is Filled with Plants :) And is that a Squid…Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid VIDEO :)

…See earlier EPF Field-Op 93

How to add a Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times issue 355 :)

Rockhopper is Coming! Tropical Igloo Contest :)

Rockhopper Incoming!

The famous Captain is returning with a ship full of mysterious cargo...

Submitted by Aunt Arctic—All hands on deck! The Migrator has been spotted in the telescope, and that can only mean one thing: Rockhopper is back! “Avast me hearty!” the Captain called to our jet pack-journalist. “I be comin’ fast with fruit and treasure, and I be itching for a party!”

“ARR! Wait ’til ye see what I’m bringin’ for ya mateys!” Rockhopper began. “I’ve got rare treasure from all over the seven seas!” “I also be bringin’ enough tropical fruit to feed a thousand penguins! To feed ten thousand puffles! Enough to feed at least nine orange puffles!” “And listen to this—I’ve got a special surprise.  “A treasure so rare, I’ve never seen anything like it. A statue I be discoverin’ in an ancient temple, deep underground...” “Yo ho ho! It be looking great in me Captain’s Quarters! I’ll show ye when me ship lands Aug. 22!” “Get ready for a real ruckus! This’ll be a party like no other!”

Tropical Igloo Contest August 9-14 :)

Let the decorating begin—the Tropical Igloo Contest is on now! Aunt Arctic and Captain Rockhopper are your tropical-tastic judges, and are ready to dive in. So get decorating, and make sure to get your submissions in by Aug. 14. Good luck!

Decorate your igloo in a tropical theme.When you’re done, click the submit igloo icon between Aug. 9–Aug. 14. Make sure not to change your igloo until the contest is over to give the judges a chance to see it!

The grand prize winner will receive 6 rare igloo items, and 1,000,000 coins! Second prize is 3 rare igloo items, and 10,000 coins! Third prize is 1 rare igloo item, and 1000 coins! Forty runner-ups will receive 1000 coins!

All winners will have their name in the Club Penguin Times on Aug. 30.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Furniture Catalog Fruit flavored furniture for all your delicious igloo designs!

On now! Tropical Igloo Contest Don’t wait—decorate! Get your igloo designs in before Aug. 14.

Starting Aug. 22 Rockhopper Arrives! Pirates prepare! When THIS Captain comes ashore, the party begins!

Aug 22: Festive fruit fun is coming! Prepare for a truly tropical celebration.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 22. Banana Peel Pin CHEAT :)
Next pin hidden: August 23–September 5

News Flash :)

Attention igloo decorators! The new igloo furniture catalog is out, with a ’fresh’ selection of new items. Check them out and take your ’pick’ of the ’bunch’! (Get it?)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Yikes! There’s a pirate ship in the telescope! Are we in danger?–Landon Lubber
Dear Landon Lubber, Slow down there, Landon! Though pirate ships can sometimes mean bad news, that ship you’re seeing is the Migrator. And its captain is none other than the famous Rockhopper. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry. Rockhopper is sometimes away for a long time, and newer penguins often don’t know who he is. Here’s the scoop: Rockhopper is a pirate captain, who sails around the world looking for treasure. He’s an explorer, adventurer, and a huge fan of parties. He likes to visit Club Penguin, bringing rare treasure and stories to share. He’s known for his many famous deeds, like discovering red puffles, and the mysterious Rockhopper Island. You can read about some of his adventures in his journal, on the shelf in the Book Room. Make sure you read it to the end for a special surprise.

Creativity. Originality. And a little humor never hurts.

Help! I need ideas for the Igloo Contest!–Decker Rater
Dear Decker Rater, I whipped up some Igloo Contest tips for this week’s Tips and Secrets (make sure to take a look), but your question still caught my attention. Over the years, I’ve seen many amazing igloo designs. I’ve seen penguins turn their homes into forests, airplanes, shopping malls and schools. I’ve even seen a few decorated to look like Rockhopper. (Believe me, THAT was quite the surprise the first time). I’ve seen lots of inspiring ideas. Sometimes, even when you have lots of furniture items, you can get stuck without an idea. I often encourage igloo decorators to try and use humor, or creativity, to catch the judges’ attention during contests. But that’s easier said than done. My advice to you? If you’re stuck for an idea, try to think of something you really really like, and build it! Do you enjoy baseball? Try to make a field! Enjoy battling aliens? Try to make a space ship! If it’s something you love, I think you’ll find lots of inspiration. Good luck!

Classified Secrets Igloo Contest Tips and Secrets :)

Submitted by Aunt Arctic

Thinking about entering the Igloo Contest? Not sure what the judges are looking for? Well, it just so happens I’m one of the judges, and I’ve got a few tips!

  • It’s not about how much furniture you have, it’s what you do with it. You don’t need to stuff your igloo full to win.
  • The judges are looking for creative designs, so use your imagination! Igloos that make us laugh, or surprise us, tend to do the best.
  • When in doubt—try something random! Tropical Hydra tea party? Teddy Bear tiki rock concert? Kingdom of fridges and fruit? Do whatever comes to mind.

Good luck to all decorators!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 354 :)

Club Penguin Home Page – Rockhopper and the Squid :)

Rockhopper and the Mighty Squid VIDEO is Featured on Disney Club Penguin Home Page :)

…This is how This Page looks like Animated :)

Club Penguin and Innocent Smoothies!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

HELP! The Whole Club Penguin Island is GONE! Has it Melted or Sunk!?! Don’t worry this is just a BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…Detail: The Enter Contest icon is now added in our Igloos :)

…HURRAY! My Puffles are Playing in my Igloo again :) Two Puffles that happened to Play with toys when I clicked on the Edit Button followed me to the Edit mode there they happily jumped around and Played with Toys :) I could click on them to take care of them as normal :) I like this Old Bug/Glitch and I think it’s FUN that it’s still around so I can choose to have Puffle company while decorating :)

Club-Penguin- 2012-08-0115 - Copy

…Sometimes I get a Like Button Uh Oh! This can happen in any Igloo!

More soon…

Club Penguin Banana Peel Pin CHEAT :)

You find the Newest Disney Club Penguin Pin hidden here inside the Coffee Shop :)

…Would you like to buy Undefined…Oops!I have to wait a little before I can pick this Pin up…LOL :)

…You have found a Banana Peel Pin Would you like to Pick it Up? Yes Please :)

Club-Penguin- 2012-08-0028 - Copy

…See earlier Spotlight Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

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