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Friday, August 10, 2012

Saraapril Fan Art by Bambabee125 :)

Fan art by Bambabee125: Hi Saraapril

…Hi and THANKS Bambabee125 :) I LOVE to waddle around and meet Friends in Club Penguin :)

Hi and THANKS Bambabee125 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Mario6354 :)

Recycle! Save the Planet! We have more time! Hey there, Saraapril! Do you need help? Yes, please! I need to save the planet!!

…THANKS Mario6354 :) Recycling is AWESOME and we can ALL take Part :)

THANKS Mario6354  from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

FUN with Friends Ultimate Jam 2012 :)

Time for a Waddle Down Memory Lane :) Here are more pictures from the Ultimate Jam Party 2012 :) When I was Tracking for Cadence I met lots of Penguins that showed their Love for her :)

…I decided to try to stay Backstage in server Belly Slide to wait for Cadence, CeCe, Rocky and hopefully The Penguin Band :) Very soon Friends found me and TOGETHER we danced, sang and did HAPPY RUNNING while waiting :)

…Thanks for fixing my hair and makeup :) Can I braid your hair now?

…Now we are ready for the Dance Party :)


…They’re not here yet so let’s have our own Dance Party! TOGETHER WE ROCK!


…WOW! You are GREAT at Dancing :) Sorry I can’t add BUT if you have a Postcard from me we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…Thanks for all the FUN we had TOGETHER while waiting three hours for Cadence, The Penguin Band, CeCe and Rocky hopefully we ALL meet them another time :)

…I LOVE the FUN Daily Challenges :) This is so much MORE FUN than just Picking up Free items :)

I met Cadence in server Alpine :) and I met Cadence in server Christmas :) And then we had a FUN Dance Party at Cove :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that came and helped me with the Dubstep Puffle ANIMATED :) After we had ROCKED TOGETHER with Dubstep Puffles we went to the Epic Stadium and Danced like Cadence :)

…It’s Cadence and the Penguin Band! THE PARTY STARTS NOW!

…Thanks for your Help Friends :) I’m HAPPY to send you Postcards :)

…Look how AWESOME the Stage at the Community Garden look when we dance TOGETHER with all the different dance moves:)

I met Rocky, CeCe and Cadence in server Big Surf :) Then we got the AWESOME Igloo Update and could start to LIKE other Penguin’s Igloos :) GREAT Music Jam Iggy Ziggyrules :) NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!

…Penguina192’s Igloo ROCKS too :)

…It was so much FUN to learn How to ROCK at the VIP Backstage THANKS again Turtlebuddy2 :) Here we are taking a break to listen to Cadence and the Band :)

…I LOVE the VIP Bugs and here I am in another server TOGETHER with other Penguins that also like to help more Penguins to come up at the stage :)

…VIP Chair BUG at the Cove :)

…Many Penguins worked hard to come up at the VIP Stage and we had so Much FUN TOGETHER with that Bug :) Start at the EPIC Show room and…

…click on this Star just as you enter through the VIP door :)

…if it doesn't work the first time try again :)

…don’t give up!

…CONGRATS Nazeem22 :) Ziggyrules tried very hard and refused to get dishearten when it didn't work…

…let’s try again :) It’s all about timing…

…HURRAY! YOU DID IT! I’m so Proud of you :)

…and then we worked TOGETHER to help more Penguins to learn the Trick :)

…ROCKING TOGETHER at the VIP Stage at the Community Garden :)

…FUN with Friends in the Forest :)


…All the VIP Stage FUN had made us HUNGRY so we went to the Pizza Parlor there we ate, sang and Played TOGETHER :)

…Apolodorin was so HAPPY that Club Penguin fixed the Saxophone Bug and played both Jazz and Italian Music for me :) Thanks for the Tunes :)

…I visited Henrikd8 Scout Camp :)

…time for Christmas Tree Decorating…LOL :)

…Leopardgurl3 and I HAPPY DANCING TOGETHER with our Purple Puffles :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I played TOGETHER with during the Ultimate Jam :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

Igloo Location - Penguin Poll :)

Here is a NEW Club Penguin Poll :) If you could choose the next location for your Igloo, which one would you pick? Volcano? Underwater? Meadow? Space? I wish for a pretty Underwater location AND a Flower filled Meadow :) How to choose? How to choose? Hmmm…I will vote for Underwater :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) YOU can VOTE too on YOUR Favorite answer :)

See earlier Disney Club Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Decks of cards, Rockhopper and Puffles :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Happy77 talking. Are you as many Penguins a fan of Captain Rockhopper and do you adore Puffles? Look at this news:

These two deck boxes can be found in Brazil and each comes with a  code to unlock a month membership on Club Penguin! Which one is your favorite? Waddle On :)

- Club Penguin Team 

by Happy77

I LOVE them BOTH! CONGRATS to ALL LUCKY Penguins that live in Brazil :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy!

Shouldn't we have got a Spy Phone message yesterday? I have no indication of that but let’s look anyway…

August 9, 2012

Jet Pack Guy

Whoa! Hey everyone, sensors just started picking up some weird energy readings. Is there another Meteor or something nearby?

…Thanks for the info Jet Pack Guy! The Migrator is coming and Rockhopper has something special on it…Field-Ops 94 CHEATS :) Now I must contact the Club Penguin Bug Team and tell them that we have the Spy Phone indication Bug AGAIN!

See earlier Spy Phone message from Rookie!

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