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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orange MP3000 BUG!

If you buy the Special Innocent Products you might get a code to Unlock the Orange MP3000 BUT when you use it you will find that this item comes with a BUG! If you wear the Orange MP3000 item your Penguin will turn ORIGINAL BLUE and your feet items and body items will go behind your Penguin!

…If you wave the items will slide away and you will keep waving until you click something else…

…If you sit down the shoes Disappear!

…Thanks Nemo 6000 for telling me about this Bug and Thanks Icequix for showing me this Bug :) I wonder if Club Penguin will be quicker than usual to fix this Bug as this item is a part of an Advertising Campaign…

Club Penguin Bugs!

Flare Whistle BUG and a Workaround :)

If you like me have unlocked the Elite Penguin Puffle Flare and click on the Whistle icon on the EPF Phone to call him…

…you will get this message: To call an Elite Puffle, you need to enter an Unlock code from the game “EPF: Herbert’s Revenge”. Thanks Pup1one and Mud Kip1 for telling me about this Bug :)

…If you click on Learn More you will open Club Penguin’s Toy Page and here you will see another BUG as two slots are Empty!

…The EPF Flare Puffle BUG feels very unfair as an item you have PAID EXTRA money for is unavailable! BUT don’t worry too much! There is a workaround :)

…Open your Player Card and click on the Flare Whistle among the Hand items…

…Hi there Flare :) Time to investigate…

…You get the code to Unlock Flare with the Herbert’s Revenge DS Game :)

Club Penguin Bugs :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Rafaww 989 :)

Hi Saraapril! I'm portuguese. I always visit your blog to see if there's anything new. I love your "FUN with friends"! I wish i could see you in Club Penguin! What servers do you visit? You rock! Well, I decorated and made this collage for you: You're so kind and nice! I love your igloos and puffles :)

-Waddle On!
-Rafaww 989

…Thank you Rafaww 989 :) That’s so kind of you :) I mostly play in empty servers and I’m HAPPY to meet you in Club Penguin and play in your AWESOME decorated Igloo :)

Thank you Rafaww 989 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Tomek64 :)

oh Saraapril, I really like your blog! You helped me a lot! Thank you!

…THANKS Tomek64 :) I’m HAPPY that I could help you :)

THANKS Tomek64 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Barbarka :)

Saraapril Loves Singing To Puffles…

…Saraapril Makes The Puffles Happy By Singing! Your Blog Rocks! Waddle On, Barbarka

…Thanks Barbarka :) It’s True I LOVE to sing for my Puffles :)

Thanks Barbarka from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

FUN with Friends :)

The Summer is here and we have a Beach Party in Superpizza’s Igloo :)

…This is how Superpizza’s Stamp Book is Decorated :)

…Thanks Superpizza and Alessio85047 :) This homemade Smoothie is so Yummy :)

…Time to swim :)

…we saved Alessio85047 from drowning! Great team work! High five :)

…The Puffles are Frozen in a BUG! It doesn't matter how much we called their names they couldn't move! POOR PUFFLES!

…We started to build a Sand Castle and Alessio85047 asked if we wanted more Smoothies? Yes Please :)

…Oops! You tripped and dropped that Smoothie too? LOL :) We are Lucky that we are at the Beach and not in a Kitchen :)

…HURRAY! You made it :) Thanks for this Yummy Smoothie :)

…Let’s keep Building :) This Seashell will looks great as an decoration here and then some seaweed and…

…It’s hot at the Beach and the Ice Sculpture Penguin started to melt…Don’t worry Snowflake can fix this :)

…Thanks Snowflake :)


…Nazzem22 has a Fantastic Garden but the plants quickly needed water! IcePrincess made snow and…

…and the Black Puffle melted it :) Thanks that’s enough water for today :) GREAT TEAMWORK! let’s eat some fruit this Tomato looks yummy :) May we have corn and a carrot too? THANKS Nazzem22 :) We LOVE your yummy pesticide free vegetables :)

…I don’t get the Friends request that is sent to me so my friend Riamda removed me as a Friend and…

…then we Tested if I could send her a request…HURRAY it worked! You are added back on my Friends list again :)

…THANKS Friends for helping me testing this :) Look! The Notifications updates are a little slow…

…Teamwork Testing is AWESOME and FUN :)

…I was invited to Flippers3666’s AWESOME Decorated Beach Igloo :) I LOVE the fast running waterslide you have built and the fresh pressed Fruit you gave me was so refreshing and tasty :) THANKS :)

…This is how Flippers3666 has decorated her Stamp Book :) LOOK! She has earned ALL Stamps! Bows to Flippers3666 the Stamp Master :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…I, Candygirl767 and Baku988 sitting and talking in the Ski Lodge :)

…When I was waddling around Henrik8 and King Adam 5 found me and showed me some Unlocked items from the UK Innocent Smoothie! Grape Costume…

…Orange Citrus Hoodie…

…and Raspberry Costume! THANKS for showing me this :) I LOVE these Costumes and I wish they were available in the Penguin Style Catalog too!

…This is King Adam 5’s Beach Igloo :) Thanks for the Yummy Frozen Treat :) Let’s eat them at the Pineapple Table :) Both the Sour Apple Chair and Strawberry seat is nice to sit in and they smell so tasty…LOL :)

…Time for Sled Race FUN :) Ready…Set…GO!


…CONGRATS King Adam 5 you are so quick in Water Card-Jitsu :)

…Thanks for the FUN Friends :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

…P162766862 has a very Yummy looking Igloo :) Time to eat FRUIT!

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have had FUN TOGETHER with in Club Penguin lately :) As always only a few things of what we have done TOGETHER are posted but I think YOU ALL ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

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