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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit :)

Here are some Disney Club Penguin Sneak Peeks of the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Rockhopper will bring to Club Penguin Island August 22, 2012 :) The world of Club Penguin will be transforming to a whole new island full of adventure. This party will feature tribal fun, new rooms and a whole new game to play, along with visits from Captain Rockhopper!

…Island Adventure Party :)

…Rockhopper and Yarr and other Penguins on their way to bring Fruits to the Mountain Temple!

…Do they worship a Penguin God?

…Look a FREE Item :) And there are lots of Fruit items to pick up and a stone tablet...can it be a Scavenger Hunt?

…Here from the Snow Forts you will find the Entry to a Club Penguin Members ONLY Party Room :)

…These Puffles looks SCARY! And you will be able to pick up Melon, Red Apple, Pineapple items or Pins at different dates and sacrifice them into the Mouth of the idol and when all the Fruits are Sacrificed a door will open…

...You have reach the Top of the Fruit Temple and here you will find more Secrets and Surprises…

…This is how the Dock will be decorated :) The Smoothie Smash Game is found here and so is a Melon to Pick up and a FREE item and a stone tablet!

…The Night Club is Decorated with Fruit too :)

…and so is the Cove :) LOOK! A BLUE Flower decorated Surf Board! A Pineapple to Pick up and the Smoothie Smash Game :) And a FREE item :)

Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid VIDEO :)

…The SAD Part with this Party is that it is ALL based on an Advertising Campaign to make UK kids buy the Innocent Brand Products…NOT COOL! Club Penguin Fruit Party August 22, 2012

Rockhopper’s Fruity Adventure Story!

UPDATE: The Party is HERE!!! Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

How do Club Penguin Moderators work?

The popularity of online gaming worlds for children is soaring, but how safe are children on the internet? Metro visited the British HQ of Club Penguin, one of the most popular virtual worlds, to find out.

‘Kids want to be online,’ said Lucy Woodward, head of Club Penguin in the UK and Europe. ‘It’s a part of life these days.

‘For parents to be comfortable they should find out more about the sites so they’re not just watching over their kids shoulders 24/7.’

That job, however, falls to the 60 full-time moderators who fill the Brighton office and who monitor every word or phrase that is entered on the site while also making sure that children aren’t being bullied or harassed.

‘All these kinds of sites have technical features, but the human element is very important. Half our staff are moderators,’ said Ms Woodward.

‘Kids move fast and we need to be up to date with trends to update the language filters, but sometimes moderators just go into the game as Penguins themselves to help make sure the kids are having fun.’

Text on Picture: Club Penguin employs more then 200 moderators worldwide. 1 Puffle is equal to 10 moderators. Since Club Penguin launched it has had more then 175 m accounts registered in 190 countries.

Fact: Right now there are 396 Disney Club Penguin Servers available Ultimate list of Club Penguin Servers and every Server has lots of rooms and private Igloos!

On the screen of Simon Pollard, head of UK community support at Club Penguin, the text runs through the chat box fast, while beneath it, penguins waddle around in their online world.

Words that are blocked appear on screen in red and are invisible to the other users. Not surprisingly for a site aimed at eight-year-olds, the chat is comically inane.

‘Everyone say Spiderman!’ and “Let’s all dance!’ flash up on the screen.
One user joins the chat and uses an expletive, which appears in red. The Penguin receives a prompt 24-hour ban. Two more offences and it will be banned for life.

‘Usually they’re just trying their luck to get a swear word through and be provocative, but any effort to manipulate the filter can usually bore the kid pretty quickly,’ said Mr Pollard.

‘There are also phrases that can look harmless but there’s good reason why they’ve been blocked.

‘Sometimes people put stuff through where certain letters in a phrase link together to spell out other words or swear words. Anything that resembles personal information is also automatically blocked.’

“Very little personal information is actually required to join the site. All you need is an email address.”

Adults are allowed to Play Club Penguin too as long they behave and many Parents like to Play in the Online World TOGETHER with their kids :)

Club Penguin’s Safety Measures :)

Safer Internet Day 2012 – Danger Driver Game :)

Lane Merrifield Safer Internet Day 2012 Interview :)

I like that Club Penguin tries to keep us Safe on Internet BUT they can do MORE! As a start they should Fix the VERY OLD How to Remove and Ignore Penguin BUGS so we can protect ourselves from Bad Penguins! Why don’t you fix these Bugs Club Penguin?

How to Stay SAFE on Internet? Tips :)

New Book: The Epic Official Guide :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
This week I'm excited to announce the release of The Epic Official Guide to Club Penguin. It'll be available in stores across the USA and Canada starting this Thursday, August 16. So make sure you check it out!
Our books always come with a special item you can unlock online, and with this Epic Official Guide, you'll unlock a rare item: the Expedition Backpack!
And don't forget to let us know what you think of The Epic Official Guide!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Thanks Happy77 for this info I have waited for this Book for a Loooong time :) The EPIC OFFICIAL Guide to Club Penguin: Ultimate Edition :)

Saraapril’s Igloo “Inventor’s idea”

Today Inventor FINALLY told me about her plan! She has with help from my other Puffles done lots of Experiments involving Cream Soda, Cookies and Candy as they want to create healthier food for Rockhopper so he doesn't develop scurvy during his long sea voyages! Sadly they have had no success so far and that even as she surrounded us with her Favorite color Brown to get Inspired!

…Healthy Food is a GREAT Idea Inventor :) Hmmm…I have a suggestion! If you start with good quality products like REAL Fruit instead of ordinary Cookies, Candy and Cream Soda I’m sure you will reach your Goal :)

…You can use some of the Fruit I bought at the Market :) Inventor and Sweet looked at all the Fruits with big eyes…

…and then they started to jump up and down in Excitement quickly telling the other Puffles something and in a blink of an eye they had grabbed ALL the fruit, some items and were GONE! Where did they go?

…I will find out that later but First this place needs to be tidied up…much better :) Now I will go and see what my Puffles are up too :)

…I found them and the Migrator at the Beach, what is this? Lemon? How strange! WHAT! A GIANT Kiwi? Have you used the particle machine you have invented on it to make it this big? Inventor jumped up and down, nodded and smiled Happily :)

…I wonder what this will lead…

…WOW! You have decorated this Cave and filled it with Fruits so Rockhopper and Yarr both can rest and throw a Party for their Mateys here!

…What is this? Fresh Pressed Fruit drinks! Thanks Shakespeare this is so Yummy :)

…and you have already dried some of the fruits to yummy and nutritious snacks and packed them in boxes and Filled Barrels with a Blend of Fresh Pressed Juice so Rockhopper can take them with him next time he leave Club Penguin Island :)

…GREAT WORK Puffles and CONGRATS Inventor to your Success! I’m sure Rockhopper will appreciates this especially when you tell him that it will keep both him and Yarr strong and Healthy :)

…Here you can read the beginning of this Story: Saraapril’s Igloo “Inventor’s  Experiment” and Flowers among Mess :)

Enter the Tropical Igloo Contest :)

My Igloo is decorated and now it’s time for me to Enter the Tropical Igloo Contest :) Click on Gold Igloo icon…

…Enter the Tropical Igloo Contest August 9-14, 2012 Would you like to submit your Igloo to the contest? Yes Please :)

…Thank you! Your igloo has been sent to our contest judges. You can keep editing your igloo and resubmit it until August 14. Only your last submitted igloo will be viewed by our judges. Winners will be announced Aug. 30 in the Club Penguin Times. Click on Ok…DONE :)

…Read more about the Tropical Igloo Contest here Club Penguin Times issue 355 :)

Saraapril’s Igloo “Inventor’s idea” My Stories and Adventures :)

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