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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rockhopper Returns Exit Page :)

Here is another New Disney Club Penguin Exit Page :) Arr, I be returning on Thursday! Members can get rare items from Rockhopper’s catalog.

…Thanks Sp611 for telling me about this Picture :) It will be so Much FUN to meet Rockhopper and Yarr again :)

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Animated Picture :)

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks :)

Meet Club Penguin in Birmingham :)

Here is a message from Club Penguin Support Twitter If you're waddling over to the @GoSkyRide event in Birmingham this weekend, keep an eye out for some of the UK #ClubPenguin team!

More info here FREE Code at Club Penguin’s Olympic Games Events :)

Temple of Fruit Exit Picture :)

Club Penguin has added an Exit Picture to promote the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit! We can start to unlock the Mystery August 23, 2012 :)

...Thanks Happyblue128 for telling me about this Picture :) I hope the Stone God doesn't demand us so sacrifice all the Fruit as we need to EAT the Fruit ourselves if we want to stay Healthy!

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Animated Picture :)

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks :)

Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

I think it is so much FUN to dance TOGETHER with other Rockhopper Fans in Town :) BUT it is NOT Fun to find out that I have the Spy Phone indication Bug AGAIN!

I spoke with Rockhopper - he's bringing an unusual totem with him that might be responsible for the strange energy readings. Agents, remain on standby.

…THANKS EPF Agent Tomala123 for telling me about this Message :) That sounds…ALARMING! Are you SURE Rockhopper should dock at Club Penguin Island? Isn't it better if you send Agents out to the Migrator to see if they can fix the problem BEFORE Rockhopper docks and the whole Island might get effected? Field-Ops 95 EPF CHEATS :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy!

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Login Picture :)

Here is Rockhopper and Yarr on the Login Picture for the Adventure Party Temple of Fruit! August 23, 2012 is the day we can start to Unlock the Mystery :)

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Animated Picture :)

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks :)

Temple Of Fruit Adventure Party Banners :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Starts August 23, 2012 and we have now got an Event Banner that Features this Event :)

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks :)

More soon…

EPF Field-Ops 95 CHEAT :)

We have a NEW Elite Penguin Force Field-Op Message! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary :)

…Hi Saraapril :) Attention agents. While we wait for Rockhopper to arrive, I have an important experiment I need help with. Go to the light generator in the Mine Cave, and divert power back to the EPF. Okay G! Click on Accept Field-Op…

…Here it is :) Field-Op Location Found…

…Click on Spy Phone...

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbols to overload the wiring. Be quick! Time is running out! Click on Engage…

…Mouse over the red circles…find match and click on them…there and there and…DONE :)

…I earned 1 Medal and got a Message from Gary the Gadget Guy: Well done Agent! I appreciate the help - the experiments I'm working on require an immense amount of power. I've been studying the affect of the Meteor's energy on chronological phenomena. In other words, we may make some amazing discoveries 'in time'.

…Are you experimenting with time Traveling? Please be careful Uncle G so we don’t get us into any danger or trouble again…Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks :)

See earlier EPF Field-Op 94

How to add a Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times issue 356 :)

Ancient Totem Curse? Smashing New Game!

Ancient Totem Curse?

Me treasure be acting strange...

Ahoy there mateys! Are ye ready for a RUCKUS!?! We be comin’ at ye fast. And me ship be packed with exotic fruit and rare treasure. Avast! I’ve a load of loot the likes of which ye’ve never seen! But I be wantin’ to warn ye of one thing..

Lately, I be noticin’ somethin’ mighty peculiar...SO THERE I WAS! Sailing the open sea with me first mate, Yarr. When suddenly I heard a strange noise below deck. So I raced down, and ye’ll never believe what I saw. It be the totem we took from the ancient temple. Rattlin’ and shakin’! Grumblin’ like the stomach of a starvin’ squid. And it might be me eyes, but I think it be bigger than when we brought it aboard. Arr! I be thinkin’ it might be cursed! Of course it’ll take more than THAT to make Captain Rockhopper miss a party! I’ll see ye at the Beach on Aug. 23. Fair winds me hearties! P.S.—Did ye know that pineapple be great with stinky cheese? It be the perfect snack to settle a pirate’s stomach on the choppy seas!

Smashing New Game :)

Ey! Get ready to smash fruit… with ya butt!

By Aunt Arctic — Attention game-playing experts—a new game is coming to the Coffee Shop! I spoke with a construction worker for more info. “Ey! I been workin on this conveya belt thing heeya. Makin it real bouncy-like,” she said. “Cos my understandin is, see, that players gotta jump up and smash down on the fruit. But if they don’t—BAM. They’ll bounce right off the belt!” “It’s gonna be cah-razy!” she added. When I asked what players do with the smashed fruit, the worker laughed. “Haha! What else?! Ya take fruit. Ya smash it. Bada bing bada boom, you got a smoothie!’ Be the first in line to play Smoothie Smash on Aug. 30!

Upcoming Events :)

Aug. 23 Captain’s Coming! Rockhopper returns with unruly riches! Be there when the party ERUPTS!

Aug. 30 Smoothie Smash! A splash of citrus! A berry burst! A NEW game is coming to the Coffee Shop!

Get set for a truly turbulent tropical adventure on Aug 23!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 22.
Next pin hidden: August 23–September 5

News Flash :)

Avast! The Tropical Igloo Contest now be closed! I be eager to see what ye’ve done with yer quarters. We be announcin’ winners soon. Best of luck to ye!

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

Where do you get all your treasure?–Tresh R. Hunter
Avast, Tresh R. Hunter! Yar har! Ye be askin’ what every pirate worth his beard be wonderin’—where be the treasure?! Be ye a pirate too? Now let me see... I get about a quarter of me treasure from dangerous ancient temples. They be tricky to find but brimmin’ with bounty. Another tharrrrrty percent of me treasure be from dark secret caves. I once skirmished with a snake for a set of singin’ soda mugs—the whole time I thought he be a feisty length of rope! The rest of me bounty I probably get from me battles with giant squid. Oh and of course, I always check the cushions of me couch. Best of luck in all yer treasure huntin’!

A pirate’s life be filled with adventure and danger! Be ye up for it?

I want to be a pirate! Can I?–Dane Jer
Avast, Dane Jer! So ye want to be a pirate? I’ll warn ye! The life of a pirate be not for the lily-livered. Ye sound like a brave adventurer, but ye tell ME if ye’ve got what it takes! Arr! A pirate be needin’ a courageous heart! And a stomach of steel! We be venturin’ to faraway islands— battlin’ brutish beasts on land and sea. We be chargin’ head first into stormy winds crashin’ about in the crow’s nest! (I be daring ye to keep yer pizza down!) Are ye shakin’ in your boots yet? No? Then I’ve a few questions for ye...Are ye fit to face ferocious sea monsters?!? Are ye ready to escape by the skin of your teeth?!?! Then ye already be a pirate through and through! Fair winds, matey!

Secrets Classified Treasure Hunt Tips and Secrets :)

By Rockhopper

Yo ho ho me fellow pirates! Be ye wantin’ to hunt some treasure of yer own? Then ye be wantin’ to swing by the Migrator for a game of Treasure Hunt. And here be a secret to make the most of yer search: There be sparkles to show ye where the treasure may lie. Whenever ye see two side by side, ye can be fairly sure there be something worth diggin’ for. But if ye get a coin after diggin’ the first, ye might as well move on. There’ll likely not be a gem under the other!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 355 :)

More soon…

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