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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saraapril’s Amusement Park Igloo :)

My far away cousins are here visiting and yesterday we had a SUPER FUN Offline day TOGETHER at an Amusement Park :) When we came home I made this Igloo Decoration :)

…I have TONS of MORE ideas for this Igloo but I guess I have to save them for another time…LOL :)

… I LOVE Roller-coasters :) The Bigger the BETTER!!! What did you say Blueberry? Oh...yes we need to eat up this Ice-cream right NOW…thanks for helping me…LOL :)

…The Games in the Park were so Much FUN and we had a contest there we challenged each other in different Games :) My youngest Uncle Won with 1 point over Mum! Congrats :)

…Hi HappyCrazy are you a Toy too? LOL :)

…GREAT Climbing Sunshine :) Sit still during the ride Shakespeare! WAIT! I just sounded like Littlest Cousin’s Mum…LOL :)


…We had so Much FUN TOGETHER at the Amusement Park and we all agreed on that we could have stayed there for WEEKS without running out of things to do :) THANK YOU so Much Mum and Dad for arranging this surprise for us all and a BIG HUG to everyone in my Family for I Love you SO MUCH and you are always so much FUN to be around :)

(None of us threw up during this event not even Dad after first have eaten a big Ice-cream and then riding the teacups with Littlest cousin and me 5 times in a row! Good for you Dad :) And for us I guess…LOL :)

See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Igloo “ Inventor’s Idea”

Anchors Aweigh – The Penguin Band TUNE :)

On Amazon you can find and listen to a sample of the NEW Club Penguin Song Anchors Aweigh and this time The Club Penguin Band Sings :) This song will be released August 28, 2012 and the lyric is about Pirates, Party and Rockhopper :)

…Thanks Turtlebuddy2 for telling me about this :) BUT…Why does Club Penguin ask us in the Penguin Poll right now what Character we want to hear sing a song next when this already was decided? The Truth is that Disney Club Penguin just want us to believe that we have a say when we clearly don’t…NOT COOL!


Once again my Tree lose the leaves and Flowers are fading! Is Autumn already here? 

Flowers among Mess :)

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