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Monday, August 20, 2012

Community Update Bugs!

Club Penguin has problem with updating the Community Page again! They tried to add new Fan Art but Failed and had to Roll Back to the previous Fan Art! See current Club Penguin Fan Art :)

Fan Art – Archives

Fan Art

…We STILL have the Igloo Featured that was added August 7, 2012 but last week someone tried to add Temari528’s SUPERCOOL Adventure Igloo BUT as it Failed we never could see it! I think this Igloo is FANTASTIC so I decided to Post it here so you can see it and be Inspired and Amazed too :)

…I wonder if the person that usually do these Updates is on Vacation? I hope so for that means that everything will work better as soon he/she is back :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit - UNLOCK THE MYSTERY!

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit - UNLOCK THE MYSTERY! Avast! Our favourite pirate, Captain Rockhopper, has brought tons of fruit, new adventures and a hungry volcano idol to Club Penguin island. 
Everyone can collect fruit to feed the volcano, and member penguins can set off on a scavenger hunt to find fruity new costumes. 
At the end of week one, after working hard to appease the volcano's hunger, the new Smoothie Smash game will be unlocked in the three fruit room areas. After the party it will take its place permanently in the Coffee Shop - giving penguins a healthy alternative to the Coffee Shop's regular fare.

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks :)

Club Penguin and Innocent Smoothies!

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