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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to avoid the Cage Trap?

If you want to avoid the Cage Trap in the Ancient Temple Labyrinth make sure that you ONLY steps on stones with Fruit pictures :) Thanks Fishandfries for telling me about this :)

How to Enter the Ancient Temple CHEATS :)

Grand Opening Smoothie Smash Sneak Peek :)

This is how the Coffee Shop will be Decorated when the Grand Opening of the New Club Penguin Game Smoothie Smash is here in the end of next week :)

…On this Post Innocent Smoothies Sneak Peeks you can see how the Game will look like inside the Coffee Shop :) And on this post Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Sneak Peeks you can see that the Game will be available to Play in the Cove, Forest and Dock too :) And after the Party it will be a Permanent Game here inside the Coffee Shop :) And in this Video Unlock items Online with innocent smoothies you can see an inside Picture of the Game :)

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

Look! A Spy Phone Message :)

August 23, 2012


Oh man! MORE strange stuff is happening! Giant volcano thing! Apples! Pineapples! Watermelon! Help!

…Hi Rookie :) Yes lots of STRANGE Things are Happening Club Penguin right now BUT there are LOTS of Yummy Fruits around :) Try to eat some BEFORE the BIG BIG Kahuna gets them all…Field-Ops 96 EPF CHEATS :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

Club Penguin magazine Issue 8 :)

The NEW Club Penguin Magazine issue 8 is now for sale in UK and this time it is a Tropical issue that features the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit :) The Mysterious Tribal Costume is the Rare FREE item for this Magazine and you get a code to Unlock it + you can choose an item from the Treasure Book too :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

More soon…

FREE items for EVERYONE :)

Disney Club Penguin has been very generous during this Party and ALL Penguins can pick up LOTS of FREE items :) You will find one FREE item here at the Dock :)

…You have found a Watermelon Headband would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…another FREE item is here in the Forest :)

…You have found an Apple Headband would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…and a FREE item is here at the Cove too :)

…You have found a Pineapple Headband would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…ALL Penguin can enter the Top of the Temple in the Snow Forts :) Start at the GREEN Melon Entry…

…and click on the Question Mark :)

…Instructions! 1. Feed Big-Big Kahuna, Mountain! Throw Fruit by pressing “t”, or click the Snowball icon, 2. Feed him 15 fruits of each color to earn the rewards, 3. Earn all three rewards, to collect this awesome Grape Treasure.

…Okay :) Time to Throw some Fruits…HURRAY! I got the First Reward :)

…You have found a Green Kahuna Melon Background would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

Club-Penguin- 2012-08-1182 - Copy

…Now it’s time to LEAVE this room and then come back through the YELLOW Banana Entry :) The BIG BIG Kahuna is watching me…and after I have thrown 15 Fruits the Idol Swallows EVERYTHING! SCARY! And THEN he BURPS it UP AGAIN…EWWWW…LOL :)

...You have found a Yellow Kahuna Pineapple Background would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) Time to leave and…

… I’m here again after I used the RED Apple Entry :) Throws MORE Fruit and…You have found a Red Kahuna Apple Background would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…LOOK I can click on the Grapes now :)

...You have found a Grape Bunch Costume would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

…THANKS Club Penguin I LOVE this Costume :) And Thanks for all the FREE Items :)

…BUT there are MORE :) Non Members can also pick up a FREE Grape Headband :) And Rockhopper’s NEW Background :) And the Club Penguin Fruit Combo Pin :) And Members can pick up Three FREE Fruit Costumes for MEMBERS :)

For MORE Secrets and FUN look at this Link Collection Post Adventure Party: Temple of Fruits CHEATS :)

Temple of Fruit Party Catalog CHEATS :)

You will see a Flat Stone on many locations in Club Penguin if you click on if you will open the Special Adventure Party 2012 Catalog that is FILLED with NEW items :) The Pineapple Crown and Hair Wig 300 coins, Pineapple Tiki Dress 400 coins, Pineapple Tiki Paint 50 coins, Pineapple Headdress 350 coins, Toothy Necklace 150 coins, Pineapple Tiki Costume 400 coins, Volcano Costume 700 coins, Watermelon Mohawk 350 coins, Watermelon Jungle Clothing 400 coins, The Melon Head Hair Wig 300 coins, Kukui Nut Necklace 150 coins, Watermelon Tiki Dress 400 coins, Apple Headdress 350 coins, Apple Tiki Costume 400 coins, The Apple A Day Hair Wig 300 coins and Apple Tiki Dress 400 coins :)

...Mouse over the page to find the Hidden Secret Apple Tiki Paint 50 coins that also is a NEW item :)

…and so is the Watermelon Tiki Paint 50 coins :)

…If you ONLY have the Volcano Costume on your Penguin and Dance you will get this Animated Special Effect :) AND look a BUG! The left Flipper turn WHITE when you start to Dance!

…You will find more Special items to buy lots of Secrets and FREE items to pick up on this Link Collection Post Adventure Party: Temple of Fruits CHEATS :)

Non Member Ancient Temple Ad ANIMATED :)

If a Non Member tries to enter the Fruit decorated Temple at the Snow Forts they will get this Message: Entering the Ancient Temple requires a paid membership.

Members can:

  • Explore deep, dark chambers filled with traps and challenges…
  • Venture into Kahuna Kave (Typo! It should be Cave!) to claim each of the Fruit Tribe costumes - Apple, Watermelon and Pineapple

…This is how this Ad looks like Animated :)

…If you are a Club Penguin Member you can pick up the three FREE items in the Fruit Temple How to Enter the Ancient Temple CHEATS?

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s NEW Background :)

Rockhopper has a NEW FREE Giveaway Autographed Background for us during this visit so if you meet him remember to pick it up :) BUT if you like me have Rockhopper on your Friends List you can pick it up right away :) Just open his Player card and click on the Free Gift Icon :) Server and Times to meet Rockhopper :)

…You have found Rockhopper’s Tropical Background would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how Rockhopper’s Tropical Background looks like on my Player Card :) But…WAIT! This is ANOTHER Hidden Promotion AD for the Innocent Smoothies! Rockhopper’s Fruity Adventure Story! NOT COOL!

Rockhopper’s Rare Items Adventure Party 2012 :)

Rockhopper’s Notice Board :)

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s Notice Board :)

Let’s take a look at Rockhopper’s plans during his visit :) Click on Notice Board…

To Do List:

  • Gangway mateys! I be unloading me tasty treasure
  • Avast! Feed me fruit to the Big Big Kahuna
  • Lounge on me lemon throne and enjoy a sour snack

Rockhopper’s Rare Items Adventure Party 2012 :)

Rockhopper’s NEW Background :)

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s Rare Items Catalog CHEATS :)

HURRAY! The Migrator is docked at the Beach and that means that Captain Rockhopper and Yarr is Here :)

…Let’s see what rare items they have brought to Club Penguin Island this time :) Click on Catalog…

…ALL Penguins can get the New item that is a FREE Grape Headband :) THANKS Rockhopper and Yarr :) And Members can buy more NEW items :) Grape Headdress 350 coins, The Grape Vine Hair wig 350 coins, Grape Tiki Paint 50 coins, Grape Tiki Costume 400 coins and Grape Tiki Dress 400 coins :)

…The Grape Spear 150 coins is a NEW secret hidden item that you will find if you mouse over the page…ANOTHER WEAPON in Club Penguin!!! Sigh…

…Oops! There is a Typo BUG in this Picture…Headress…it should be Headdress :)

…and if Non Members try to Buy a Member item from this Catalog they will get this Message: Rockhopper’s Rare items requires a paid membership

…For more FREE items and Secrets about this Party look at this link Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Times issue 357 :)

Big Big Kahuna Awakens! Ancient Temple Appears!

Big Big Kahuna Awakens!

An ancient volcano spirit is awake, and hungry for fruit!

Avast–batten down the hatches! A crazy volcano spirit called BIG BIG KAHUNA has awakened! And he is HUNGRY and ANGRY! He’s HANGRY! All hands on deck! We be needin’a fruit feeding frenzy to save the island!

Arr! There be lots to do, and little time, me hearties! First things first! BIG BIG KAHUNA is hungry... so let’s feed’em! Climb to the top of the volcano, and fill his belly with fruit! Make sure to throw fruit from every tribe—or else he might never be full! Arr! There even be treasure for your troubles, the best kind of curse to break! But be watchin’ your back for angry fruit-tribes! They be competin’ to prove which tribe is best. Yar har! What a frenzy it be! Ye have yer orders! Let’s show this volcano who’s captain of this crew! Let the Adventure Party begin!

Ancient Temple Appears!

To break the volcano’s curse, a quest must be taken...

By Rockhopper
Avast members–gather yer courage and listen close!! BIG BIG KAHUNA be not just a volcano–he be part of an ancient and dangerous place called the Temple of Fruit! To break Kahuna’s Kurse, we be needin’ to bring a bunch of Sacred Fruit into the temple, to a place called Kahuna’s Kave. Be warned! The temple be filled with booby traps, dark caverns, and a giant beastly watermelon. It be out of control! Ye’ll need all yer wits if ye want to make it through! But if ye DO make it, yer sure to be rewarded. If this place be anythin’ like the Temple of Vegetables I once explored, there’ll be plenty of treasure for the takin’! Fair winds, and good luck me hearties!

Upcoming Events :)

Sept. 6 Planet Y The Stage returns to space, with the sci-fi classic: Planet Y!

Sep. 6 Penguin Style Catalog Costumes to clown around in. Moo! Coming soon to the Gift Shop!

Sept. 13 Furniture Catalog Run away and join the circus with Fair furniture items for your igloo!

Temple of Fruit! Avast! Ye don’t have to be bananas to join THIS fruit frenzy... but it helps!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 5.
Next pin hidden: September 6–September 19

News Flash!

An enormous volcano has appeared at the Snow Forts! Scientists and pizza chefs are baffled. Gary the Gadget Guy could not be reached for comment.

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

Ahoy Rockhopper, Can I take the Migrator for a spin?–Ivanna B Kaptin

Avast Ivanna! Arr, what a question! Be ye growing from a tree? Ye may want to check, ’cause I think ye might be bananas! Yar har har! I be only kiddin’. But the short answer to yer question is no. I be not lettin’ ANYONE take the Migrator for a spin. Chin up sailor! I be not tryin’ to be a salty sea dog. It be a captain’s duty to navigate the Migrator, fair and true. And being a captain means more than just havin’ a hat and a beard (though that be a good start!). If ye be itchin’ for a chance to sail on me ship, maybe I be bringin’ a crew along on another adventure someday. Arr! Who knows?! Some day, ye may be as great a captain as I. Fair winds!

Breaking ancient curses takes bravery and smarts! A beard helps.

Ahoy Rockhopper! How do we break the Kahuna Kurse?–Jinx McHexface
Avast Jinx! Yo ho ho! If there be one thing I be good at, it’s drinking cream soda. If there be two, it be sailin’ the seven seas. If there be three, it be breakin’ curses! Dealin’ with ancient curses be part of a pirate’s life! Ye best be prepared for ’em, ’cause ye never know when a bit o’ treasure, or a dusty dungeon might be hexed! So let’s say ye’ve found a golden banana, but ye find out it’s cursed. What should ye do? Well, almost every curse I’ve seen comes complete with a quest to break it. Once ye’ve done the quest (and we be pirates, so quests be our specialty), it’s usually a good idea to put the cursed treasure back where ye’ve found it. As much as it breaks me heart to put treasure back, ye be not wantin’ the bad juju around. Alright, matey! Be ye ready to break this Kahuna Kurse? Then head to the mouth of the volcano, and bring all the fruit ye can find! Yar har!

Secrets Classified How to Throw Fruit!

Avast! Be ye lookin’ to fling some fruit, and save the island from a hungry volcano spirit? Arr! Perfect! Ye be just the penguin we’re lookin’ for! Throwing fruit be as easy as throwing snowballs... in fact, it be exactly the same! Just go to any room with a steady supply of fruit, then press ‘T’ to ready your throw. Ye can also click on the snowball icon, if ye prefer buttons. Then click ye target, and FIRE! Yarr harr! Aim true, me hearties!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 356 :)

More soon…

How to enter the Fruit Temple? CHEATS :)

How to enter the Temple of Fruit? You find the Temple of Fruit in the Snow Forts and if you are a Club Penguin Member you will get a message if you click on the Fruits on the door…

…Treasures! Collect the Three Sacred Fruits to enter the Ancient Temple…Click on the Fruit you looking for and you will be teleported to the correct room :)

…The Melon is here at the Dock :)

Club-Penguin- 2012-08-1115 - Copy

…The Apple is found here at the Forest :)

…and the Pineapple her at the Cove :)

…Now you should be able to Enter the Temple BUT due to Club Penguin BUGS you CAN’T! I will add more her IF Club Penguin fix this! UPDATE: FINALLY! Club Penguin fixed the Bugs and now we can collect the Fruits in this mini Scavenger Hunt :) Click on Enter the Temple and you will be teleported to the…

…Entry of the Ancient Temple of Fruit and…

…Run FAST…LOL :) You need to find a way through the Temple Labyrinth Maze…

…Where am I? Better be careful…

…OH NO! I am TRAPPED! But don’t get Panicked! Wait or just waddle on and the Cage will soon be removed :) How to avoid the Cage Trap?

…Throw a Fruit on every target (use the t on your keyboard or the Snowball icon)…

…NOOO! That GIANT Watermelon might CRUSH ME! RUN!!!!!

…HURRAY! I am SAFE :) Stand on the Stone in front of the Idol to feed it and with that open the door out :) BUT before you leave make sure to pick up the FREE Costume :)

…You have found a Watermelon Costume Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

…I LOVE this Costume :) And in a few days I can pick up an Apple Costume and a Pineapple Costume too :) Sweet! Now I will try to leave this Cave BEFORE the Idol tries to EAT ME…LOL :)

…HURRAY! I made it :) I LOVE this Labyrinth Adventure :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

…For MORE FREE items look at this Link Collection Post: Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

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